Overwatch Fan’s Review

All of the characters in Overwatch are unique, even apart from the fact that each of them has their own characteristics and personality. Each’s own special appearance can be changed for even more great variations, so also all attacks, damage, and the style of play for each fighter is undoubtedly their own. While one jumps on the wall as if they were a ninja; another can accurately hit them from far range and reveal enemy positions; another may, quite calmly absorb more than a dozen bullets while still cheerfully jumping. Someone can master, automatically firing into the enemy while another has personally turned into a big-gun and started firing.

At this point in the number of game characters is 21. Given that none of them are similar to each other at all in the sense of the word, it is unrealistic how many characters you get with Overwatch. No other game is as individualistic. Blasters, melee, spies, ninjas, doctors, everything you could possibly wish for in your little sophisticated gamer soul. So do you want to treat the team? There is a desire to jump on the front with a huge machine gun or a hammer – but for God’s sake! “Blizzard” correctly noticed in the press release that in this game, the truth of the matter is that everyone will find a character to your liking, including the new addition, Doomfist.

The closest and clearer layout of talent is only that of those who know anything about the World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm. Well, or playing in the similar of MOBA . Most of the tricks and mechanics, as well as the fragmentation into sub-classes, were borrowed from these two games. As I have already said before, Blizzard always uses previously gained experience on the new canvas. The result is amazing.

Overwatch: The First Person Shooter Of The Future

The newly developed, multiplayer first-person shooter, Overwatch, is available from Blizzard Entertainment. the game was first shown in 2014 at BlizzCon – it is a co-op shooter, which involves a variety of characters who have different abilities and roles. Overwatch is scheduled for release on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the first or second quarter of 2016.

According to its gameplay Overwatch is a battle of two enemy units, each consisting of six real players. Players can choose one of several characters, each of which has a specific role and skill (class). Four of these roles are divided into: characters occurrence with high attack and speed, but low protection, characters weaken enemies support characters using different gain for allies and Debuffs on opponents (for example the treatment or rate of change) and characters tanks having a large armor margin and health, resisting the enemy’s fire while protecting their allies.

Players can switch between the characters in the game after the one that they were previously playing with has died. Currently available game cards, inspired real locations, the first three cards (Kings Row, Hanamura, Temple of Anubis) represent London, Japan and the ruins of ancient Egypt.

Theer are currently two main game modes, with different maps, including a hybrid of each of the two game modes is presented in Overwatch. Point Capture is when the attacking team must capture the points on the map, while the other team must stop them. Payload is the mode where the attacking team must accompany the vehicle to a certain point before you are completely out of time, while the enemy team has to stop them, and the vehicle is moving only when a player of the attacking team is close to him.

Overwatch continues the traditions established by the successful project, Team Fortress 2. It has interesting fights, with a lot of different classes and characters. Do not just forget about the prospect, and cyber component which even the most hardcore gamers will be able to see for the themselves when playing Overwatch.