“Paul Sanders on burnout “

While some people may consider themselves workaholics, some do it in moderation. However, one thing that stands out is that in one way or another, employees tend to experience burnout. While burnout may be caused by several factors, one that stands out is the feeling that you are no good enough, or that you have done too much already.

As a manager or supervisor, it is important that you get to understand your employees in order to help reduce cases of burnout. One of the best ways to do this is to get involved in every step of their progress. This makes them feel appreciated and will, in turn, improve their self esteem.

The other factor that leads to burnout is lack of transparency. Once an employee feels that some critical aspects or operation of the company is not being fully disclosed, they develop a negative attitude towards work. With time, this leads to burnout, and this slows down productivity. As a manager, it is, therefore, important to be honest to your employees by ensuring that they fully understand why and how certain decisions are made within the company.

While it is important to have rules and regulations as an entity, some rules can be too stringent to a point that employees feel trapped. Ensure that the rules put forth give the employees the freedom to express themselves and feel creative. When an employee experiences burnout, they always feel uncertain about the quality of their work. It is therefore important that you work them through by helping them set small but achievable goals. This will keep them on track by avoiding unnecessary stress.

With the advent of technological advances like mobile devices, western societies are now being faced with burnout situations at work more than ever. It is, therefore, important to set your employees up for long term success. This can only be made possible by redesign instances that may lead to burnout.

About Paul Sanders

Paul Sanders is a motivational speaker and the current principal and founder of James River Capital Corp. as well as its other affiliated companies. He holds a B.A in Economics from the University of Virginia and an M.B.A from the University of Chicago. His leadership and entrepreneurial skills have seen him scale great heights in the financial sector. As a result of his success, he always hopes to inspire the next generation to bring out the best in them though sound financial and general advice. Lean more: http://jrccblog.net/


“Paul Saunders of James River Capital Discusses Employee Burnout “

Paul Saunders is a founder and principal of the James River Capital Corporation, and serves as the corporation’s chairman and chief executive officer. He is a portfolio manager of James River’s financial products. Paul received his BA in 1977 from the University of Virginia, and his MBA from the University of Chicago in 1979. He has held positions in various financial corporations since then, and has headed up James River Capital since 1995.


James River Capital is a financial institution which focuses on alternative investments. The company is registered as an investment adviser with the SEC, and is also registered as a commodity training adviser and as a commodity pool operator with the CFTC. They create financial products that can be added as additional investment opportunities in portfolios which also have traditional equity and fixed income vehicles.


With his extensive experience in the financial, marketing, and investment industries, Paul Saunders understands the pressures that come with such careers. Combined with personal life issues, employees can burnout under the stresses. He has identified several warning signs that employers should be aware of to help employees avoid actual burnout. When supervisors micromanage, employees often feel a loss of control over their time management and scheduling. This loss of control leads to a sense of hopelessness and helplessness.


Another warning sign is a perceived lack of transparency on the part of upper management. When employees feel like they are being looked over for promotion, or feel under compensated for the work they do, negative feelings can arise, and lead to burnout. If employers are not open and transparent about decisions, then employees feel underappreciated and discouraged.


When employees are under stress at work, they find controlling emotions and exercising restraint in conflicts difficult. When employers see and hear arguments and negative interactions among employees, they should understand that this is a sign of distress and possible burnout. Employers need to be sensitive to the overall mood and atmosphere of the office environment.


Still another sign of burnout is a visible lack of confidence. Employees will start to lose confidence in their abilities to do the work assigned to them, and ultimately disengage from their work and commitment to the job and company. This is especially detrimental to the smooth operation and sustainable growth of the company.


Mr. Saunders recommends that employers and upper level management actively engage in open conversations with employees. He suggests having regular meetings both corporately and individually to help empower employees to manage their time and to learn how to set reasonable goals for success, as well as to offer transparency within the organization. These practices will definitely help a company continue to grow and thrive. Learn more: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/1266783D:US-james-river-capital-corp


James River Capital Going Strong

Paul Saunders, Founder and Principal of James River Capital Corp currently serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of James River Capital corp and James River Financial Corp. It is no surprise that Paul Saunders founded such a company as James River Capital corp with his past experience in corporate finance departments, commodity departments, managing director, and President of an entire investment company. Paul performed these duties and held these commendable titles with well known companies such as A.G. Becker, Kidder, and KP Futures Management Corp. Along with a B.A. in Economics from the University of Virginia and M.B.A. from the University of Chicago (James River Capital Corp, 2018). Learn more: https://paulsaundersjrcc.wordpress.com/


James River Capital is well known for being a private company serving customers in the United States. James River Capital provides investment advisory services, commodity trading, investment management, advisory, and related services (James River Capital, 2018). The company is located in Richmond, Virginia and was founded in 1896. In 1995, Paul Saunders acquired the company. James River Capital has been successful in registering as an Investment Adviser with the SEC, as a Commodity Trading Advisor, and Commodity Pool Operator with the CFTC (James River Capital corp, 2018). This is definitely the corporation to seek out for all of your investment questions or needs.


