MB2 Dental – Working Together for a Brighter World of Smiles

MB2 Dental is a group Dental practice founded in 2007. They’re located in Carrollton Texas. They offer affiliates a chance to practice as a group to accomplish their mission in Dentistry. Patient Care is essential in each office they support. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance across the board. Many affiliates struggle with the burden of making non-clinical decisions. MB2 Dental provides the tools to meet each client’s needs. They offer every Dentist the business resources and services they require. This way, they can focus on their patients instead.

Mission of Service

The mission of MB2 Dental is to provide their affiliate clients with information, support, and guidance with personalized business systems. This helps each office make the best business decisions for them. Their goal is to help each participant Dentist reach their full potential as professionals in Dentistry. They don’t agree with the normal choices Dentists usually have. They’re either left alone in a private practice or must choose to work with a faceless corporation with zero personal help. Instead, each Dentist that chooses to participate with MB2 Dental gets full support from their team.

Charity Abroad

MB2 Dental believes in giving back. They gathered recently for a mission trip to Jamaica. The team offered free dental services to communities in need. One dentist explained the lack of access to dental care in Jamaica. He said it was worse than many places he’s visited. The Dentists performed fillings, extractions, cleanings, and anything else the communities needed. The group practitioners gave Jamaica a chance to receive the care they so desperately needed.

Local Charity

The company also gathered donations to give to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in 2017. They loaded water, food, and hygiene items into a truck and delivered it to the affected areas. They also raised around one hundred thousand dollars to go toward relief efforts after Harvey’s devastation.

Company Founder

Dr. Chris Villanueva is MB2 Dental’s founder. He hosts many fun retreats for the team. He recently spoke about the reason for the retreats. He said he believes they’ve become a part of company culture. He explained that the trips give Dentists the opportunity to form friendships, learn from each other, and better their own practices. He molds the company’s practice after its founding principle. He started MB2 Dental with the belief that doctors can accomplish more together versus working in an independent practice.


Since 2007, MB2 Dental has offered their affiliate Dentists everything they need to simplify and improve their practice. They’ve brought free dental care to those in need around the world, and in their own backyard. Working as a team to build success is their main vision. Their patients’ satisfaction is their direct priority.