The Mighty Fortress Church Helps People Cope with Worship

The ideas people have for worship all go back to what they were taught when they were younger. It is hard for many people to make sure they are doing things right because they were taught ridiculous church rules and things that would make them not want to go to church. When Bishop Thomas Williams started Mighty Fortress Church, he wanted to do away with those ideas. He felt they were not representative of how God wanted the church to be and it was his way of making sure he was doing things that The Lord wanted him to do. Visit to know more.

Bishop Thomas Williams felt it was his duty to make sure the church was growing and people could do more while they were in the church. He felt that the Mighty Fortress Church was going to be one of the best options people had and that was how he was going to run it. He felt he could do his best to try different things and, no matter what, he’d be able to come out of it in different ways. It all went back to the right opportunities Mighty Fortress Church had for the church and for the things he was doing with Mighty Fortress Church.

The ideas he had were all based on what he thought God wanted to see in a church. He invited people to come as they were and to worship in a way that was comfortable to him. While he did not have total disrespect for the church or anything God had put in place, he did see the church as a way for people to be individuals in what they felt was driven by Christ. He wanted them to know they would be able to try things the right way and do things so they’d be willing to do more with what they had to offer.
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All of the opportunities they had were focused on Christ and on how He was going to help them through different things. Bishop Thomas Williams wanted people to realize they were going to get more from the things that were going on and more from what they had done on their own. It all was a part of how he could do things and how he would make things better for the church. It helped him have a more enjoyable time with the church he was running out of Minneapolis. Watch this video on Youtube.