Nintendo Explains Cancelation of the NES Classic Mini

The NES Classic mini has come and is going, all too quickly for customers who are increasingly frustrated with their inability to obtain one. The NES Classic mini was preloaded with 30 games and could not have any added to the system. The 30 games preloaded into the NES Classic Mini were some of the classics including Zelda, Mario, and Metroid.


In April 2017, just six months after the product was launched, Nintendo announced that they were stopping production of the NES mini. The product sold out on the day it was released within minutes of the product release and was never in stock, in stores or online, for very long. Scalpers seemed to be the only ones who consistently profited from the product as Nintendo sold it at $60 per unit and it was resold frequently for over $200.


Many users were concerned and complained with the cancellation of the product as well as their inability to obtain one, despite their interest in it. Nintendo didn’t explain their desire to cancel the product until an recent interview with Time magazine. Per this interview, Nintendo indicated that they originally planned the NES mini to be just in place for the holiday season of 2016 but it sold over 2 million units.


The President and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, indicated that the company continued to add shipments of the products but was unable to meet the demand, which surprised the company. Nintendo apologized for their inability to meet the need for customers but indicated that the company has other products that they are working on, including the Nintendo Switch which was released in early 2017, and that they were unable to keep so many projects ongoing. File-Aime indicated that Nintendo does not have unlimited resources and was overwhelmed by the demand as well as their focus on the Switch and future projects for the company.


There are rumors that Nintendo will be releasing a similar product as the NES Classic Mini but for the Super Nintendo system. This product will likely come out for the 2017 Christmas season and customers are hoping that Nintendo will have learned the lesson that they, and their customers learned, with the release of the Nintendo Classic.


Nintendo Switch Drops Jaws with High Sales

You’ve likely been a gamer for the better part of your life. Along the way you’ve probably played your fair share of consoles. Out of all the video game console developers in the world it seems like one company consistently rises to the top: the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is a company that innovates while staying true to their roots, never forgetting the nostalgia of yesterday while pursuing making history tomorrow. Now we are looking at another era of Nintendo memory making with their newest console: the Nintendo Switch. While fans are always nervous when a new console launches it seems like, in this case, the nerves were for nothing. As of this writing the Nintendo Switch has turned into one of the fastest selling consoles in Nintendo’s history.


We’ve finally gotten a chance to see some of the sale statistics for the first full month of the Nintendo Switch’s lifespan and the results are great. Nintendo managed to sling 2.7 million units in March alone, bringing nearly $584 million for the stalwart company. The Nintendo Switch had many of the concerns that the Nintendo Wii had when it was first released: it was a console that was trying something new and fans feared that it would just be a gimmick. Well, fear no more. The Switch has gotten rave reviews and the sale numbers are hard to ignore.


Gaming has changed dramatically even since the Nintendo Wii had launched. Nowadays customers have the option to pursue more video games, video game consoles, and video game companies than ever before. Mobile gaming has taken a huge bite out of the budget that many people had previously set aside for console gaming. Still, Nintendo continues to plug along without losing their focused. Tatsumi Kimishima, the president of Nintendo, simply stayed: “I was relieved by a strong start of the Switch.”


Kimishima knows that his console is selling well but there is still some concern amongst analysts that the console is lagging slightly behind. A few of the big concerns for potential lag include: dead pixels on the console’s launch screen, a lack of game choices, and the high marketing budget for the game eating away at the edge of profits. For now, however, the grass seems to be green.


Nintendo’s Latest Console Set for Global Release

The last couple of years haven’t been filled with good news for Nintendo. The company that was once a leader in home gaming consoles was now struggling to compete in a world where the Xbox and PlayStation have taken over the market. Starting in 2014, they’ve had several quarters of losses due to disappointing sales of the Wii U console. Nintendo also faced growing competition from the mobile gaming industry, which is one that they’ve eventually entered after some hesitation. Now that their latest console product is set to be released around the world on March 3rd, many are asking whether it will help them make a big comeback.