Once Paul Saunders took over James River Capital Corp and became an independent investment firm it seems as the company has had much success. As mentioned on the James River Capital Corp website, “As of July 1, 2018, James River had over $570 Million under management in James River Products“. James River Capital Corp has a strong Investment Philosophy that is very clear and precise. This Investment Philosophy explains how James River has developed a robust manager selection and portfolio structuring process. James Rivers investment philosophy is a strong one believing that adding alternative investment exposure to a portfolio dominated by traditional investments through a well diversified multi-manager product usually improves overall risk-adjusted return. A Philosophy that seems to be working for James River Capital today and for the years ahead. The shown success of James River Capital clearly shows they stand by their investment philosophy and put their customers first.


We don’t really have to wonder why or how Paul Saunders or James River Capital Corp has come this far and been this successful. One important topic James Rivers mentions is a way to improve leadership styles. James Rivers wants their company and everyone in it to support your team and not lead them, encourage and welcome escalation, and to give their individual opinion because they believe that everyone’s opinion matters. This makes it no mystery why James Rivers has such a strong investment philosophy and successful business.









Successful James River Capital Corporation Leadership

Being a great leader to your team involves a lot of practice, and the honing of particular skills. Company leaders, such as Paul Sanders of James River Capital Corporation, have found a few methods of approaching leadership that have been effective, based on extensive research studies. There are three simple habits to develop, when leading a staff, that are easy to implement and will show high rewards.


Encourage Employees to Voice Concerns, Encourage Escalation


The concept of ensuring that employees feel safe coming to their leaders with any and all issues is called “psychological safety,” and the implementation of this concept on all levels can lead to great innovation. According to recent research, 85% of employees will not come to their boss with feedback if they think that they may get into trouble by doing so. Often, the loss of this feedback is critical for potential collaboration, innovation, and forward-moving engagement. A great leader will always allow transparent communication among their staff by ensuring that each individual feels safe coming forward with problems or possible improvements, even if a situation has the potential for escalation.


Replace “Leading” with “Supporting”


It is a small change to simply alter your phrasing as a company leader, but this tiny one-word modification can have a great impact on the atmosphere and environment of the workplace. James River Capital Corporation has been in business since 1986 and has seen a great deal of employees and leadership strategies over the years – this is probably one of the smallest yet; however, the seemingly insignificant change worked as a positive catalyst. Employees will view a leader who offers support as one who is on their team, rather than above them, and will in turn place greater value in his or her guidance.


Encourage Team Members to Speak up


Combine the two previous points together, and make a valid effort to ensure that no one employee is holding him or herself back. A true leader, according to leaders like Paul Saunders, will ensure that each employee is getting the specific support that he or she deserves. One example of how to accomplish this would be to pay attention to how employees are voicing their thoughts at meetings, simply by keeping tallies of who is voicing their opinions and how often. Once there is a track record in place of which employees are speaking consistently, focus on engaging those quieter members of the team, and comfortably draw out their input as well. Stress the point that everyone’s opinions are important. As a leader, don’t allow any obstacles in the way of your staff, especially if that obstacle is their own self-doubts. Learn more: http://jrccblog.net/


Improve your Leadership Style With These 3 Changes

Leadership is a skill that that can be compared to great artwork. Both take time and skill to effectively develop into something great. Although being a leader is not easy and takes the absolute maximum effort, there are some relatively simple changes that you can make that can boost not only your ability to lead but also your’s teams commitment to following your lead. Based off of extensive research by many companies, the conclusion has been drawn that these three simple changes can lead to an improvement in your leadership style. Learn more: https://www.turtletrader.com/trader-jamesriver/


“Support” Your Team instead of Leading”

The first strategy which is used by the leaders at Facebook begins with a shift in the mind when it comes to how a leader operates. Leaders in their company don’t “lead” their teams, instead they support them.This very minuscule change makes an enormous difference on how you approach your role on your team.


Welcome Critical Feedback

According to recent studies, about 85% of employees keep critical feedback regarding their bosses to themselves. This is due to the fear of being disciplined for expressing their opinion. The lack of open communication can be a major setback for your team, as it stalls innovation, collaboration, and engaging activities. Google refers to this concepts as “psychological safety”. By opening up to all feedback (including all types of criticism), you ensure that your team members feel comfortable coming to you with any problems or ideas for improving the team. You can create a sense of psychological safety by encouraging and showing appreciation for feedback when it is presented.


Show That Everyone’s Opinion is Valuable

As mentioned before, your role on the team is not to lead but instead to support. In order to do this you need to remove any and all barriers currently keeping team members holding themselves back. By making sure everyone in your team meeting gets a chance to speak you remove one of the biggest barriers. Next, you should make an attendance sheet in place check marks next to each team member’s name once they speak in the meeting. Also try to get the team members who typically don’t speak much to share their thoughts. This ensures that you are considering every individual’s input on the team. This does not mean you have to be pushy or hard on your team members because you do not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. In the end you just want to make sure that you show that everyone’s input is valuable for the progression of the team. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn