“Meet Marc Beer: The Chief Executive Officer of the Renovia Inc “

Marc Beer is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Renovia Inc, a medical start-up based in Boston. In today’s advanced biotech industry, it requires significant skills and efforts to operate a start-up firm especially when it comes to matters such as research and development, and financing. Also, it may not be easy to get FDA approval for therapies and new drugs.


Marc Beer has been working extremely hard to build Renovia Inc. He has actually been able to raise about 42.3 U.S dollars to facilitate research in matters regarding pelvic disorders like urinary incontinence, a condition common in Women. According to statistics, over 250 million ladies from different corners of the world suffer from conditions associated with pelvic disorders.


Renovia’s efforts of getting therapies for making pelvic floor stronger are bearing fruits. The firm’s first item, Leva, was approved by the FDA in the month of April 2018. This product is actually an application for checking and promoting strength training as a way of curing pelvic floor disorders. This product comes with a special device that produces real-time visualization as well as coaching sessions. It helps to separate damaged levator plate muscles as well as directing optimal movement patterns.


Money acquired will be used to finance better iteration of Leva, additional wearable devices, clinical trials, and state-of-art office diagnostic equipment. Pelvic disorders can cause pain, pressure, improper bladder emptying that result in frequent urination as well as urinary incontinence. Women suffering from pelvic disorders can experience severe pain during sexual intercourse.


Marc Beer revealed that combining their innovative as well as proprietary sensor technologies with the right digital health platform can provide their customers with valuable information regarding the available treatment options. The move will also help reduce the general healthcare costs.


The fundraising for the Renovia Company included 10 million U.S. dollars of venture debt as well as 32.3 million U.S. dollars in series B equity. The funds will be used in areas like conducting trials, developing training and diagnostic devices, and shepherding items through FDA approval as well as commercialization. The activity was managed by the famous Perceptive Advisors & Ascension Ventures and involved stakeholders from the Western Technology Investment, OSF Ventures, and Longwood Fund.


Renovia’s products include proprietary algorithms, devices, sensors, and applications that work hard-in-hard to come up with dynamic as well as a static depiction of the pelvic floor, which is one of the main sources of the problems affecting women. Several ladies out there are usually shy and fear to talk about challenges associated with incontinence as well as frequent urination. Learn more: https://www.slideshare.net/MarcBeer


More about Marc Beer


Marc Beer has over 25 years of experience of development as well as commercialization in the field of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, devices, and biotechnology. In the year 2016, Marc Beer, Yolanda Lorie, and Ramon Iglesias founded the Renovia Inc.


Marc Beer Is The Pharmaceutical Veteran Behind Renovia

Renovia has been going through funding since they first opened for business back in 2016. This is necessary because it takes a lot of funds in order to do research and to develop products. Marc Beer founded Renovia with the interest to develop treatments and cures for diseases. Primarily, Renovia is focused on women’s health right now and they are aiming to treat Pelvic Floor Disorder. This disorder is not commonly talked about, but it affected more than 200 million people worldwide. This is very significant, which makes it odd that there is not as much conversation about it. Marc Beer believes this is because it is an embarrassing disorder that many women just deal decide to deal with quietly. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/


Marc Beer has been working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for the past two and a half decades and he is a highly capable leader. He has worked in various different capacities over the years, including high ranking executive, for many companies in his own field. This includes Global Marketing, ViaCell, and Genzyme. Throughout these positions, Marc has been in charge of company operation, growth, employee management and growth, mergers, and much more. He managed to build ViaCell up to more than 300 employees during his time there and increased company financial turn around by a good amount.


Since 2016, Renovia has been operating from behind closed doors, doing extensive research and testing for their products. Leva is the first product that has been FDA approved for Renovia, though Marc Beer still thinks it has much more improving to do in order to be a truly effective digital health system. As it stands, better technology is needed to make use of the sensory technology on a deeper level within the body, which Marc believes could be possible with their latest funding round. Thanks to several major investment companies, including Ascension Ventures, Renovia was supported with more than 42 million dollars in additional funding. This funding is already going to good use for upgrading Leva and it will hopefully be enough to continue research for Renovia’s three other developing products.