Their upcoming console is called the Switch and offers a few interesting and unique elements that are likely to appeal to their target audience. The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console, which can be described as a handheld tablet that can seamlessly dock to a TV. Gamers can switch between TV and handheld mode instantly. One can start a game at home and play on the big screen, then continue playing while on the road, save their game and then come back to play on their home TV again.


Gamers can add the titles they want to the console either by purchasing them online and storing the games on the console’s 32 GB of internal storage or by buying them in store. Switch games come on a memory card that is roughly the size of an SD card and slides in a slot at the top of the console.


While the Switch is quite interesting in terms of design, it does come with a few drawbacks. Even though it has the form factor of a tablet, it doesn’t have a web browser or other kinds of connected apps a lot of users would love, such as apps that give access to video or music streaming services. The console will only have nine titles available at launch. The standard retail edition won’t include any free games either, which might disappoint shoppers looking for maximum value.


The Nintendo Switch Review

Set to launch on March 3, the Nintendo Switch is another attempt by the gaming company to reconcile a console with mobile and home entertainment capabilities. A recent review done by TechCrunch, who were able to get their hands on the device before launch, claims that the hardware from Nintendo is crafty, but limited. Buyers can expect to find a restricted number of game titles upon release, but may be pleasantly surprised by the reliability of the Switch.
The device itself comes equipped with a 6.2-inch screen that can be docked into a charging station which may be plugged into a home theatre system. Using the switch in this fashion allows for multiplayer gaming on a bigger screen using the two “Joy-Con” wireless controllers. With both controllers attached, the system weights approximately .88 pounds.
Going wireless with the Nintendo Switch allows consumers to use the device for up to three hours without charge. Wireless online gaming is available without being plugged into the home charging dock. Among the multiplayer options provided by the Switch include an 8-player home functionality and a parental control standalone application.
Despite the lack of games mentioned by TechCrunch’s review of the Switch, Nintendo lists nine games being available for play on March 3, including the fan favorite, Zelda.
Nonetheless, the Nintendo Switch is a bold attempt at introducing a versatile home gaming system into the market. The ability to take the system on the go makes keeping track of game progress easier than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One competitors. While the Switch does not have the robust graphics capabilities of these bigger consoles, this new product option by Nintendo will undoubtedly make an impact in the gaming market, especially with the established Nintendo fans.

Preorders Begin for Nintendo’s Switch Platform

Nintendo has started to unveil more information regarding the Switch, its impending hybrid of a traditional gaming console and a portable system. Among these details is the ability to already begin placing preorders. According to the official Twitter account belonging to Nintendo’s New York-based store, a limited number of Switches will be available for preorder on January 13th. Interested parties will need to show up at the New York branch of Nintendo World and put forth their money right at nine in the morning.


With Nintendo’s track record for new releases, as seen by the initial scarcity of the Wii, its Amiibo toys and even the NES Classic, it is an easy call that the Switch will likely be a difficult piece of tech to acquire for several months after its launch date. Anyone looking to get in on the ground floor of Nintendo’s new machine will need to keep their ears low to the ground for even the slightest opportunity. Regardless, it is a forgone conclusion that the aforementioned Nintendo World preorders will not be available for even one hour. It is currently unknown if Nintendo plans to extend official preorders through online stores or in regions other than New York City.


The Switch seems to continue Nintendo’s trend for producing revolutionary pieces of technology within the video game industry. The most notable feature of this new device is its modular capabilities; the very first trailer, which greatly emphasized the Millennial demographic, showcases how the central tablet can be inserted into a base to function as a traditional gaming console or taken along as a portable device. Furthermore, the controls can connect to the sides of the central tablet as an approximation of the Wii U’s tablet controller or they can be used separately for sessions of multiplayer gaming.


Retro Gaming: A Blast from the Past that’s Here to Stay

Retro gaming is going to be all the rage this holiday season! With gaming becoming more popular than ever and more and more gamers interested in playing the games they did when they were kids, or when their parents were kids, a multitude of companies have announced retro game emulators hitting stores just before the holidays this year. Not only will you be able to play your favorite Nintendo games this Christmas but announcements have already been made for a collection of Sega titles and arcade classics on their way from different developers to invade your holiday gaming schedule.



