The Impressive Music Career Of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi may be a well-known investor, but he has also enjoyed musical career. If you’re looking to learn more about his early music career, then continue to read on.

Early Music Career

His career in music started in 1985, when he was just a teenager. He was asked to become a member of the band that became known as Viper. Viper ended up becoming a very well-known heavy metal band. He remained in the band for a period of four years, and he has played a major factor in the band’s continued success. The instrument he played in Viper were the drums.

Songs & Albums Released

During Audi’s time with Viper, two albums were released. One was called Soldiers of Sunrise and the other was called The Killera Sword. A few songs that were released included Knights of Destruction, Wings of Evil and The Whipper Each song is unique in its own way and if you’re a heavy metal fan, then make sure you give them a listen. You will be able to tell just how good of a drummer Audi was.On YouTube, you can watch Audi play the drums in Viper. Additionally, you can follow him on Facebook. He has an active presence on social media.Although Cassio Audi is an investor and he excels in his career, he is still considered to be a very talented musician/drummer. Feel free to download and/or listen to one of the songs previously mentioned or view videos of him playing the drums on YouTube.

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Become a legend with Cassio Audi.

Everyone has a talent, but it becomes hard for some people to identify their abilities. One recognises a talent by choosing the things that he or she enjoys doing. Music is one of the capabilities that most people enjoy. There are different types of Music including Rocks, Blues, and Riddims, country, RnB, and many others. Rock music mostly involves hard metal instruments and needs a drummer.Metal music started long ago in the 1960s in the United States, UK and later got embraced in Brazil. During these early days, the drummers created an innovative sound, one featuring loud, substantial, and resounding beats.

Let`s meet one of the drummers Cassio Audi from Brazilian who specialised in hard rock.Cassio was the founder members of Viper, Brazil`s renowned heavy metal band. He has encouraged a lot of people in the music industry. Viper`s first two demos combined the UK heavy metal from the first few years, making a new level of heavy metal music. Cassio embraced teamwork and worked with other drummers like Andre Matos and Felipe Machad to form the band fly higher.Cassio`s fame increased abruptly through the successful innovations which helped to sell the first album entitled “soldiers of sunrise”.

The band did not only release the song in Brazillian but also in English. All music reviewed Viper`s first album which gave it four stars. It was an excellent step for Cassio and his partners. Cassio`s prudence and confidence enhanced him to be irreplaceable in the music scene.Cassio has helped other many different rock bands which have increased the growth of heavy metal music. Cassio`s performance during rock concerts is considered legendary by many. Cassio was passionate and determined in metal music hence inspiring the upcoming metal music bands. He believes in supporting talented young-stars realise their dreams.