Premium Dog Food: A Rising Trend

How many people would tell you that they would be willing to eat their dog’s food, the answer would be very few, if any. That is not the case for Chef Michael Hieger, who is the manufacturing chief of Freshpet Inc. He is so proud of their products, and the quality they represent, that he recently ate a piece of their refrigerated dog food during an interview. The trend of using human grade meats and ingredients is rising in the pet food industry, especially for canines. Other major, and small, companies are using fresh lamb and other specialty meats to be turned into dry kibble and wet food. Dog lovers are eating it up; the market for natural pet food is ready for a big boom. One dog food manufacturer has taken the time to create recipes that are healthy for pets, but also doing so at a more affordable price than its competitors. Beneful uses premium ingredients in an ideal combination to promote overall health, gentle aging, a healthy coat, strong immune systems, plus many more benefits; hence the name, Beneful. Premium dog food is one of the main goals and concerns of this brand created by its mother company, Purina. The company has a long history in the pet food industry, Purina has employed specialists in their field to create all of their products. Each scientific formula that Beneful utilizes is perfected to provide the necessary nutrients to keep canines healthy from the inside out. The best part of this popular brand is their enduring desire to improve, with that knowledge consumers can rest assured that their pet is eating high quality food.