Nintendo kicked off the season of the emulators announcing that their NES classic edition would be on store shelves by the holidays, preloaded with thirty favorite games. The classic edition and the controllers alike harken back to the original NES and fill you with eighties nostalgia just looking at them. With a major modern gaming company like Nintendo investing in retro gaming, what many gamers’ considered a fad seems here to stay. For more information, visit the official site of the NES Classic Edition at:



Retro-bit, a company long in the business of marketing classic games, soon followed Nintendo’s lead announcing the launch of a mini console to be dubbed Retro-bit Generations which comes preloaded with an assortment of popular classic arcade games. The Retro-bit Generations is barely larger than it’s Sega: Saturn style controllers but comes with a host of features such as two USB ports, an SD card slot, HDMI port, and low-fi composite connections. The Retro-bit Generations features games from leading companies like Capcom, Jaleco, and Irem, and includes both household name classics and deeper cuts from the arcade cabinet collection. If you’d like to purchase the Retro-bit Generations or are looking for more information on the retro console visit the Retro-bit official website at:



Atgames have also announced a mini-console similar in layout to the NES classic edition only featuring games from the classic Sega Genesis console. The Genesis Classic features titles like Sonic, Mortal Kombat, and Golden Axe, and a save port for some games. The Genesis Classic also allows for use with original Sega Genesis cartridges to let you play your favorite games from the days of video game yore. If you want to get your game on with your favorite classic Sega games visit Atgames official site for ordering and further information at:


Nintendo’s Switch Design Could Turn Off Third Party Support

Bringing Something New To The Table

When Nintendo revealed its upcoming next-gen console Nintendo Switch the world was amazed. The combination of a handheld device and home console is changing the way gamers think of the console experience, but there are a few canaries in the coal mine. The design of the Switch may deter third party developers and publishers from providing support for the next-gen console. The return to using cartridges and relatively low memory are likely to turn off gamers accustomed to digital downloads and Blu-Ray discs. Regardless of these criticisms Nintendo continues to push forward



The Return Of The Cartridge

One of the biggest standouts in the design of the console/handheld hybrid is the flash cartridge format Nintendo has chosen as the media format of the Switch. Although the cost of cartridges has gone down in recent years they are still more expensive than optic discs. Naturally developers are going to factor this into their budgets and may opt out of providing third party software for the Switch. There are some advantages to the format. Cartridges offer faster load times when compared to the Blu-Ray discs giving the Switch an edge.



Memory Loss

The Switch is expected to have relatively low amount of memory. At time when the average game is about 50 GB the hard drive of the Switch is raising some eyebrows. At most it is expected to have about 256 GB of memory space but other estimates put the Switch hard drive closer to 32 GB. The growth of digital downloads will come into conflict with Nintendo’s decision. However there are some companies that may warm up to the relatively low memory space of the Switch. Physical stores such as EB Games are experiencing serious declines in sales as consumer demand for physical copies of games drops. If the Switch finds a successful niche gaming stores may see the current trend reverse.


New Footage of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” Shows Off the Bow and Arrow

New footage was just released of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” on Nintendo of Europe’s Twitter page. The 42-second clip shows off a classic weapon from “The Legend of Zelda” series: bows and arrows.

The clip shows Link shooting many different kinds of arrows at enemies. He also uses a normal arrow cut a rope and let a bridge fall. And, of course, Link uses his shield and sword in battle. This clip shows that players will be able to switch between arrows very efficiently as gameplay pauses while they make a shift.

In total, it looks like Link will be equipped with fire, ice, bomb, and normal arrows, all of which made an appearance in previous Zelda titles. Some other weapons that have been shown in other video clips for “Breath of the Wild” include axes, clubs, and even hammers. There are sure to be many occasions to spice combat up in this new game.

