No-Arm Man Throws First Pitch At Giants Game

There are a lot of inspiring people out there, but Tom Wilson trumps them all. According to an article found on reddit and written by NY Post, Wilson who is a no armed man managed to pitch the opening throw at the San Francisco Giants vs Seattle Mariners game early in June. Not only did he throw the ball with his feet, but he also got a strike in just one try. Every day Wilson has to do things like drive, eat, and write only with his feet so it is amazing that he is able to do this. This is another reason that he is such an inspirational motivational speaker, because he is showing the world one baseball throw at a time that you should never limit yourself to your disabilities.

Just because people can have the perception that living a life without arms will not be very fulfilling, optimists at Beneful feel this goes to prove them all wrong. Wilson spends his time these days traveling around and speaking at events and schools, but he is also a pretty good first pitch thrower too. The teams are amused by his talent and he is also letting people know that nothing can stop him in life. I hope that someday people who are missing limbs like that will see that they don’t need them to accomplish their goals and their wishes as they truck on through life.