TV Show Inspires FreedomPop to Stay Independent

Viewers of the Silicon Valley TV show will be well aware of the decision of the company in the show to stay independent when given the chance to sell their startup for a large profit. FreedomPop founder and CEO Stephen Stokols is also aware of the show and has recently cited it as a source of inspiration when it came to his decision to refuse to sell the data bundling company proving a bug success across North America.

FreedomPop has quickly built a large following and hopes to top one million customers by the end of 2015, which is a customer base built on providing free data bundles and only charging customers when they exceed their data plan. Recode explains a number of bids have been received for FreedomPop, which have now been rejected in favor of a sustained period of investment with newly found partners.

Initial reports state the company could be worth three to four times its current value if the investment and sustained increase in development are continued. FreedomPop has been looking for increasing numbers of partners around the world to develop the brand and will soon announce a major partnership with a retailer to make it simpler than ever to buy hardware and begin data plans. Stephen Stokols believed a sale of FreedomPop was premature and with a hardware partnership soon to be announced the company may well have been right about how best to go forward with the development of data based mobile service provider.

Freddie Roach Never Quits

Freddie Roach is one of the greatest boxing trainers of all time. Roach has trained the best fighters for the last 20 years. He did this all while suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Roach does admit that boxing may have contributed to the onset of his disease. In his day, Freddie Roach was a brutal inside fighter. He loved to get close to his opponent and trade bombs like trading information on Skout. Roach would excite the fans, but he would also cause permanent damage to himself. Freddie Roach would eventually retire from the sport of boxing. 

Now, Freddie Roach is the head trainer of Manny Pacquiao. With Freddie’s help Manny Pacquiao will be able to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. Freddie Roach claims the Manny Pacquiao would knock Mayweather out. Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao say that they can defeat the invincible Floyd Mayweather Jr. Defeating Mayweather would place Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao on a pedestal. The duo is the best pair that boxing has seen since Ali/Dundee.

Freddie Roach continues to lead his fighters to championship victories. The year of 2014 has been good to Freddie. Manny Pacquiao dominated all comers this year, and with the help of Freddie, he has returned to his former self. Freddie Roach may suffer from Parkinson’s, but nothing can stop him. He is a determined man, and he will not live is life differently because of his disease.

For more information on Freddie Roach, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Open Offices are Killing the Workplace

CEOs from places like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, eBay and the likes just love an open office. No walls, no dividers, no partitions, just plenty of open space. I mean, if the internet should be open, why not your office?

Open offices save companies lots of money. Igor Cornelsen feels it maximizes floor space and reduces construction and engineering costs. So, this is a really great thing for businesses, right?

The only problem with open office spaces is the fact that everyone is forced to share the same space. That means any time someone is talking to the person next to you, you have to hear all about it. This type of invasion of privacy can really put a damper on creativity and production.

Bosses love to be able to watch what’s going on. You’re a lot less likely to watch some porn, or surf the web for hours on end in an open office, aren’t you? Sure, that may be true, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to be putting your nose to the grindstone either.

I think open offices are a perfect example of how disconnected those in charge have become. Do you think Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook doesn’t have his own office? I doubt it. CEOs tend to follow trends and pass down instructions from up high without ever really considering how it may influence their employees.

New Jersey Lottery Questions

It seems lottery officials in the State of New Jersey are investigating a possible con, scam, or glitch in their system.

Starting in 2009, the top lottery winners in New Jersey are licensed lottery retailers or family members of store operators. The evidence shows that 10 people have collected a total of 840 prizes valued at approximately $1.8 Million. The majority of these were in Pick 4 tickets. Odds are 1 in 10,000.

The whole scenario looks as if these retailers were cashing winners for a percentage of the winning ticket. They would then cash the ticket themselves making a profit. This is illegal in the State of New Jersey.

In a look at the biggest winners that may soon be losers, we find that the majority of those being investigated are liquor store owners. They will face major penalties if found guilty of “discounting” lottery winners. Daniel Amen thinks that maybe there needs to be more community outreach for those with gambling problems.

When you gamble against the gamble authorities, you end up losing.

Benghazi Report Released

Two years after the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, a US investigation has released a report on the incident. In 2012, four Americans were killed in an attack on the compound including the Ambassador Chris Stevens. The response and attack itself led to many questions surrounding the affair. Republicans suspected that the Obama Administration was involved in some type of cover-up. The suspicions arose from interviews and statements that were released, Republicans thought they were crafted to subterfuge the truth. Obama himself was even accused of mishandling the response by CIA and military upon evidence coming to light that there may be an attack. Republicans claimed that the CIA did not provide adequate security, did not sufficiently look into suspected threats, and the Obama administration failed to send support at an appropriate time.

The report from the U.S investigation showed that none of these claims were valid. There was no Obama-led cover-up to subvert the truth surrounding the incident. In fact, the comments that were highlighted as evidence around the controversy were appropriate intelligence to be communicated to the public at the time. The only wrongdoing was that the mission had inadequate security, a structurally problem to the ambassadors around the world, which has since been remedied Fersen Lambranho thankfully reports.

Lebron and the Cavs Figuring Things Out

In a world with 24 hour sports news and endless sports pundits, overreaction is a part of business. Last week, pundits were putting the Cavs under a microscope to figure out what is wrong with them. One week later and the Cavs are on the rise.