Nintendo is yet again highlighting how important interacting with the environment in novel ways will play a role in this new Zelda title. Link’s use of the plain arrow to let the bridge fall indicates how gamers will have to think in novel ways in this game. This might make the puzzles in dungeons even more inventive and challenging than previous Zelda games.

Every little piece of footage Nintendo has released for this game has made fans even more anxious to explore this vast open world Zelda title. Some earlier videos showed Link freezing water into stepping blocks, using a magnet to bring up chests from the water, and using strange toxic barrel against enemies. With all of these new features, it is refreshing to see the good old bow and arrow will make another appearance in this title.

Aside from exploring the open world and finishing the main storyline, this game looks like it will keep Zelda fans occupied for many days with side-quests. For example, has been confirmed that there will be 100 Shrines of Trials to complete in this title.

Fans will just have to wait until March of 2017 to try this game out for themselves. “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” will be released on the WiiU and on Nintendo’s new NX console.

Nintendo Is Pursuing Many Partnerships To Increase Brand Awareness

What is a major video game company to do when the younger demographic no longer learns about its characters from video games? In Nintendo’s case, pursue partnerships with companies around the world.

Nintendo’s CEO, Tatsumi Kimishima, told reporters that more kids were not discovering Mario, Luigi, or even Link from Nintendo’s classic games. The key to growing a new batch of Nintendo fans, Kimishima believes, is to increase awareness of characters through other products and projects.

One of the newest partnerships Nintendo has made in recent weeks is with the toy manufacturing company Mattel. Nintendo executives told reporters that they teamed with Mattel to produce Hot Wheels cars inspired by the Super Mario characters. The characters chosen by Mattel include Mario, Luigi, Toad, Bowser, Yoshi, and Princess Peach. Mattel officials told reporters that these cars will hit the stores very soon.

This deal with Mattel is only one of many partnerships Nintendo has been actively pursuing in recent months. For example, Nintendo has made deals with both Vans and Converse, two major shoe manufacturers in the USA. Vans has since released many pieces of apparel and footwear using Nintendo’s famous titles like Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo’s partnership with Converse has yielded two special trainer shoes, one inspired by Mario and the other by Bowser.

Yet another deal Nintendo made is with Arm & Hammer to create a Super Mario Spinbrush. Kimishima told interviewers that he was very pleased with the positive sales of this Mario inspired electric toothbrush in North America.

Perhaps the biggest deal Nintendo pursued in recent months is with Universal Parks & Resorts. That’s right, Nintendo is very interested in creating its own area in a Universal Studios theme park. While this is still in the development stage right now, Nintendo hopes that through their incorporation into Universal Studios that they will create an even more positive image of their iconic characters.

Kimishima has made it clear that Nintendo’s main concern right now is getting kids familiar with Nintendo’s characters through various licensing deals and partnerships. Especially before the release of Nintendo’s new NX console, Nintendo executives need to keep their characters fresh so that a new generation of gamers knows Mario just as well as those who grew up with Super Mario 64.

What Is Nintendo Trying To Do With The NX?

Nintendo has long since stopped trying to compete directly with the Playstation and Xbox brands, as well as PC gaming. They know that they just can’t match the hardware firepower being used by Sony and Microsoft, and they certainly don’t appeal to the type of hardcore PC gamer who is willing to spend over $600 on an elite video card. Nintendo now caters to one group: fans of Nintendo. The millions of casual gaming fans who flocked to the Wii seemed to have abandoned them, if Wii U sales figures are any indication. So what exactly is Nintendo trying to do with their next “console”, the NX? I haven’t the slightest idea.

According to rumors that are more than likely true, Nintendo is going to attempt a hybrid handheld/console approach with the NX. Basically, it’s going to be a handheld that is powerful enough to play games that could potentially compete with the PS4 and Xbox One in terms of graphical fidelity. Although I just don’t see it happening. Who is going to want to carry a bulky handheld around with them in this age of smartphones? And who wants to sacrifice power in their console for the ability to take it with them on the go?

Nintendo has made a habit out of proving everyone wrong, and I would love to be one of them in this instance. I want to love the next Nintendo console, but right now I’m afraid I just won’t get the chance.