Beneful: A Great Way To Love Your Dog

The love for your pet starts from the moment you bring them into your home and every moment after that. The way that we treat our beloved animal companions reflects how we feel about them. So when it come to making sure that our family is fed the best quality ingredients, our pets are no different here. The Beneful brand is known for providing the vitamins and protein packed flavor that your K-9 craves. It is a trusted brand to many thousands of pet owners and for good reason.

At Purina, the Beneful brand goes beyond the industry standards to exceed that of USDA, FDA and AAFCO requirements for quality. This is just one of the many reasons more and more people are trusting the Beneful name for their best friends. Their wide selection of wet and dry foods are filled with the delicious flavors that keep your dog coming back again and again. “We can choose to do what’s easy and cheap or we can choose what we actually do,which is put high quality ingredients and the best people and the best processes together to make what we feel is the best product for our consumers.” -Dan, Pilot Plant.

From puppy to fully grown K-9, the Beneful brand has your dog covered. They have the treats, dry foods, wet foods and gourmet meals for your pets to devour in delight. Don’t be surprised if they ask for seconds! People from all over choose this brand for the promise of quality that they give with every bite your dog eats. You can rest easy knowing that you made the right choice for your furry companion as well. So if you’re looking to switch brands or you just brought home your new best friend. Keep the Beneful brand in mind.