George Soros $18 Billion Contribution Saga Creates Repercussions in the United States

To the philanthropic world, October this year was a major milestone with the news of $18 billion transfer from the hedge fund billionaire, George Soros, to his philanthropic wing, Open Society Foundations. While most people were elated with the great news that could overturn the struggling days of millions of people, there was a sect of people who were not happy with the developments. It was none other than the conservative groups in the country as they consider George Soros as the primary target due to political differences. Per The Atlantic, the contribution bonanza has made apprehensions in all the darkest forces who are generally termed as his antagonists.

However, the contribution made the Open Society Foundations be the second largest charity organizations in the country behind the Gates Foundation. Breitbart, a right-wing website, described the new feat by pointing out Open Society Foundations as a “death star.” Similarly, many other right-wing theorists and medias came with their known illusions to demonize the noble contribution made by Soros for helping to create a more cosmopolitan society which is not differentiated by barriers. It is not the first time the right groups targeting George Soros as he was always proclaimed liberal values and progressive politics.

A close analysis of these conspiracy theories reveals that they are served to conceal the partisan divisions in the conservative side along with the general apprehensions of the financial elites. It is forcing them to focus on ideological frustrations and target a set of magnificent individuals who are from the opposite stream of the politics. However, they fail to capture that when conservatives target generous billionaires like George Soros, liberals will try to expose greedy conservative billionaires like Robert Mercer, Koch brothers, and more. Convincingly, the liberal theories would be more credible and stand along with reality as a significant number of conservative elites are considered by the public as dark money and agenda groups.

George Soros has proved many times that he has the greater integrity to open society ideologies, where every citizen gets the freedom to choose what they wanted without any barriers. This is the reason Soros established Open Society Foundations in the early 90s. It voices for democracy across the world, supports marginalized sections, campaigns for transparency, encourages free speech, and more. Open Society Foundations has a more significant network in nearly 100 countries and shaping the societies across the globe with a vision of the barrier-less world.

He was born in Hungary’s capital Budapest in 1930 and survived the Nazi invasion in his childhood. Soros and his family moved to England after the Second World War, and he chose to enroll at London School of Economics. After completing his graduation, Soros decided to move to the United States. From 1956, he started stock trading at the Wall Street. In 1970, Soros founded a hedge fund firm, to tap his investment thoughts and market analysis, named Soros Fund Management. It created excellent financial success in the market and gave financial freedom for Soros to concentrate on philanthropic efforts in the later years.


Greg Secker, the forex trading guru with a philanthropic heart

Famously known for his philosophy of being a why not guy, Greg Secker is a man perceived by many people seeking a better life as the epitome of success. He says that his philosophy which has now gone viral came from his nature of saying yes to things which he has no idea about and then trying to figure them out later. While in the university, Greg studied for agriculture and food sciences, but thanks to his interest in I.T matters such as codding programs Greg came across someone with similar interests and as one thing led to another Mr Secker ended up at a virtual trading desk. During his time at this office, his work involved a lot of interaction with the traders as he converted their codes into computer readable programmers and hence he got a lot of information regarding currency trading at this period. Using the knowledge he got to his advantage, Greg Secker managed to turn 5000 euros to about 60000 in twelve months, and through this, he saw an opportunity to succeed in matters forex. He also learned that for anyone to achieve in forex trading, they need to be risk takers, disciplined and strategy driven. Greg Secker gives back to the community by sharing what he knows at trade seminars and conferences which he and other prominent currency traders organise. He is also able to achieve this through the Greg Secker Foundation which seeks to empower young people with skills which will enable them to maximise their potential and thus lead better lives. Through the organisation, Secker can offer better lives to people, for instance, the organization helped rebuild houses which had been destroyed by the typhoon in the Philippines. Through his recent addition to the board of ambassadors for city philanthropy, Secker is now in a better position to make the world an even better place. He shares his knowledge because through doing so he will be able to empower people to make better and informed decisions which will automatically mean a better life.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is also known as the Solomon of forex trading thanks to his knowledge and success in the field. He is the man behind Europe’s most prosperous forex companies, and he owns several firms in the same such as Capital Index, Smart charts software among several others. Thanks to his passion for empowering people by sharing knowledge, Secker also runs a successful trading journal known as Learn to trade which now has more than 60,000 subscribers. Learn to trade also is a training company and operates worldwide in areas such as England, Philippines and even South Africa. Although he is in his early years, Greg has achieved far so much, and most people who are elder to him are not even halfway close to his accomplishments.

