Freedom From Overpaying Through Tech Startup FreedomPop

New breakthroughs in the world of mobile Wi-Fi are being made. The company FreedomPop, who brought you free—albeit limited—cellphone service is expanding its portfolio to include mobile Wi-Fi. The company boasts that it will host some 10 million hotspots for the whopping total of $5. Available hotspots are expected to double within the first quarter. With the average American spending well over ten times the amount FreedomPop has advertised, there is a large market for potential customers. The company has partnered with other companies to make this venture possible, although they aren’t releasing who these partners are at this time due to contract stipulations. With Google as one of its rivals, we can only speculate at who these investors are. No one is sure what this will do to the mobile data market, but if successful you can be assured there will be numerous carriers that start offering competitive prices. This news can only be positive for the consumers who are tired of overpaying for mobile Wi-Fi. This service will first be available through the FreedomPop android app, but plans to expand to include an iPhone app in the near future.

Along with the strides they are making in the Wi-Fi department, FreedomPop announced they have begun sales of SIM card services in the UK. At this point, they are offering their free service to UK residents. This service includes 200 minutes of calls, 200 minutes of texts and 200mb of data. This plan is what FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols says is the equivalent of a basic mobile plan in England. The deal they are trying to work out is said to have a heavy emphasis on international calls as well. This announcement is expected to be followed by more services being available in the UK as well.

TV Show Inspires FreedomPop to Stay Independent

Viewers of the Silicon Valley TV show will be well aware of the decision of the company in the show to stay independent when given the chance to sell their startup for a large profit. FreedomPop founder and CEO Stephen Stokols is also aware of the show and has recently cited it as a source of inspiration when it came to his decision to refuse to sell the data bundling company proving a bug success across North America.

FreedomPop has quickly built a large following and hopes to top one million customers by the end of 2015, which is a customer base built on providing free data bundles and only charging customers when they exceed their data plan. Recode explains a number of bids have been received for FreedomPop, which have now been rejected in favor of a sustained period of investment with newly found partners.

Initial reports state the company could be worth three to four times its current value if the investment and sustained increase in development are continued. FreedomPop has been looking for increasing numbers of partners around the world to develop the brand and will soon announce a major partnership with a retailer to make it simpler than ever to buy hardware and begin data plans. Stephen Stokols believed a sale of FreedomPop was premature and with a hardware partnership soon to be announced the company may well have been right about how best to go forward with the development of data based mobile service provider.

UFC 181 Results and CM Punk Controversy

UFC 181 has passed us by, but the recent show has me wanting more! Where do I get started? There were so many great fights that took place.

Let me get started with the main card. Travis Browne defeated Brendan Schaub via first round K.O. The two heavyweight warriors had some bad blood in this fight. Social media of course played host to the pre fight trash talk. The dust has settled and Travis Browne remain the only many standing.

Following the brutal massacre of Brendan Schaub, Anthony Pettis defended his UFC Lightweight title against Gilbert Milendez. A great fight between two battle tested warriors. Pettis and Milendez battled evenly in the first round. The second round however, was explosive. Milendez caught Pettis with a heavy right hand that buckled the champion’s knees. Pettis amazingly recovered, and eventually submitted Gilber Milendez via guillotine choke.

During this event a surprise guest was announced. CM Punk stood in front of the camera, alongside UFC commentator Joe Rogan and everybody’s favorite business guy, John Textor.
CM Punk announces that he is going to fight in the UFC. Joe Rogan looked stunned and wished the former WWE superstar some luck. CM Punk joked that luck is for losers. This development has left everyone stunned, including myself.

Finally, in the main event, Robbie Lawler defeated Johnny Hendricks via split decision. This was a hard fought battle, but Lawler ultimately edged Hendricks out. Lawler is the champion!

New Jersey Lottery Questions

It seems lottery officials in the State of New Jersey are investigating a possible con, scam, or glitch in their system.

Starting in 2009, the top lottery winners in New Jersey are licensed lottery retailers or family members of store operators. The evidence shows that 10 people have collected a total of 840 prizes valued at approximately $1.8 Million. The majority of these were in Pick 4 tickets. Odds are 1 in 10,000.

The whole scenario looks as if these retailers were cashing winners for a percentage of the winning ticket. They would then cash the ticket themselves making a profit. This is illegal in the State of New Jersey.

In a look at the biggest winners that may soon be losers, we find that the majority of those being investigated are liquor store owners. They will face major penalties if found guilty of “discounting” lottery winners. Daniel Amen thinks that maybe there needs to be more community outreach for those with gambling problems.

When you gamble against the gamble authorities, you end up losing.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Launches Today

Have an Xbox One or PS4? Well, put those controllers back on the shelf and dig out your old 360 or PS3, because it’s time to go back to last gen for one of the best releases of the year.

When I played through the first Borderlands with Sam Tabar, it was an incredible experience. Then with Borderlands 2, the experience was even better. Now, I have to say they’ve really nailed that unique slice of gaming goodness with the Pre-Sequel.

Just imagine the same old Borderlands that you love, but with absolutely amazing low gravity sequences where you literally fight outside on the moon.

Now imagine finally being able to play as a badass Claptrap, that mows down hordes of robotic enemies. Now imagine Handsome Jack is back from the dead, and one of the main facets of another Borderlands game.

Yup, one of the best experiences that you can find anywhere.

While I wish that they had a release for the Xbox One or PS4, this is still the same old Borderlands that you’ve come to love. But I still can’t help but wonder how the experience could have been helped with a next-gen upgrade.

But I’m still perfectly content with another last gen outing. It’s a Borderlands game, and that means I’ll be sinking well more than 50 hours into this game world.