Marc Beer: The Hero of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Victims

About the quarter of the whole population of women in the United States of America are affected with pelvic floor dysfunction – this is accordin to the National Institues of Health. Their research and survey also concludes that with age increasing, the chances of getting the dysfunction also increases. It affects more about 40% from women who are in between the ages of sixty nine and seventy nine years old, and 50% of the affected population are women who are 80 years of age or older.


Pelvic Floor Dysfuntion can be a bummer to have – with it coming with old age as well – in synchronization with age related diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction can be a real pain. This dysfunction comes from the weakining of the muscles and connective tissue inside the pelvic cavity- or when they are weakened. The muscles from the pelvic cavity create a sling at the opening of the woman’s pelvis, and it fixes the bladder, bowel, and uterus in place. This dysfunction can make a woman extremely uncomfortable, unable to move easily, and it can greatly affect sexual functions.


This dysfunction raised an alarm for a specific individual in the name of Marc Beer – he is a champion for people who are affected with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Along with his company, Renovia – they are dedicated to making lives easier for people who are suffering with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. They are deep in research into creating more platforms and ways to help these people who are in pain. With their dedication to this cause, they have actually obtained more funding for their company – this will go to more investments in research and development of their programs to make sure that these people who are suffering from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction can access and avail of the best quality care that the medical world can offer. Marc Beer also acquired about 10 million dollars in venture debt – and this funding will go to more clinical research acceleration, corporate development and future commercial distribution of their products so it would be more available and reachable to the public consumers around the world.


Marc Beer is a man of action, excellence and compassion. He has dedicated most of his life into the serving people who are in need in the medical avenues that he is and adept in. He also values truth in his work and he is dedicated to always improving the current technology that his company has to be able to create the truest standard of care that they can provide. He also relies on his people the most, because he believes that he has the best people on his team and these people are the first ones who will help him pave the path to true care. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/leadership/


Marc Beer Begins Women’s Health Startup and Successfully Gains $42 Million in Funding

Allison DeAngelis wrote an article for BizJournals, a Boston website that publishes the latest business news in the area, titled “Ex-Aegerion chief Beer Raises $42m for Women’s Health Startup.” The article reveals how Marc Beer co-founded the startup Renovia Inc. The biotechnology company is based in Boston and helps women find solutions for their pelvic floor disorders.


The MedTech company provides diagnostic and therapy solutions for women who have pelvic floor issues like urinary incontinence. This disorder affects more than 250 women around the world.


The company has received a variety of investments for the second Series B round. One company called the Longwood Fund has invested in the company to help them test and develop more products and medicines to help women with pelvic floor disorders. It received nearly $32 million in funding with $10 million for venture debt.


One such product is the Leva device, a training product that helps women train their pelvic floor. A probe is inserted into the vagina while the women perform Kegel exercises to strengthen her pelvic floor. The probe is then connected wirelessly to the Leva app available on Apple products. This will help women train and rehab their pelvic floor muscles to treat mild or moderate urge incontinence. The device allows women to treat their pelvic floor disorders without all of the risks involved in surgery or medication.


Leva is the first product developed by Renovia that has been approved by the FDA. They received the approval in April to help women deal with weakened pelvic floor muscles. More than 61% of women experience leakage after childbirth because the muscles have been weakened. This will often cause leakage, but like any other muscle, the pelvic floor can be strengthened with exercise. Many women simply believe doing Kegels will strengthen their pelvic floor, however, many women are actually performing the exercise incorrectly. The proper way to strengthen the muscles beneath the bladder is to lift and squeeze the entire muscle set instead of creating a downward pushing motion.


Leva provides visualization technology that helps women focus on targeting the proper muscles. With a motion sensor technology, the patient will see the profile both at rest and in movement with real-time interactive visualization through the app. Many patients are able to complete the exercises in under five minutes anywhere that is private. Then they can review their data and track their progress.


Marc Beer is the Chairman, co-founder, and CEO of Renovia who has more than 25 years in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. He created Renovia with Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie two years ago. He went through the first Series A round of financing and successfully completed the Series B round. He has been the leader in a variety of other biotechnology companies like ViaCell, as well as working with Genzyme. Learn more : https://renoviainc.com/leadership/


Graeme Holm and Infinity Group deserved the AFR Awards

Infinity Group Australia and its founder Graeme Holm recently acquired an achievement of a lifetime after they were named as one of AFR’s top 100 most innovative companies. Being named was not all as they managed to get ranked position 58 which is a total accomplishment as they stood out among thousands of other nominees. For starters, the organization majors in debt-reduction among the Australian population which has made it receive the recognition. In regards to the Australian Financial Review Awards, it has been in existence for over five decades. The awards happen to be the top authority on business, finance and investment news in Australia which means they make informed decisions when giving out rewards. Additionally, the individuals involved in organizing these awards liaise with capable institutions such as Inventium, a leading innovation consultancy company. Therefore, whatever results that get arrived at were valid and reliable as each of the nominated companies become assessed thoroughly.