Gregory Aziz is living his dream with National Steel Car

The National Steel Car is among the leading companies in the engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight cars. The Company is based in Hamilton and is led by its CEO, President, and Chairman, Gregory James Aziz. Greg Aziz originated from London and went to the Ridley College and University of Western Ontario as well. He worked for his family’s business, Affiliated Foods, for over a decade. This company turned out as an international importer of fresh food and a distributor in Canada and the U.S.



He later left the family business and joined the investment banking industry in NYC where he worked for a couple of years before purchasing the National Steel Car in 1994. Before the purchase, he had a plan of growing the Canadian company into a strong hold in North America. He wanted to make it the top most railroad freight manufacturing company in the country. He poured out an investment in building a team and providing the necessary equipment and technology and the result was eye catching. In 5 years, Greg James Aziz had almost tripled the manufacture of the railway cars. The Company had also grown its employee base by five times during the same period. See This Page.


National Steel Car is the only company with the ISO 9001:2008 certification in North America. It has had this certification for almost 2 decades now. It has also been the winner of the highest TTX SECO quality award from 1996. The company is also involved with the community through its philanthropy. They have sponsored the United Way, the Hamilton Opera and other local organizations in various capacities. Gregory J Aziz is married to Irene and together they have sponsored Canada’s agricultural Fair, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.



The Company has acknowledged the help of its team in achieving its success. The team members are innovative, diverse and are driven by the values of the organization. The Company raises its bars and targets every now and then to make sure that they are providing high-quality products and delivering on time. They have earned themselves a name in the industry for providing effective customer service. James Aziz is constantly pushing the company to do better by attending to the needs of the clients in order to stay at the top of the industry. The Company learns from their past and works with determination towards excellence. Gregory Aziz is living his dream at the moment and plans to re-live it every day with the hard work he is putting into the National Steel Car Company.


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Ex-British PM David Cameron praises Betsy DeVos; President Trump not so much

For several years, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has been active in private school choice programs. This dates back to the days when she and her husband would visit the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She gained an acute awareness of how difficult it was for many parents to afford the necessary tuition and she decided she wanted to help these families. She started a foundation so that low-income parents could get scholarships for their children to attend private schools. Later she served on the American Education Reform Council and Children First America, which worked to make tax credits and vouchers available. In order to make the ideas associated with educational choice better known to the public, she helped to form the American Foundation for Children. Mrs. DeVos feels strongly that the location of a family’s home should not dicate what school that family’s children should go to. She also feels that charter schools, magnet schools,virtual schools, and homeschooling have a valid place in our educational system.

The United States Senate confirmed Mrs. DeVos for Education Secretary last February after her nomination by President Donald Trump. Previously Mrs. DeVos had been chairman of the enterprise and investment management firm The Windquest Group. She has served on the boards of several organizations that include Kids Hope USA, Kendall College of Art and Design, and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. For close to thirty years she has been working to provide quality educational opportunities for children from disadvantaged families. This includes her work in the public schools of Grand Rapids as an in-school mentor, helping teachers, students, and families.

In her position as Secretary of Education she believes that states should have better control over education. Betsy DeVos received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is currently married to Dick DeVos, a prominent philanthropist, entrepreneur, and community activist. Their family includes four children, and six grandchildren. Her work in the District of Columbia and twenty five states has benefited students and their parents by giving them a broader range of educational opportunities, and she frequently speaks out for the need for more donations to help with advocacy efforts.

