Billy McFarland – Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Benefactor

Billy McFarland was born in New York, New York in 1991 and was raised in Short Hills, New Jersey. He attended Pennsylvania’s Bucknell University, a private college. His choice of study was computer engineering. This choice was to be expected, as Mr. Billy McFarland, at the tender age of 12, was already hiding the computers he was using to learn codes. He had founded his first company at age 13, an online outsourcing enterprise that aligned designers with clients. He had founded and passed on several other endeavors before finishing high school.

Mr. McFarland left college in 2010, his freshman year, when he founded Spling, an online ad business that allows improved URL appearance by converting the text links into graphic mosaic images on online bulletin boards. He is still Spling’s CEO today and is the leader of several other businesses, as well.

According to Forbes, in August of 2013, Billy McFarland founded Magnises, and the representative black card was established in March of 2014. The purpose of this black card was to be appealing to millennials as an exclusive, technology-based and community tailored card, that allows for special rates, discounts, and others perks, such as special introductions into coveted places.

This card is not a credit card, nor is it affiliated with any financial establishments. It does, however, transfer data from other cards onto the Magnises card’s strip so it may be used instead of the original card, whether it is a credit or a debit card.

There is a required yearly fee of $250.00, but there is no spending requirement to meet, nor any initiation fees. There is a plan in the works to allow a $25.00 per month payment in lieu of the $250.00 annually. Members may attend events held for members only and much more.

They can work together on like-minded ideas or businesses while having a drink on the house. They may also get to see secret performances, enjoy the best seats for sports events and concerts, get into hidden places, or other venues of interest that others find difficult to enter.

The card also offers millennials a chance to make new friends with others in their community. Check for availability in your area. Unfortunately, the Magnises’ card is not available nationwide – yet. It is offered in New York, Chicago, D.C., San Francisco. Other areas are on the list for openings. Just check with the site,, for availability.