Nintendo Partnering With Developers to Release More Mobile Games

Recent news reports suggest that Nintendo is getting ready to increase its presence on the mobile gaming scene. In the past, the company has maintained that it won’t be bringing its top franchises to the mobile market as it was focusing on developing games for its own hardware. This strategy hasn’t worked out too well for them, as sales of both home and handheld consoles remained low, trailing behind their main competitors Sony and Microsoft.

These disappointing results have led to Nintendo changing their stance on mobile gaming and they released a series of games for the Android and iOS platforms. Super Mario Run was one of the most popular, along with other titles like Miitopia and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Nintendo has recently acquired a 10 percent stake in mobile game developer DeNA and is currently collaborating on them to release several games for mobile devices. It is now believed that the company is trying to form partnerships with other firms specialized in mobile game development in an effort to push out a larger amount of games in a short time period.

There hasn’t been any official confirmation of who they may be planning on working with next, though some reports indicate that Nintendo has expressed interest in a partnership with GungHo, the developer of Puzzle & Dragons. The two firms have already worked together in the past, as a few characters from the Mario world have made their appearance in the 3DS release of the Puzzle & Dragons game.

As Nintendo is now showing that it has completely reversed its previous policy of staying out of the mobile market to focus on its own consoles, many gamers are speculating about which games are going to be released for mobile devices soon. Some are expecting a Mario platform-based game to be the next one in line, while others believe that the company is more likely to bring its highly popular Mario Kart series to smartphones and tablets first.

Super Mario Run: A Simple and Fun Mobile Game

Mario is one of the legends of the gaming world, being famous throughout the world, even among people whose only experience with video games was playing for a few minutes with their children or grandchildren. The video game industry’s renowned plumber has recently come back yet again when a new Super Mario game was released, this time for mobile devices.


Super Mario Run is an auto-running platform game released for iOS devices in December 2016, with an Android version being expected in early 2017. Its popularity among iPhone and iPad users has so far been immense, with the game breaking records by achieving over 50 million downloads during the week following its release, making it the fastest-growing app in the history of the iOS platform.


What likely contributed to its popularity is its overall convenience and simplicity. The character moves and graphics are similar to recent Super Mario games for the Nintendo DS and 3DS handheld consoles. The gameplay has been made a lot simpler than what one can find in the classic Super Mario series. In Super Mario Run, Mario automatically runs and jumps over small obstacles, with the player tapping the screen to make him jump over bigger obstacles. Mario can jump on enemies and collect coins as usual. The objective of the game is to complete each level as quickly as possible, all while grabbing coins.


Super Mario Run gives Mario much better acrobatic and athletic abilities compared to previous titles in the series. Mario now has the ability to jump higher than ever before, perform spin attacks on enemies and even bounce off walls. While some more experienced gamers may consider Super Mario Run to be a tad too simplistic and short, it is still a fun game to play, especially for those feeling nostalgic for the old Super Mario games of their childhood.


Schwarzenegger Contributes to Mobile Video Game Branding

Branding and mobile video games are terms that mean little to customers and players. For those interested in producing mobile games that are massive successes in the market, branding means a lot. Marketing, promotions, and branding all play major roles in drawing in desired customers. This is why the presence of Arnold Schwarzenegger in advertisements for Game of War and Mobile Strike is intriguing.


Schwarzenegger does not exactly have a strong following with the younger persons who are gaming fans. The recent Terminator sequel failed horribly at the box office. Schwarzenegger’s fans are older people who remember his 1980’s and 1990’s heyday. Maybe this makes Schwarzenegger a brilliant presence in the games. Whoever said the only people who play video and mobile games are young people? Perhaps the arrival of Schwarzenegger in advertising campaigns means the game developers are trying to target older persons.


People in their 40’s and 50’s today were fans of both Arnold Schwarzenegger and classic video games. In 1982, when Schwarzenegger was tearing up the box office with Conan the Barbarian, Atari and ColecoVision were generating massive sales at retail stores. Those adults who were kids back in 1982 could end up being adult consumers of Schwarzenegger-branded games.


The Schwarzenegger games are free to play so drawing in adults is going to be even easier. An older would-be gamer who has a lot of time to spar on the way to work might be extremely open to playing a mobile game. This may be doubly true when their old here, Schwarzenegger, is part of the promotional campaign to draw in those players.