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Entrepreneur And Philanthropist Greg Secker Conducts An Interview With Ideamensch

Greg Secker was asked how a typical day unfolds for him and what he does to make it more productive. Mr. Secker responded by saying that no two days are really alike for him. This is because Secker is spread out across several different companies throughout the day. The majority of his time is spent on working from home. That is a constant. Greg says that he even schedules and has board meeting from his house.

When Greg Secker is not working from home, he says he is traveling. He travels for his motivational speaking tour. And when Greg Secker is not traveling, speaking or running his business from home, he is running his foundation. This involves him networking and making new contacts to support his philanthropic efforts. Greg Secker says that running and growing a foundation is a novelty to him, so he is still getting the hang of it.

Next, Greg Secker was asked about how he brings his ideas to life. Secker says he follows a multiple step process to bring his ideas to fruition. It involves something called pre-planning. This is when you think of something you want to achieve, have or do and create steps on how you are going to achieve that. Before going through the pre-planning phase, Greg says you need to visualize yourself achieving what you want to do or having what you desire. This puts the brain into a state where you can more easily pre-plan or map out a roadmap to your goal.

Once you have set your goals, you pre-plan and come up with a workable solution that will allow you to achieve your goals in a realistic way and time fashion. Of course, Greg Secker stresses that your goals have to be realistic or otherwise this entire process, including pre-planning will be ineffective. The reason pre-planning works so well for Greg Secker is he says that our brains perform better when we already have done something or think we have done something. This is why he suggests already imagining that you have done something or achieved something that you want. You will then be able to more effectively brainstorm ideas.

The Influence Through Philanthropy Of George Soros

Born in Hungary in 1930, George Soros did everything he can to survive the Nazi occupation of his home country during the Second World War. The experiences he had seen during the war had transformed him into someone who would, later on, cause massive changes all throughout the world that would bear positive impacts to those who are oppressed, discriminated and neglected by society. Today, George Soros is known to be one of the most generous philanthropists, having given away over $12 billion to support individuals and organizations fighting for a cause.

After the Second World War, George Soros had left Hungary for London where he worked, and at the same time, pursue his studies at the London School of Economics. He immigrated to the United States in 1956 and began to build his multi-billion investment empire that made him one of the most successful in America, owing vast amounts of his fortune to his own hedge fund, Soros Fund Management.

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As he started to earn more than he could ever imagine through the Soros Fund Management, the idea to create a foundation kicked in, and thus, Open Society Foundations is born. This foundation is a gigantic network of foundation, partners, and projects around the globe, which offers a number of social assistance. George Soros, through his newly established foundation, had changed the world drastically, by means of informing and enriching the people’s knowledge. He had given scholarships to deserving students worldwide and helped to build colleges and universities. His works helped to uplift those who are already feeling desperate in life and has supported the rise of transparent democratic governments. No one could deny the impact and the influence that George Soros has. Visit to know more about George.

As time goes by, his view on society was slowly reshaping the world, and how the standard of morality was viewed upon. He criticized the war on drugs, stating that it is more dangerous than the drugs itself; he vocally supported the LGBT’s equal rights, and ultimately became a backer for same-sex marriage; finally, he has helped those who were discriminated because of their appearance or ethnicity, using the influence that his foundation has.

Today, his business is still thriving, and the fund which he started has become tremendously successful. He is known to be the 21st richest person in the world, and his worth is now estimated to be at $26 billion. George Soros, as his wealth continues to grow, never forgets the most important thing in life – reaching out to those who are in need. His philanthropic works, which has helped millions, would surely stay behind for a long time. Being in his 80s with all of the achievement he gained, George Soros could only wish for one thing – a utopian world where people live in peace and harmony. Know more about George Soros on Investopedia.


