Summer Brings With it New Nintendo Switch Games

When the heat of summer makes going outside too much, power up the Nintendo Switch and the new games that summer ushered in. The new releases promise something fun for everyone in the months ahead. This is just what fans have been waiting for, some new game options for their system.


For the sports game enthusiast there is Mario Tennis Aces, there are also options for those who enjoy role playing, and for the person who loves to get into shooter style games, thanks to Octopath Traveler and Splatoon 2’s expansion.


Mario Tennis Aces will be released in June. This games follows on the heels of other popular Mario sport games, but with some new features. New features, such as the energy meter, make this game different from the others in the Mario Sports franchise, it allows for unique talents and customization, which lets players show off their special skills. July brings fans of the Nintendo Switch, Octopath Traveler. Octopath Traveler is a role playing game that is reminiscent of the classic, Final Fantasy, but with modern touches that keep it fresh. Players are able to control the heroes in the game and their interactions with non-playable characters. Players will have to use their brains, and pay attention if they want to complete their missions. Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion is being released at the end of July, it includes 80 new single player campaign missions that are sure to keep gamers busy, well into fall.


Speaking of fall, the Nintendo Switch fun doesn’t end when summer does. The Switch is releasing their own version of the hit game, Super Smash Bros. It’s slated to be released in the fall, along with a few other games that are sure to chase away winter boredom.


All in all, it seems that the next several months are going to be busy ones for Nintendo Switch, and their fans. Fans have been eagerly awaiting new releases for this system and the fans are going to get what they’ve been waiting for.

SNES Classic to be available on Nintendo Switch, thanks to a hacker

Despite all of the recent innovations in the video game world, some gamers still long to play games on the game systems of previous generations. Among those systems is the SNES Classic which many people were hoping Nintendo might find a way to make available on the newer Switch device. Unfortunately, they haven’t and seem to have no plans to do so. However, there was at least one ambitious hacker out there who decided to make the classic platform virtually available on the newer one.

As Forbes reported, a hacker named Sam Breadman was able to use LovePotion in order to port the SNES Classic library onto a Switch. LovePotion was a tool first made for the Nintendo 3DS system. However, it was ported to the Nintendo Switch to help bring dreams to reality, or to a virtual gaming reality, sort of.

Breadman released a sort of teaser video on YouTube that shows off his skills. In the video which was originally discovered by Nintendo Life, the SNES Classic interface is shown on a Nintendo Switch. It also presents a few menus with Mega Man X, Donkey Kong Country, and Final Fantasy III among the playable games. Unfortunately, no gameplay is shown in the video. That’s because Breadman says it’s still in the early stages of being developed and isn’t giving the best gameplay performance. So, some fine tuning will be necessary.

The reason that a hacker could even do such a thing is due to a boot exploit within the Nintendo Switch devices. That exploit allows anyone with a 3D Printer and the right experience to hack the device. Some have even made a working Linux tablet out of the Switch using the boot exploit.

It’s said that Nintendo can fix the problem, but that will involve releasing new versions of the console with Nvidia Tegra chips that are free of the issue. So far there haven’t been any reports floating around that Nintendo plans to do this and that could be good for those people who wanted a virtual SNES Classic on their newer device.

So will this concept be available for other people? The comments on the YouTube video are already numerous with people asking if it’s available yet and wanting their own virtual SNES Classic for the Switch. If enough people get behind it with a good bit of funding, the “Classic” dream could eventually become a reality and make it to the Switch.

Night in the Woods Director’s Cut Released on Switch

Night in the Woods was released last year after a very successful Kickstarter campaign had brought the indie adventure game to Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC users everywhere. The campaign started back in 2013 and the game’s developer Infinite Fall, had received an overwhelming amount of funds totaling $209,375 in 30 days with 7,372 backers. They received more than 400 percent over their original pledge of $50,000. The game came out with a special edition called Night in the Woods: Weird Autumn, it’s a director’s cut version that was released on February 1, 2018, for the Nintendo Switch. The game is scheduled to be released later this year for iOS and Android users.

