Andrew Rolfe’s Vision for Ubuntu Fund

Andrew Rolfe established the Ubuntu Fund. It funds education without having any strings attached on the beneficiaries of the donations. It is run under the chairmanship of Andrew Rolfe in South Africa. The Ubuntu Fund and Center are located in Port Elizabeth, and they are an expression of the life and hope in quality education for all.

Andrew Rolfe founded the Ubuntu Fund to show the commitment he had for the community to prove that access to quality education is a right and not a privilege of a few. Ubuntu Fund grew and realized other innovative models to address the complex challenges faced in the townships and communities. The grassroots model was eventually adopted and has proved to be the best.

The Ubuntu mission

The service mission for Ubuntu is simple yet radical in nature. The mission is to take care of orphaned and vulnerable children in Port Elizabeth by providing everything. Andrew Rolfe believes that the meaning of “everything” in what Ubuntu offers, is what every child needs.

The Ubuntu model

The Ubuntu model adopted an entirely different approach, unique from the old model of going to scale. It has adopted a community-based approach, which seeks to go into the depth of the community rather than just have an impact. It has been able to reach more than 400,000 people through this approach.

It operates on the smallest unit of the community, which is the family. Andrew Rolfe stated that the Ubuntu Fund seeks to create complete individuals, flexible and ready to meet the challenges of the times. The model adopted by Ubuntu is simple yet impacting and new yet innovative.

The areas of concern to the Ubuntu Fund

The cornerstone of the work at the Ubuntu Fund has been simplified as stability, education and quality health. The three as indicated by the vision of Andrew Rolfe are fundamental to bring a change in the township life. They are the obstacles preventing the children from accessing education. Therefore, the Ubuntu Fund ensures that the children they support break away from poverty, access the world’s best education, get employed, and grow into valuable adults with stable incomes and contributing to the community.