Coming Soon to Smartphones: Mario Kart Tour

With the large success of both Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, it is no surprise that Nintendo is bringing another of its most beloved franchises to smartphones in the future. Mario Kart Tour has been announced, along with being given a release date for sometime between April 2018 and March of the following year. Instant excitement has shocked the gaming world, as Mario Kart is one of the largest and most exciting franchises outside of Mario himself and the world of Pokemon. Other than the information on its existence and potential release schedule, no further details have been released other than Nintendo’s social media accounts stating that the game in development.

It was stated by The Verge that this is most likely just the beginning of Nintendo’s app store uprising. Sources such as The Verge and Wall Street Journal speculated in May 2017 that Nintendo was developing a Legend of Zelda mobile title as well with the games that have been already released. Being announced such a long time ago, no further news has been said. The Legend of Zelda title was alleged to be available before Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and it is now believed to be at least after Mario Kart Tour.

Fans speculate much about the game, especially on the ideas of controls and mechanics of the game overall. Different gamers have different play styles, which is oddly adding to the debate of whether the game is going to be free-to-play or a paid purchase app. Mario Kart fans on the Kotaku website are some of the more vocal about what they desire and want to see in a Mario Kart game for IOS and Android devices. Questions about wifi connection, if in-app purchases will be available and whether or not the app is going to be similar to past driving games already on the app store or be something entirely new. Hopefully, this is a Mario Kart game that not only adds to the franchise’s fame but as an innovation in mobile phone gaming for us all to enjoy