Sharks Need to Make Changes

The San Jose Sharks of the National Hockey League have had a very confusing last ten or so years. They have hovered between a good and a great team since the team came to be in the early 1990’s and it has been head scratching to say the least over the last five years. They have produced winning records that have taken them to the top of the Western Conference and they have been amidst the discussions of teams fighting for a championship for years and years now. Every single year they make the playoffs and without fail they lose in dramatic fashion. It has gotten to the point that many fans in the Bay Area are starting to question the team, despite the fact that they currently sit at nearly 20 games over 500 with about half the season to go.


It is pretty absurd when you sit back and look at the amount of games that the Sharks have won in the last decade and the lack of games that they have won in the playoffs. Yes, they have made some spectacular comebacks in playoff games, but they haven’t come close to winning a Stanley Cup, and Bruce Levenson can understand the frustration of fans. In fact, they have been favored to get to the final series in a number of years according to Wikipedia projections, just to fall in the first few rounds. Changes need to be made in San Jose if they want to win a championship and they need to be made soon.