Betsy DeVos – An Education Secretary with Solutions

Betsy DeVos – An Education Secretary with Solutions

Besty DeVos, the nation’s new Education Secretary, may have some answer to some posing questions on how to upgrade the nation’s public school system. Some believe that DeVos is on a mission to replace that nation’s public schools with a universal voucher program. Vouchers allow parents to use public funds to pay for a portion, or all, of their child’s tuition for private school. State governments, in many cases, create and oversee voucher programs. State governments initially designed the programs to provide high-quality school options for low-income families.

Her real mission is to provide a quality education that is in the best interest of children. There is also a widespread belief that communities of color do not support vouchers. This is not the case. She is very active in philanthropy work and financial giving. Such work includes funding for Loudspeaker Media Inc., the Partnership for Educational Justice, Success Academy Charter Schools, and GreatSchools Inc.

She and her husband have also given to an array of Christian-related education groups. Several include Grand Rapids Christian School Association, the Ada Christian School Society, and Christian Schools International. DeVos also has a solid background in leadership. Many call her an innovator and a disruptor in some quarters. She continues to make her mark in politics, business, and education. She is a person who fights to remove barriers and create the types of environments that allow people to grow and thrive. Visit their foundation at

Her business success includes being a former Chairman of the Windquest Group. The firm is privately held with a diverse portfolio of consumer products and services. On the political side, Betsy DeVos has been politically active for over 35 years. She has served in a number of leadership roles and committees within the Republican party. The Michigan Party elected her four times to serve as Chairman. Her present focus is on advancing educational choices for children across the country.

Many expect that she will be successful in her new role of offsetting and enforcing education policies. As such, the Department of Education plays an important role in ensuring that schools continue to meet standards to receive federal funding. Check her website for more info at

Betsy DeVos’s Philanthropic Contributions

Betsy’s just like any other billionaire wife. She spends much of time looking after her family, supporting her husband’s career, and leading a life of her own all at the same time. Much of her time is spent contributing to charitable causes that she has a passion for.

Although her life may seem mundane, Betsy DeVos is quite active on a daily basis. In recent months, she’s become quite political alongside her husband. When she isn’t supporting a political cause, she’s donating her time and efforts to conservative and Christian-based charities. Betsy has strong and passionate beliefs that revolve around her religious spirit.

Among some of her other charitable passions is education. The billionaire couple spends tens of millions on charitable causes a year. In 2015, Betsy and her husband donated over $10 million to various organizations. They even pledge additional millions to be paid out as grants for years to come.

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Betsy’s loves of further education and helping young students everywhere strive to be more than the previous generation burns nearly as bright as her religious beliefs. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation donated $400,000 of funding to Campbell Brown’s Loudspeaker Media Inc. The foundation also donated an additional $400,000 to Brown’s nonprofit organization, The Partnership for Educational Justice.

The DeVos family also gave funding to the Success Academy Charter Schools in 2015. They donated $150,000 and pledged to donate an additional $150,000 to be paid out in future payments. Eva Moskowitz, founder of the New York City charter school chain has repeated commented on how appreciative she is to the DeVos family for their contributions.

In the case of The Potter’s House, Betsy love of religion and education combined as she and her husband donated $200,000 to a Christian school in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Betsy, a native of Michigan, often talks about how her visit to the school a few decades ago sparked her interest in school choice advocacy. Something that Betsy believes in wholeheartedly is the parental right to choice what school our children can attend. Her parents made the choice for her, and she wants to protect the right for other parents to do the same.

Her passion for school choice burns like wildfire. Along with her husband, she gave $100,000 to Alliance for School Choice, a nonprofit that works closely with American Federation for Children. She once sat on the board of the organization but stepped down to pursue other charitable endeavors. She also gave $750,000 to the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy. She also works closely with the Institute for Justice, which has handled hundreds of school choice lawsuits. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

George Soros To Invest Millions In Refugee Crisis

Hungarian-born investor and social activist George Soros has pledged to invest up to $500 million dollars into programs and companies designed to benefit the refugees who are fleeing the war-torn middle east. This tragic situation is quickly turning into a worldwide human disaster as the United Nations is reporting that most of the refugees are coming from just three countries, Syria, Afghanistan, and Somalia. They have also estimated that the number of refugees is over 60 million men, women, and children with about half of that number being children.