Schwarzenegger also maintains a very popular position in the nation. As a movie and television star, a former bodybuilding legend, and a former governor of California, “The Oak” is an inspiring figure. His presence in commercials and ad campaigns can inspire a positive branding experience for the company sponsoring the endeavors.


Branding is enormously important for gaming as the Schwarzenegger campaign reveals. Hopefully, the campaign will exceed expectations and lead to future endeavors with “The Oak”.




Pinball style play with Final Fantasy XV spin off: Justice Monsters Five

Final Fantasy’s Justice Monsters Five game is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices. The free-to-play app is the latest offering from Square Enix in an anticipation of the company’s upcoming November 2016 Final Fantasy XV release. While Final Fantasy fans may be focused on the upcoming Final Fantasy drop, the Monsters five mobile title seeks to whet the appetite of Final Fantasy fans. Gameplay takes gamers on a journey to join Justice Monsters Bomb Bo, Lamiana, Flab Flan and more to save the Nova galaxy from horrible Lord Vexxo. Because of the app’s free nature players may need to do in-app purchasing to gain certain game elements, so if players want a total premium experience they may need to consider a different Final Fantasy game download.

The app’s simple to use interface of touch and flick controls will lead players into intense battles while allowing them to train monsters to defeat the forces of evil. The game incorporates retro pinball elements with RPG mechanisms that are sure to become a Final Fantasy spin-off game popular favorite. The game appears to be well designed with a layout that is full of substance and not just a pinball game and the title will be available as a mini game within the upcoming Final Fantasy XV game.

While there are some elements that are reminiscent of earlier mobile games like Monster strike, Justice Monsters Five is original and allows players to gain the help of previously defeated monsters who can join play ranks at later levels, each of the newly gained enemies bring their own traits to the game allowing players to gain greater strategic advantage in overcoming the forces of Lord Vexxo. Justice Monsters Five cartoon style is sure to be a fun ride in the wait for the Final Fantasy XV drop. Square Enix is awarding Monsters five players with special awards including 150 golden orbs until September 25 to celebrate the game launch. The game will be coming soon to Windows 10 devices and is available now for iOS and android devices.

Pokemon Go bans cheaters

The impact of Pokémon Go on the gaming world as a gaming titan cannot denied with stories currently rife in the news of how far Pokémon gamer enthusiasts are willing to go to capture the perfect Pichu, Pokémon Go developer Niantic labs has recently disclosed players can be permanently banned from playing the game if they are discovered to be cheating at the game. The game’s updated terms of service show recently enacted clauses that include: falsifying locations, use of emulators, unofficial software or accessing Pokémon Go clients or backends in unauthorized manners can have players banned from the gaming platform. These changes have been spotted on Niantic labs official website.

While it is still currently unclear how the company will enforce the updated terms of service, the company has provided information on how players can process a request for a lift on their ban in cases of false positives. Niantic has recently begun a crackdown on any service giving players unfair advantages during gameplay. In early August, Niantic took third party services to task that helped flag locations that Pokémon were located at in the wild that allowed players skip to reliance on the game’s internal tracking system, thus making it easier to discover areas characters were located at.

This new update means that players will need to be extra careful in how they locate their Pokémon characters in order to avoid any possibility of being banned for the use of any third party software or aids. As well as third-party location services, Niantic is also reviewing the use of ‘farming’ services that allow players to automate gameplay, such as collecting items, hatching eggs and gathering Pokémon. These efforts are meant to balance out the effects of having two different types of Pokémon players, the first group normal players who just want to have fun collecting the monsters and second player accounts that are so powerful that they monopolize the gyms (player battle areas) and can never be beaten.

Pokémon Go grossed over $200 million in global revenue during its first month after launch, developers continue to strive to work out system glitches such as cheating in order to keep the game fresh thus ensuring players continue to seek out their Pokémon.

Pokemon Go – Banning users

Pokémon Go creators, Niantic, have started to permanently ban users who breach the terms of use. Previously, they were using “soft-bans” that would warn users who hacked the game or used third party GPS-changing applications to cheat the game. More hackers and cheaters found ways to bend the rules and gain an unfair advantage over the hard-working die hard fans of the popular phone app game.

Niantic has updated their terms of use to include the following conditions that will result in a permanent ban, “Falsifying your location, using emulators, modified or unofficial software and/or accessing Pokémon GO clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software.”

GPS changers – These apps change the GPS location of the user. This makes it possible for users to capture Pokémon that are region specific. For example, Taurus can only be found in the United States but with a GPS changer, someone from Australia could trick the game into thinking that they are downtown in New York City.

Some of the ways that cheaters have been breaking the updated terms of service include:

Bots – These bots work in the same was as the GPS trackers in that they trick Pokémon Go into thinking that the user is moving which would: hatch eggs faster, allow battling of far-away gyms, and increase Pokémon encounters.

Modified/Unofficial software – Some phone apps allow users to see the exact location of Pokémon around the world so they don’t have to search for rare or elusive Pokémon.

Back-ends – This gives users access to the game’s internal code, making it possible for them to change stats of their Pokémon, increase the number of items they own (like pokeballs, potions, lures, and other items that cost real money to purchase).

Niantic stated, “We will continue to work with all of you to improve the quality of the gameplay, including ongoing optimization and fine tuning of our anti-cheat system.”

Candy Crush’s Sweet Success Has a Jawbreaker Problem

On April 12, 2012, Candy Crush was born. Somehow, the lollipop flowers and chocolate trees managed to get millions of people hooked on, and the trend doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon either. With over 90 million people playing the sugary puzzle game every day, it comes to no surprise that Candy Crush is easily one of the reigning queens of the gaming world. However, despite all of the sweet success, Candy Crush has one vital flaw preventing the company from earning more milk money.

Upselling is described as the process of attempting to influence the client to buy some extra bonuses or upgrades, usually for a not-surprisingly high price. While this technique is great for utilizing profits in real life, such as credit card companies or hotel corporations, upselling has turned into a major jawbreaker for Candy Crush. After all, who’s willing to shell out a couple of real life dollars for a small booster pack of assorted in-game treats?

In order to see if people didn’t fall for upselling because of the ridiculously high prices or if Candy Crush’s players did, indeed, have common sense, researchers at the University of Chicago offered extremely pleasing 70 percent discounts for Candy Crush booster packs to 14 million players. However, despite the tempting offer, Candy Crush failed to make any noticeable profit.

Based on the results, it’s safe to say that most of us have enough common sense to have a sweet time playing Candy Crush without giving up any real life dough.

Pokemon Go Allows You to Be a True Pokemon Master

In 1996, the world was taken by storm at the sight of a cute little mouse that could shoot electricity out of its body. And thus, marked the beginning of Pokemon, Nintendo’s second most lucrative game series. over 20 years later, Pokemon still hasn’t left the hearts of many. With the vast majority of the population in first world countries having access to smartphones, Pokemon continues to surprise us with the introduction of its newest installment, the mobile app Pokemon Go.

In this game, IOS and Android can finally live their dreams of becoming a Pokemon master. One of the most unique aspects about this game is that it’s one of the few games not limited to XBox Live or the Wii series that require you to exercise in order to succeed. You, the Pokemon trainer, uses the app as a sort of inter dimensional mirror, which allows a person to walk to a variety of locations in the real world, hoping that it will lead them to catching a Pokemon.

However, the societal, trendy game has also caused led to some hilarious situations. In Australia, the police issued a warning after one too many people tried walking into the police station in order to catch a sandshrew. As a further reminder, people have also been warned to look both ways while crossing the street, since the glue-eyed habits of thousands of new Pokemon trainers have caused more than one angry driver that had to stop in the middle of the road.

Bernie Sandwiches Are Now Being Served

The undeniable power of one 70-something-year-old man is now being seen in our video games. Recently released Bernie Sandwiches is a mobile video game based off the viral meme that everyone has seen by now. In case you missed it, early in the Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign, a major news anchor made one simple mistake that went crazy – announced Bernie ‘Sandwiches’ the winner of the New Hampshire Primary. While MSNBC is very prone to airing misinformation and mistake, this is the first time a mistake has become this widespread.

Now, with the popularity of Bernie Sanders only growing stronger, his supporters are getting really creative and bring Sanders into the digital realm. One of the most novel of these ideas is the mobile game Bernie Sandwiches. You get to join Bernie on his run for the President as he visits state caucus and primary after another. Along the way, make sure you keep Bernie’s energy up by munching on delicious sandwiches scattered throughout the country.

The gameplay is a basic endless with a near-side view. Controls are basic and easy to learn. Simply tap once to jump and twice for a double jump. Bernie Sandwiches is free to download and includes a link to visit the actual Bernie Sander for President website. This is a great way to pass the time while you wait for the next Bernie Sanders rally to begin.

The game and developers are no way endorsed by Bernie Sanders. They are just dedicated supporters.