Nintendo Classic Limited Supply But More On The Way

The Nintendo Classic was released on November 11th through select retailers and their supply has been significantly less than the demand for the product which infamously crashed the website of the massive online retailer Amazon. Amazon was the only one of the select retailer who offered the product online with the other retailers carrying the Nintendo Classic, Toys’R’Us, Target, and Best Buy all offering the product only through in person visits to their store.


While many people are expecting the Nintendo Classic to be a hit product and cash cow for Nintendo during the 2016 Christmas season, the lack of a sufficient quantity is not all that shocking given Nintendo’s history. Nintendo has a history of releasing products with limited quantities to stoke demand and interest. They appear to have done the same thing this time with the Nintendo Classic which will help to keep Nintendo in the headlights of consumers until the Nintendo Switch system is released in March 2017.


The Nintendo Classic is priced at just $60 and comes with a game unit and one remote. A second remote is available for just $10 additional. The Classic is preloaded with 30 different games that were all hits back in the day but does not seem to have any option for loading in new games or expanding on the collection in any ways. The unit is equipped with a HDMI cable and is ready to play out of the box.


In many ways, the Nintendo Classic has received rave reviews since it came out. The unit is the plug and play variety that is much improved over other emulator options that are available to users but has been criticized for one major shortcoming; the length of the controller. The included controller is only 2 feet long and not lengthy enough to be used from the couch of any modern living room. The cord is even shorter than the old Nintendo had, though third party remotes with wireless options are likely to solve this problem for players, albeit for an additional cost.


Since the limited release is sold out many players have to turn to the third party market for a unit. For their part, Nintendo has announced that they will issue additional units as available, likely in time for Black Friday.


Stores Report Shortage Of NES Classics

The Limited Release Disappoints

The release of the NES Classic gave many Nintendo fans a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Based upon an emulator of the original console this newly released collectible gives fan a chance to replay 30 of the best games made for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. The NES Classic sold out shortly after its release leaving many fans disappointed. Many stores report that Nintendo shipped only a few copies of the $60 console to their locations. Given the strong brand loyalty among Nintendo fans this decision to give the NES Classic a limited release is frustrating long time fans.



Beyond The Nostalgia

The NES Classic literally sold out in a matter of minutes in what resulted in one of the fastest sales of a gaming console in history. While the NES Classic appeals to fans of the 80s original there are some renovations in place in order to allow fans a better experience. There are now four memory slots to allow players to save their games return anytime they want. While the design is simple it improves upon the original greatly.



The Frustration Of Nintendo Fans

Many fans find the shortage of NES Classics frustrating because of the lack any apparent technical issues in their construction. Unlike a contemporary phone or tablet the hardware behind the NES Classic is relatively simple and easily understood. The difficulty of obtaining the NES Classic isn’t an unusual experience for Nintendo fans. Other Nintendo products have also seen limited supplies such as the Amiibo. The frustration of Nintendo fans appears to have foreseeable justification.



How Fans Are Coping With Limited Supplies

The tensions flaring up over the lack of available NES Classic consoles isn’t discouraging fans from staying loyal to the Nintendo brand. The announcement of other Nintendo projects such as Nintendo Switch are giving fans excitement. Despite this initial failure to provide enough NES Classic consoles Nintendo has promised to release more copies for the coming Holiday season. Given the unfortunate reality that many stores had fewer than 20 copies of the console this doesn’t give much certainty to fans. Nintendo is still offering plenty of content for its fans for time and will continue to release products.