Graeme Holm appreciated the award and recognized his dedicated team that facilitated the recognition by AFR. By congratulating his team, he became guaranteed of them working harder to achieve more appreciation as that kind of motivation is rare to find among employers. He, therefore, stands out like a boss who notices his employees’ effort in achieving their set goals and the company looks forward to offering their services even more efficiently than before. For Graeme Holm, he has vast experience and expertise in the financial sector which goes beyond seventeen years which explains his commitment to his company. Having worked in various financial institutions and observed how things were being done, he felt he could do more if he were to establish his company the current Infinity Group Australia. Before founding it, Graeme Holm conducted massive research into the problems that the people of Australia were facing in their financial lives. Therefore, he established a company that would cater to the precise needs of the population especially advice and guidance to help them become financially stable.

The infinity Group Australia under the leadership of Graeme Holm and his co-founder Rebecca Walker who is also his wife has done well for people of Australia. Surprisingly, the company once managed to reduce debts worth $96,271 within a year which was one of their greatest achievements. Seeing their clients manage to remain debt free by avoiding to borrow to pay other debts have made them satisfied in the accomplishment of their set objectives. Additionally, the company has managed to help people create a weekly budget which allows them to save as they avoid impulse buying. Therefore, the Infinity Group’s recognition by Australian Financial Review was well deserved, and they earned it through their contribution towards the financial industry. The acknowledgment as well was helpful to the company as that proved that it is legit in its business dealings. Additionally, it was assisted in marketing as more people would now seek their services. They, therefore, stand to be emulated by other companies in the similar field to reach a point to become recognized globally. Learn more: https://www.yourmortgage.com.au/mortgage-brokers/best-mortgage-brokers/mpaaustralia-top-100-brokers-2017/13-graeme-holm-infinity-group-finance/243102/

Marc Beer Is Seeking to Improve Women’s Health Through Renovia Inc

Marc Beer is a seasoned leader with over 20 years’ experience in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and diagnostic and therapeutic devices. He spearheaded the starting of Renovia Inc., a medtech venture based in Boston in which he is seeking to reach approximately 240 million women worldwide, affected by various urinary inconsistence and other pelvic floor disorders through his products. Beer is the co-founder of, and currently the Chairman and CEO of Renovia Inc.




Beer’s focus on improving healthcare through technology drove him to invest in the company, bringing on board other investors like The Longwood Fund, he has managed to raise $32 million from the Series B round. The company will also work with $10 million in venture debt, making a total of $42million for the startup. The money raised at the initial phases will go towards the of testing and developing more therapeutic and diagnostic products that will lead to effective diagnoses, better treatment and subsequently improve the lives the affected women.




In Mark Beer’s vision for the startup, he is seeking to bring on board healthcare investors who share in the same goal of improving the lives of people. He is investing his efforts to provide a platform in which customers will be exposed to data and information that will better their understanding of pelvic floor disorders, and eventually drive down the costs of accessing healthcare, especially for long-term users.




The company made its first breakthrough in April this year, when its first product LEVA, was approved by FDA. The company is continually working to improve the efficiency of its products in treating pelvic floor disorders. Part of the money raised from the Series B round will go towards developing a new generation of Leva. The company, under the leadership of Beer is focused on discovering new medical innovations that will solve the problem of pelvic floor disorders and improve the quality of lives of those affected. Digital health plays a critical role in the vision of Marc Beer and his partners.




It takes a visionary leader like Marc Beer to see identify gaps in healthcare and seek to bridge them through innovations and technology. Renovia Inc.’s products are set to benefit several women across the world suffering from pelvic floor disorders. Beer has a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree from Miami University. Besides his executive duties at Renovia, he is a business strategist and a consultant in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and digital health. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcbeer


Graeme Holm and his impacts on the Australian Loan Market

Financial management and accountability are often challenging. The lack of the required skills may increase the debt levels and expenses. However, Infinity Group Australia believes that financial coaching services can help reduce the time used to clear debts, lead to financial freedom and secure the future of Australians. Infinity Group Australia was formed in 2013 by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker who serves as the director of the organization. Their actions were driven by the common desire of reducing the debt burdens among homeowners.




