Nintendo Famicom Special Edition- Ancient Nostalgia

Nintendo has a lot of video games products to be proud. You might have heard of the Nintendo Entertainment System, or the Gameboy, which was a handheld gaming system. One system that is very unfamiliar to a lot of people is the Famicom.

Nintendo had released a system on July 15, 1983, called the Famicom, also known as the Family Computer. The reason you might not be familiar with it is that it was only released in Japan. The Verge- Nintendo Famicom Special Edition

The system’s cartridges were about the size of a small floppy disk. Back in the day, there were such things called Floppy disks, they could only hold information up to 1.44 Megabytes which usually is a smaller amount when formatted.

Aside from the ancient technology that Famicom is, it is full of nostalgia for those who have played one as a kid or teenager.

Nintendo had ported classics such as Donkey Jr. to the platform. Although the Famicom is quite an old system, there is still some sentimental value that gamers hold with it.

Now that it is the year 2018, Nintendo will be making a special version of the Famicom called Famicom Mini. The special edition of the Famicom will be loaded with manga games and will also be gold and red in color. One of the manga games will include Dragonball. To conclude the games that will be loaded onto the Famicom mini are older generations of video games. There will no first-person shooter action, but anyone that has played a Famicom as a child or teenager knows this by experience.

This special edition Famicom with gold and red colors is only going to be released in Japan currently. The release date that has been announced for this retro system is July 7th and will be priced at approximately 7,980 yen or 73 dollars.

Although this system release will be exclusive to Japan there are always other opportunities to find the next new special edition item if you are from another country.