Custom Game Boy Zero Platform Can Play Thousands of Titles Without Switching Cartridges

Almost everyone who owned an original Game Boy always wanted more games to play on it. Most cartridges of that time only held a single game, and they were notoriously expensive. Video game collectors have caused prices to go up in the modern era, but one enterprising gamer assembled a custom design for the Nintendo Game Boy that holds a giant library of games.

He calls it the Game Boy Zero, and it uses a Raspberry Pi Zero computer stored in a Game Boy shell to offer players a menu that provides a list of hundreds of games. The games are stored on an original memory card. Currently it can run games for the original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy Advance. Some reports even suggest that it can play titles for the Sega Genesis platform.

This would more than likely also include titles released for the Sega Master System and Game Gear platforms as well. The Game Boy Zero could theoretically be loaded up with several thousand different titles, though space concerns put a practical limit on how many games can fit on the memory card at any one time.

Original Game Boy systems actually took regular alkaline batteries. They also lacked a backlight. The designer of the Game Boy Zero corrected both of these problems by adding a rechargeable battery as well as a backlight. The screen has a higher display resolution than most modern portable systems, which might encourage some modern gamers to downgrade a few generations.