The operations of Infinity Group Australia are based on well-outlined principals and moral values. The guiding virtues include commitment, hard work, honesty, and integrity. The values ensure that the operations are customer-centric. Consequently, Infinity Group Australia has won many awards and also ranked as the most innovative organization by the Australia Financial Review. Unlike the settings where clients spent a lengthy period repaying mortgages or lose their homes, they can now access valuable lessons and skills from Graeme Holm and his team.




Graeme Holm and his Contribution to the Australian Financial Sector




Graeme Holm is a committed and transformative leader. Through the aid of Walker and other staffs, he has offered vital coaching services to Australians. Holm was born and raised in the South Coast of South Wales. He engaged in varying sporting activities like football. However, his engagement in sports seized after a physical injury.




He later embarked on financial services where he excelled and was appointed as a bank manager at the age of 21 years. He coordinated mortgage and real estate operations. Other than developing ties with customers, he also observed that they struggled to settle their loans. Consequently, the loans increased over the years. He attributed the problem to the lack of coaching and financial assistance services. Holm opted to use the skills he had gained during his career to addressing the situation.




Services and Products Offered by Infinity Group Australia




Infinity Group Australia has had positive impacts on the wellbeing of many Australians. Many individuals have attained financial freedom and also settled their loans within a short time. Reducing the time of offsetting loans helps lower the accrued interest rates. Nonetheless, the success can be attributed to the experienced and committed Infinity Group Australia team. Other staffs in Infinity Group Australia include Paul Lang, Craig Wing ND Monika Johnson. They handle areas like retail banking, wealth creation, and savings.




The solutions that Graeme Holm is offering Australians are aimed at bringing them closer to accomplishing the most important thing in many families which is to lead a secure financial life. Many Australian families have fallen deep in debts which have even constrained the relationships in homes. However, this could be a matter of the past if people embrace the role of personal bankers in their financial lives. It is easy to work with these experts who will fine tune the monthly budgets such that less money is going to waste. Once a person is able to clear debts in the shortest time possible, most of the finances will go towards securing the future. Learn more : https://infinitygroupaustralia.com.au/about-us/


Founder Of Infinity Group Australia Graeme Holm

Infinity Group Australia was ranked 58 on the list of innovative organization among many nominated across New Zealand and Australia. Since the company was founded by Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm in 2013, Infinity Group Australia has grown to become one of the fastest growing organizations dealing with debt reduction in Australia. The company helps many Australians every day to reduce their debts as well as enhance their finance and have their futures secured. It is five years now since the company came into existence and Infinity Group Australia has received recognition as one of the best innovative organization in 2018 by the Australian Financial Review (AFR). AFR has been publishing for the last seven years most innovative firms list. The prestigious event that takes place yearly rates the most innovative organization from New Zealand and Australia. AFR is the only organization that reviews cross-industry nationally.

Inventium, the leading invention consultancy, declared and came up with the list with a panel of sector experts. The companies are ranked depending on how best they are trying to address the issues they are trying to solve. Moreover, the ranking depends on the uniqueness and the quality of the solutions they companies are trying to bring up as well as the impact level that it has in the real world and its strategy, innovation culture, process, and resources.

Out of more than 1,000 organizations across Australia and New Zealand evaluated by Inventium, Infinity Group Australia was nominated. Of all the nominated companies, Infinity Group Australia came top 58, a %.8 % of all the selected. Graeme Holm courteously accepted the honour on the night of AFR Most Innovative Companies List Awards on July 30, 2018. Graeme claims that they are proud that the Australian Financial Review and Inventium listed the company on the most innovative firms in 2018. Graeme congratulated the team at his company for the passion they have when it comes to doing things differently.

Graeme Holm has been working in the financial sector for more than 15 years. He has an undying passion for maintaining honest in the banks as well as assisting Australian families in securing their futures. This is what prompted him to develop his company, Infinity Group Australia. The primary goal of the company is to be a personal trainer for people’s finances. The company has enlarged to be ranked one of the top most innovative organization and a trusted leader in banking in Australia.