The games centers around a 20-year-old girl named Mae Borowski, an anthropomorphic college dropout. She returns back home after three semesters to her hometown called Possum Springs, a former mining town that’s on the brink of economic collapse. Mae soon notices that something is not quiet right, that something very dark is happening in her hometown and all of the clues point to the nearby woods. Throughout the story, Mae finds that her old hangout spots and favorite local haunts are no more. As she tries to reconnect with her friends, they seemed to have all changed and act like very ‘superior’ adults, some even chastise Mae and call her a ‘kid’ when they are only months apart in age. Everything is turning upside down for Mae and her town is appearing more and more bizarre to her.

Night in the Woods’ platform is an open world 2D adventure game. It’s a single-player and you can interact as Mae with everyone that comes into view as well as explore almost everywhere in Possum Springs and its outskirts. It has a point-and-click style and there are many mini-games to play throughout the game. Night in the Woods takes roughly ten hours to complete and the story is compellingly great. The game is currently nominated for a bunch of awards for 2017: the SXSW Gamer’s Voice Awards, The Game Awards and Golden Joystick Awards to name a few. Night in the Woods is available to download for $19.99 and the Switch’s version has some new original content.

Nintendo’s Latest Accessory Continues Tradition of Innovation

Nintendo has been a master innovator throughout the company’s existence. From their hand-held systems that have conquered markets time and time again to awkward product flops (think SNES’ Super Scope), Nintendo stands for new creations, regardless of success.

Nintendo as a company started out as a simple toy making company. They sold trading cards, hand-held one-off games, and a neat little extending claw that was their first break out toy known as the Ultra-Hand. They brought us an important stepping stone to the in-home gaming console, the NES and then they did the same with handhelds with the Gameboy. Nintendo is no stranger to growing out of its own comfort zone.

Nintendo recently announced their newest Nintendo Switch accessories, Nintendo Labo, which releases April 20, 2018. Nintendo Labo is an interactive experience where the user has to take cardboard cut-outs to create solid shapes the Joy-Con (Nintendo Switch Controllers) can slide right into and provide a fishing rod, a piano, and many other surprising items. Two different sets will be available at two different price points. The Variety Kit will be available for 69.99MSRP and the Robo Kit will be available for 79.99MSRP.

The Variety Kit comes with five different items to build, each providing a different experience. With this kit, the user will be able to create two RC cars, a piano, a motorbike, and a house. The piano only provides one octave, but each key is pressable as if it were a real piano and is made only using cardboard. The motorbike allows the user to feel as if they were driving with the screen being used as a window to the open road. Assembling the fishing rod will provide the user with a fishing mini-game, the house provides a play-house mini-game, while the RC car makes a controllable car using the vibration of the Joy-Cons.

The Robo Kit looks like a very complex piece of machinery that allows the user to experience being in a giant cartoon mech. This kit is the more expensive of the two and once one sees the pieces it takes to create the final product, it is no question why. The user must use their entire body, including their arms and legs to fully operate the robot in the game provided with the kit.

Nintendo has a long history of innovation and Nintendo Labo seems to be another progressive addition to their line of products and experiences. Find it online or in stores April 20th.

Nintendo Switch Launches New Video Games for the Festive Season

The Nintendo Switch has invented new video games today, the 28th of November. The games are animated and two series have been launched the first and second Resident Evil Revelations. The series was a comeback for the resident evil after seasons 5 and 6 of the series changed its theme to action yet it was essentially invented to depict survival in a horror scene. The newly released series will have the highest number of horror fans buying the video games. Resident Evil Revelation will surprise many gamers with its awesome content.

Another anticipated video game, Syberia 2 will be released on the 30th of November 2017. Syberia 1 was established back in the year 2002. The series depicts a travel adventure for the gamer. While enjoying the video game, the player moves from one country to another especially Russia and Europe. This came by for Nintendo Switch and the second part of the series, Syberia 2 will be completing the end goal.

The game has a lady called Kate who travels continuously. Customers have posted reviews about Syberia. What fascinates them most is the graphic design used in developing the game as well as the style in which it is played. Adventure games are awesome and many people fill the video game stores to purchase them. The gamers have reviewed the games and cannot wait for them to get to the stores.

