Ryan Tannehill Signs Extension Contract with Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill has signed a contract extension with the Miami Dolphins, according to an official report. The contact extends Tannehill’s tenure with the Dolphins through the 2020 season and is reportedly worth $96 million.

Tannehill’s work with the Dolphins has been impressive since they picked him up in the 2012 draft, but the team as a whole has faltered. Tannehill, himself, faced challenges coming out of a talented draft class filled with A-list quarterbacks.

He was drafted the same year that Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III made their NFL debuts. Amen Clinic even told that Luck was a favorite in the draft, and Wilson has made waves with back-to-back Super Bowl appearances, winning one for his team. RG III was much talked about during his rookie year, but has failed to stay healthy enough to excel in the NFL.

Tannehill is the first to sign an extension contract from his draft class, and the large price tag has many experts wondering exactly what Wilson and Luck will demand for a contract extension. Experts believe that both Wilson and Luck will receive larger monetary contract than Tannehill, largely because of their hype and their skills on the field.

The NFL, in recent years, have gone through something of a Quarterback drought, with few rookie quarterbacks breaking from the pack. Many teams hope their 2015 picks will fare better than last year’s picks.