Graeme Holm is an expert when it comes to real estate, finance, and financial planning. He has worked in 4 major banking organizations for almost a decade. Graeme late became tired of working with only one branded service and product offering. He was dismayed by the fact that most Australian families were getting a poor deal from financial companies directly. This fact inspired him to start his company where he aims to fix and transform the lives of people in Australia financially. Mr. Holm brings ideas to life through collaboration. His company has a suggestion box that allows the employees to share their opinions as well as collaborating with other industry experts. Learn more : https://angel.co/graeme-holm

Graeme Holm: Great Debt Elimination Strategies to Help You Out

Everything can grow to any height no matter how it begins. That’s why some of the people who have become so great in the business world have an inspiring journey. You can achieve your big dream no matter the obstacles, as long as, you don’t stop moving. Some of the highly regarded entrepreneurs like Graeme Holm advise people not to despise their humble beginnings since they are the deep roots of greatness. He says so since he can relate this with how he started the Infinity Group together with his wife. Graeme had just two desks in a small office when starting this company. All else he had was a big picture of the global company the small office was to be.


Graeme is a financial expert who has conquered the finance market against all the odds. Getting into a new field isn’t easy as some people presume. Having been in the finance market for over a decade, Graeme Holm knows anyone can get a name in the finance market if they don’t give up on the way. He initially used to help the banks to improve their operations and management systems, and some people remember him for what he did for the Big Four. He no longer does it today. Graeme is now focused on giving families struggling with debts a new leaf in life. He knows what it means to be buried in debts and how devastating it can be to a family. Graeme helps people avoid credit through formulating some rational cash-only stipends. He says using cash when buying everything was a great tool to avoid debt.


According to Graeme, the debt reduction market wasn’t doing well, and it needed some revolution. Looking at his financial knowledge and background, Graeme has the expertise and skills needed to revolutionize it. However, he realized he couldn’t revolutionize the market without a profound system on the ground. That’s why Graeme Holm founded Infinity Group in 2013. To his unbelief, the company has become a money management institution with incredible growth in Australia. As a sign of the immense growth it has achieved, Infinity Group has established about five offices in different places. Furthermore, the list of satisfied customers the company has is endless.


It’s amazing that the simple observation Graeme had has become global transformation. He observed that most people lose friends when they are stinking in debts, and others are unwilling to help them out. With this startling revelation, he couldn’t sit and watch those in debts continue to suffer. He knew he needed to do something mandatory and not a nice-to-do task. As long as you are debt-ridden, your financial health stays compromised. People in debt need someone with a selfless heart and mind to improve their financial health. Infinity Group plans and formulates reliable strategies to help people get out of their distressing debts. Besides planning these strategies, the company also helps people to execute those strategies in the right way. Graeme Holm together with his company team analyzes the food expenditures, gas consumption rate, and income source of those in debts to know how best the situation could be handled. Learn more: https://about.me/graemeholm

The rise of Alex Pall as one of the Chainsmokers duo

Mathias Rosenzweig engaged Alex Pall in an interview as he tried to establish the identity of the duo. He also talked about the new track. The interview also sought to identify how the duo plan to evolve due to their growing audience. In regards to the question of how the duo started working together, Alex Pall grew up as a DJ since it was his hobby, so he used to DJ in New York City. He also had a passion for arts and started working at an art gallery. It was when he was still working at the gallery that he took a liking in dance music. He was later introduced to Drew by his current manager. That is how his journey in music started.

Andrew Taggart, on the other hand, was still in college when he met Alex. He got to know Alex through another person who worked for Alex’s manager. Andrew was informed about the duo called the Chainsmokers where one of the DJ was leaving and Alex wanted to bring another DJ on board. Andrew went to New York City from Maine where he met Alex and the two became close at the first site.

The duo knew it would work out for them since both had something to bring to the table. They were both ambitious and driven towards a common goal. The duo worked towards shaping their identity as music artists. The two had similar core values a fact that has held them together for this long.

Alex says that Halsey is incredible. The duo had for a long time wished to make a song with Halsey due to her strong voice and her uniqueness as an artist. The song Closer was written by Drew and someone else on their tour bus. In regards to the changing demands of their audience, Alex asserts that they keep pushing themselves into becoming creative in their performances.