Well, those two were just but the tip of an iceberg. On the 1st of December, 2017 Nintendo switch is dropping a hot video game in their library. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is about Elysium, a safer place away from the ginormous beasts who have ripped humanity apart. Two people, Ryra and another, Rex constantly journey while looking for this new land. The destroyers are named as Titans in the video game. What the players are supposed to be two. They battle the monsters and salvage the human beings from their destruction. Still, no players have reviewed but it is going to be a wonderful experience.

A Review of Ultra Street Fighter II

When most people think of fighting games, the common image is of face-to-face competitions around an arcade cabinet or close to a television screen. “Ultra Street Fighter II,” for the Nintendo Switch, changes this by giving fighting game fans a console experience on the go. Looking over Street Fighter’s history on portable machines, only a handful has been great: SSF2 Turbo Revival on the GBA; SFA 3 on the PSP and SF4 on the 3DS. One feature that USF2 has over those titles is that it does not require additional equipment for multiple players.


USF2 looks as good as the HD Remix releases of SSF2 on the PS3 and 360. While the fighting game community will likely spend months comparing it to other versions, USF2 is still a Street Fighter title-an installment of one of the most venerable fighting game franchises. Even USF2’s presentation is customizable, allowing players to choose between HD or 16-bit graphics and between a remixed or chiptune soundtrack. While some may decry the HD artwork, those complaints mostly fall away when observed in person. USF2’s main benefit is its flexibility; you can enjoy old-school fighting on a monitor, complete with upscaled resolution, or you can take the game on the go. To play with a friend, just take the Joy-Cons off the tablet and hand one off.


As for playing with Joy-Cons, the experience is mixed. The analog stick makes some motions, even the rudimentary slide from “down” to “forward,” frustrating. While you can access “L” and “R,” the wrist strap slides make it much easier. The left Joy-Con’s face buttons are an excellent stand-in for a d-pad. The Joy-Con is also used for a special minigame that puts you into first-person perspective as you execute traditional special moves against waves of enemies; a feature good for some mindless bashing or keeping children active.


The biggest issue with USF2 may be the price tag; you’re effectively paying $40 for a 25-year-old game. While this is a comprehensive version of SF2 on a new console, some may wonder if it’s really worth the investment when the “Virtual Console” has SF2 for $10. Honestly, the $40 price tag is the only legitimate justification for why Switch owners might give USF2 a pass.


YouTuber Utlizes Nintendo Switch as VR Device

Virtual reality (VR) is coming. Every gamer knows it and the anticipation is building. So much so, that one YouTuber gamer recently jerry-rigged his Nintendo Switch to become a VR headset.


For the uninitiated, the Nintendo Switch is the one of the latest Nintendo developments in portable gaming technology. The tablet-sized, approximately 9” x 4”, device can be attached to a large TV for game play. It can also be a stand-alone portable game console much like its predecessor the Wii U. The Switch comes with many tailor-made games and more are in the pipeline.


The Switch has been well-received with sales at its launch surpassing Wii U launch sales. There have been rumors swirling that Nintendo released the Switch with the further intention of converting it for VR use. Its compact size and price would make it unique among the current VR offerings. For example, the Occulis Rift requires touch controls and a VR Gaming PC and the whole set up costs over $1,000. A Nintendo Switch, by comparison, retails for about $380.


YouTuber Nintendrew decided to see how the Switch would work as a VR device. He found a VR headset called the Durvois Dive 7 which fit the Switch perfectly. He recorded his game play of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, from the Nintendo DS, for viewing on YouTube. He then used the Switch’s web browser to view his recorded YouTube game footage.


The experiment was a success, although it was not a perfect experience. The Switch’s 500 pixel screen does not allow for great resolution. Still, it may be possible that the Switch is just a first step in Nintendo’s development of a compact, affordable, VR system. The company filed a patent last year that could convert the Switch console to a VR device. Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima has explained one stumbling block is any issues that might occur from wearing a VR device for hours at a time.


Nintendo Switch Drops Jaws with High Sales

You’ve likely been a gamer for the better part of your life. Along the way you’ve probably played your fair share of consoles. Out of all the video game console developers in the world it seems like one company consistently rises to the top: the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is a company that innovates while staying true to their roots, never forgetting the nostalgia of yesterday while pursuing making history tomorrow. Now we are looking at another era of Nintendo memory making with their newest console: the Nintendo Switch. While fans are always nervous when a new console launches it seems like, in this case, the nerves were for nothing. As of this writing the Nintendo Switch has turned into one of the fastest selling consoles in Nintendo’s history.


