OSI Group Continues to Win Awards and Expand

OSI group is a privately owned meat packing company that helped McDonald’s get their start. The company was known from the beginning for being able to serve quality meat and was founded forty-six years before Ray Kroc shook hands with the founder’s sons. Before long, McDonald’s became their main source of income and after the invention of freezing burgers with liquid nitrogen OSI Group became one of four meat providers for the company. This allowed them to open a meat packing plant in 1973. Since then OSI Group has become a well-known name beyond the United States and continues to win awards for their innovation.

After their first factory was built in 1973, they have expanded to sixty-five facilities in seventeen countries. One of these factories is located in the United Kingdom. This factory won a Sword of Honor and Globe of Honor Awards from the British Safety Council. OSI is proud to focus on sustainability and ensuring that people around the world are safe, both in what the customers eat and in how their employees are treated at their facilities. Since they won both awards their United Kingdom facility is set apart from others. In the United States factories, one of the ways they are doing this is through remote video auditing through a third party organization called Arrowsight. Their attention to detail at each site can provide their customers with the utmost assurance that they are getting the best quality.

They got their big break from McDonald’s but the company decided to expand and now sells different foods to customers as well. In August of 2016, the company purchased Baho foods though they are still waiting on government approval. The Baho Company is Dutch and focuses on deli meats and other convenience foods. This will allow the company to continue their already explosive expansion. In 2011, they were ranked number 136 of America’s largest privately owned companies, currently they are number fifty-eight. Baho has five subsidiaries that OSI will take over, including Vital Convenience and Bakx Foods.

OSI Group started with just one immigrant turned into a world-wide name in quality and assurance. With attention to even minor details, such as how their employees are being treated, it is no wonder this company has won awards for excellence and are able to continue their growth plan.

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