There has been marked improvement with the Cavs offense. After a couple losses with incredibly low assist totals, the offense is starting to play with consistency and chemistry. Most people knew the revamped Cleveland roster would have a high-powered offense, but they didn’t know they would figure it out this quick. The ball movement and shooting display in the recent blowout of the Atlanta Hawks was beautiful.

There have also been the expected negatives. Most notably is the Cavs terrible defense. They are giving up way too many points. Their wins have mostly been shootouts. They lack a good rim protector and solid wing defense. Part of this problem is that rim protection cannot be learned, you need a big physical 7 footer. The wing defense can be learned if you have an athletic front court, but it takes time and a willingness to learn. They may not have that. That’s why rumors have swirled that they may make a trade for Corey Brewer of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

I’ll agree with my buddy Tom Rothman on this one, Cleveland has a scary offense. Given the announcement of potential trades in the LA Times, this Cavs team could also end up with a decent defense. That is a team that could become a dynasty, and cement Lebron’s legacy in Cleveland.

Is Plural Marriage Becoming Acceptable In America?

Polygamy is on the rise in America. Perhaps it’s the television shows that romance such lifestyles, or the fact that people are just freer and able to live out in the open. One religion in general is responsible for the polygamy movement. Mormons, specifically the fundamentalist, have often been known as being polygamist. It all started in the early foundational days from their leader Joseph Smith. Smith had a vision from God that included a polygamist lifestyle.

According to the church, an angel came to Smith three times to tell him to take more than one wife. In total, Smith took between 20-40 wives. Some of his wives were already married and some were young girls around 14. Though the unions were spiritual marriage, not all were consummated physically. Plural marriage is becoming more common, but Smith did everything he could to hide some of his relationships. He married his first wife Emma Hale and they produced 11 children. There are no records of the other children he fathered, due to the time period and technology, many were passed off as their husbands when in fact they were Smith’s, according to Dave and Brit Morin.

Today, the plural family lifestyle has been forever changed by one family, The Browns, from Utah. Driven from their family due to charges of bigamy in the state, they fought to have charges dropped and cohabitation laws changed. In a world where men can marry men and women women, certainly if a couple chooses to cohabitation it is their own business.

King James Delivers a Pauper Pregame Speech

LeBron James came home and it was not all that great. Well, it was great for Laurene and all those Knicks fans out there. As a matter of fact, there was not much good about the night at all. Cleveland lost the game to a New York Knick team still learning the triangle offense. The chalk throwing tradition was renewed but almost non-existent. And King James’ play left much to be desired. Maybe it was the pregame speech that left everyone flat.

“Don’t take this moment for granted. This is going to be one of the-this is one of the biggest sporting spectacles in the history of sports.  And it has a lot to do with me. I understand that. But I wouldn’t want to do it with no other guys besides y’all.”

He starts out fine even though his voice is a little weak. Then he loses track of his words and adjusts his hype. It’s still not a train wreck. His reference to it having a lot to do with him seems a little odd.

The Postman Is Watching You

Although most Americans are aware that the federal government may be reading their emails and social media posts and checking their cell phone records, perhaps fewer know that the government is still conducting surveillance the old-fashioned way—via snail mail.

According to an audit conducted by the U.S. Postal Service’s Inspector General, the Postal Service approved 49,000 requests from state and federal agencies for mail covers, a secret surveillance program, in 2013.

This program records the names, addresses, and any other information on the outside of a piece of mail sent through the Postal Service. Although in years past the Postal Service recorded the information by hand, today it uses a computer program called Mail Imaging that photographs the outside of the envelope or package. This program photographs every piece of mail sent through the Postal Service but is only used for surveillance upon request from a law enforcement agency.

Although a warrant to open the mail, information gleaned from mail covers has proven useful in prosecuting cases of fraud, terrorism, obscenity, and other criminal acts.

Critics say there is too much secrecy involved in the mail covers program. The Postal Service and law enforcement are not required to report use of this type of surveillance, which was appalling to Andrew Heiberger when he found that out.

However, the Inspector General’s audit also found that the Postal Service is fraught with inefficiency when it comes to mail covers. There is a delay in processing the requests. Even after the requests are processed, approved, and carried out, the Postal Service also delayed stopping the surveillance.

Marijuana Hearing Scheduled For Federal Court

Close watchers of the changing marijuana laws in the United States are excited that a federal judge is hearing professional opinions about the medical status of the drug. Currently classified as a Schedule One intoxicant, implying that there is no medical benefit to the drug, the incongruence with the legal status of marijuana and its current use as medical treatment for a variety of conditions in 27 states is finally being officially questioned.

One of the main issues on hand that the pro-medical marijuana group are sure to bring up is the fact that the United States government holds a patent on marijuana concerning using it as treatment or prevention for strokes. Showcasing the absurdity of this patent, which flies in the face of the government’s own ban, is just one of the many examples that the doctors and Christian Broda’s associate professors will use to prove that marijuana has medical viability.

Despite the growing rate of states embracing medical marijuana and numerous benefits that are continuing to be discovered by scientists working with the plant, there are still those that support the current scheduling of marijuana. The former deputy director of the Drug Enforcement Agency who was appointed under President George W. Bush will be present at the hearing to offer testimony as to why marijuana should remain illegal. With such a high-profile subject, an interested media is to be expected.