We’ve finally gotten a chance to see some of the sale statistics for the first full month of the Nintendo Switch’s lifespan and the results are great. Nintendo managed to sling 2.7 million units in March alone, bringing nearly $584 million for the stalwart company. The Nintendo Switch had many of the concerns that the Nintendo Wii had when it was first released: it was a console that was trying something new and fans feared that it would just be a gimmick. Well, fear no more. The Switch has gotten rave reviews and the sale numbers are hard to ignore.


Gaming has changed dramatically even since the Nintendo Wii had launched. Nowadays customers have the option to pursue more video games, video game consoles, and video game companies than ever before. Mobile gaming has taken a huge bite out of the budget that many people had previously set aside for console gaming. Still, Nintendo continues to plug along without losing their focused. Tatsumi Kimishima, the president of Nintendo, simply stayed: “I was relieved by a strong start of the Switch.”


Kimishima knows that his console is selling well but there is still some concern amongst analysts that the console is lagging slightly behind. A few of the big concerns for potential lag include: dead pixels on the console’s launch screen, a lack of game choices, and the high marketing budget for the game eating away at the edge of profits. For now, however, the grass seems to be green.


Nintendo’s Latest Console Set for Global Release

The last couple of years haven’t been filled with good news for Nintendo. The company that was once a leader in home gaming consoles was now struggling to compete in a world where the Xbox and PlayStation have taken over the market. Starting in 2014, they’ve had several quarters of losses due to disappointing sales of the Wii U console. Nintendo also faced growing competition from the mobile gaming industry, which is one that they’ve eventually entered after some hesitation. Now that their latest console product is set to be released around the world on March 3rd, many are asking whether it will help them make a big comeback.


Their upcoming console is called the Switch and offers a few interesting and unique elements that are likely to appeal to their target audience. The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console, which can be described as a handheld tablet that can seamlessly dock to a TV. Gamers can switch between TV and handheld mode instantly. One can start a game at home and play on the big screen, then continue playing while on the road, save their game and then come back to play on their home TV again.


Gamers can add the titles they want to the console either by purchasing them online and storing the games on the console’s 32 GB of internal storage or by buying them in store. Switch games come on a memory card that is roughly the size of an SD card and slides in a slot at the top of the console.


While the Switch is quite interesting in terms of design, it does come with a few drawbacks. Even though it has the form factor of a tablet, it doesn’t have a web browser or other kinds of connected apps a lot of users would love, such as apps that give access to video or music streaming services. The console will only have nine titles available at launch. The standard retail edition won’t include any free games either, which might disappoint shoppers looking for maximum value.


The Nintendo Switch Review

Set to launch on March 3, the Nintendo Switch is another attempt by the gaming company to reconcile a console with mobile and home entertainment capabilities. A recent review done by TechCrunch, who were able to get their hands on the device before launch, claims that the hardware from Nintendo is crafty, but limited. Buyers can expect to find a restricted number of game titles upon release, but may be pleasantly surprised by the reliability of the Switch.
The device itself comes equipped with a 6.2-inch screen that can be docked into a charging station which may be plugged into a home theatre system. Using the switch in this fashion allows for multiplayer gaming on a bigger screen using the two “Joy-Con” wireless controllers. With both controllers attached, the system weights approximately .88 pounds.
Going wireless with the Nintendo Switch allows consumers to use the device for up to three hours without charge. Wireless online gaming is available without being plugged into the home charging dock. Among the multiplayer options provided by the Switch include an 8-player home functionality and a parental control standalone application.
Despite the lack of games mentioned by TechCrunch’s review of the Switch, Nintendo lists nine games being available for play on March 3, including the fan favorite, Zelda.
Nonetheless, the Nintendo Switch is a bold attempt at introducing a versatile home gaming system into the market. The ability to take the system on the go makes keeping track of game progress easier than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One competitors. While the Switch does not have the robust graphics capabilities of these bigger consoles, this new product option by Nintendo will undoubtedly make an impact in the gaming market, especially with the established Nintendo fans.