On Monday, September the 10th 2016, the United Nations opened its first summit aimed at addressing the current refugee and migrant crisis. The U.N.’s involvement on Biography has also sparked debates about how to best handle the displacement of the millions of people in not only countries like Germany but also in the United States. The whole question of immigration policy has even become a central issue in the current U.S. presidential election cycle. In fact, when President Barrack Obama made his final speech to the United Nations September the 20th he made several very strong recommendations about what he thought should be done to help alleviate the current crisis.

What Mr. Soros would like to happen is that other investors will be inspired by his actions and join in with him to help deal with the crisis. Mr. Soros intends to use his nonprofit, private organization, The Open Society Foundation, as the vehicle to get the ball rolling. He plans for the Open Society Foundation to invest in startup companies, established companies, and social impact companies and initiatives started by the migrants and refugees. These startups would all have the goal of actually helping the refugees. In addition, George Soros plans to use any profits from the investments realized from the help he and his foundation provides, to go back into other refugee-related programs. Some of the other programs he hopes to initiate are those that involve community centers along with legal counseling centers for many of the migrants.

The investments at, Mr. Soros said, are all intended to be financially successful and will be designed to create products and services that will actually benefit the migrants and the host communities that they will be living in. Soros’s grand philanthropic plan was announced against the backdrop of the United Nations summit in New York City.

The increasing number of asylum seekers has initiated fierce political debates not only in Europe but also in the United States. The debate is focused on where the millions of refugees should be resettled. One of the reasons that Mr. George Soros is so involved is because at one time in his life Mr. Soros himself was a refugee escaping the communist’s who had taken over his native Hungary. When he escaped Hungary he was granted asylum in England where he learned about investing.

George Soros Creates Migrant Foundation

George Soros wrote an article for Washing Street Journal in which he said that in the world today, there has been a massive movement of people. They have been displaced by forces beyond their control. Tens of millions of them are stray because they must flee from their homes to find better living conditions in other countries. These people are desperately seeking refuge from civil war, horrible economic conditions, and oppressive governments on They are embarking on a journey for the promise of a better life in other nations and the need help from host nations in order to integrate into society so that they can make a better life for themselves and their families.

There has been a great failure collectively by the world’s political entities to make policies that can properly handle the flow of people coming from migrant nations according to George. Human misery and instability within migrant communities is rising as a high rate. This is seen in the countries that are being fled as well as the countries people are fleeing towards. Refugees have to sit in despair unable to help themselves because their host countries are not in a position to reap the rewards of integrating these people into society. There is a governmental duty to do something about this. This is a crisis that must be addressed by making infrastructure that these migrants can rely on. Furthermore, George Soros says, private businesses have a key role to play in this task.

A symbolic call to action was put out by the Obama Administration to the United Nations. Leaders from all over the world are getting together to make plans that will get a solution rolling. US companies also need to do their part to make this work because the escalating challenges cannot be met without their help. George Soros wants to play a role in solving this global crisis and for that purpose, he has earmarked $500 million to help meet the needs of migrants, their communities, and related issues around the world. George Soros is going to spend that sum of money to invest in migrant startups, communities, companies and initiatives that aid them socially. He is targeting his help at the European migrant communities but he wishes to provide help to people from across the world who are suffering from displacement due to problems in their country.

George Soros is looking for investment venues across sectors. He believes that it will be a good idea to focus attention on digital technology especially the kind that allows people to transfer funds instantaneously. With the aid of this technology financial aid can be sent to migrants and refugees who have access to mobile devices. Source: