Talkspace: Therapy On Your Time

So often when it comes to therapy, patients are at the mercy of the therapist. They have to work around their schedule, and the conflicts in terms of time can be incredibly frustrating for them. They just want to get help as soon as possible when they find themselves in a tough situation. That is why Talkspace is really helping out those in need and those that are suffering from mental illness. Mental illness is damaging a lot of people’s lives and if it goes untreated, it can only get worse. That is why the time is now to give it the proper care it deserves.

This care comes either over the phone, over text message, or on video. It is all up to the patient and what suits their needs in their life. Talkspace is really hoping to change the way people view therapy, use therapy, and rely on therapy. They want to make sure their patients get the most out of it when they use it. That is happening right now with text messages on a daily basis for only 32 dollars a week. That is a real bargain compared to what most therapists are charging these days.

They also don’t have to worry about waiting a long time in the waiting room or feeling unimportant. Also, with this new type of therapy, it is all about when someone needs it and how they need it. Someone might be doing just fine and they don’t need any therapy at the moment. They can also find themselves in a dire situation and they need to do something about it as soon as possible. Knowing it is only a phone call away is very reassuring to them and provides them with a great deal of comfort and calm during those stressful periods in their life.