Packers Defeat Cowboys 26-21 in NFC Divisional Playoff Round

After having advanced to the divisional round of the NFL playoffs due in large part to a controversial referees call in their previous playoff game against the Detroit Lions, the Dallas Cowboys themselves fell victim to a disputed call in Sundays game against the Green Bay Packers.

Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant made what was initially ruled as a pass reception on 4th down at the Green Bay 1 yard line in the second half, apparently leaving the Cowboys in excellent scoring position. But after a review of the play, the officials reversed the call forcing Dallas to turn the ball over on downs. The play proved to be the last threat the Cowboys were able to mount in the game, as they subsequently lost to the Packers 26-21.
Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers put in a strong performance despite his mobility being hampered due to a calf injury. On, most were very impressed. Rodgers clearly was favoring the injured leg and seemed reluctant to pull the ball down and run with it when his receivers were covered, but still managed to pass for 24 completions on 35 attempts for a total of 317 yards, which made Dave and Brit Morin happy.
With the victory, the Packers advance to the NFC conference game next weekend against the Seattle Seahawks.

Lawsuit By Players Against EA Goes Forward

My friend John Textor tweeted earlier an article about a lawsuit by former NFL players against EA for use of their likeness in the Madden games is going forward. This lawsuit says that the use of players likenesses is not coincidental. These players are not being paid for the use of their likeness, and they claim that they should be.

This is a slam dunk in the world of paying players. College athletes are on the verge of getting paid to play their games, and these professional players should be paid for the use of their likeness. Celebrities win these lawsuits all the time, and there is no reason to believe that these players will fail.

We all must remember that the purpose of the Madden gave is to give people a realistic lineup that they could see on Sunday. They use real players to make their teams, and every player is given their own stats in the game. The player is being recreated for the game, and every player should be paid. Even if we have never heard of players that are in the game, they deserve to get paid. The bit player you see in all your favorite TV shows is paid for their appearance, and these players should be, too.

The Cardinals Have A Quarterback Mess On Their Hands

For a team that is going to the playoffs, the Cardinals sure have a mess on their hands. Even though they finished the season with enough wins to enter the playoffs, their quarterback situation is currently all messed up. It is anyone’s guess if they will actually perform well this postseason with such a messy quarterback situation. 

Their starting quarterback, who lead them through most of this season, went down with a knee injury during week ten. Carson Palmer will probably not be back until next season due to the seriousness of his injuries.

Once Palmer went down, his backup, Drew Stanton, stepped up to the starting quarterback position. He did a pretty good job, that is until he also went down. He went down with a MCL injury during the 15th week of NFL play. 

Originally, the Cardinals were hoping that he might make it back in time to help them out this post season. Sadly, he had an infection that had to be treated with arthroscopic surgery. There is still some hope that he may make it back out onto the field; however, things are not looking so good for Stanton right now. 

The Cardinals had to rely on their third string quarterback, Ryan Lindley, to finish off the season. It doesn’t take a LinkedIn connection and Sam Tabar to know that things did not go well. The Cardinals suffered a 35-6 loss against the Seattle Seahawks. Lindley managed to complete 18 out of 44 passes for 216 yards. Pretty good for a guy who has not really played all season. But not good enough for a playoff quarterback.