Freddie Roach Never Quits

Freddie Roach is one of the greatest boxing trainers of all time. Roach has trained the best fighters for the last 20 years. He did this all while suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Roach does admit that boxing may have contributed to the onset of his disease. In his day, Freddie Roach was a brutal inside fighter. He loved to get close to his opponent and trade bombs like trading information on Skout. Roach would excite the fans, but he would also cause permanent damage to himself. Freddie Roach would eventually retire from the sport of boxing. 

Now, Freddie Roach is the head trainer of Manny Pacquiao. With Freddie’s help Manny Pacquiao will be able to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. Freddie Roach claims the Manny Pacquiao would knock Mayweather out. Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao say that they can defeat the invincible Floyd Mayweather Jr. Defeating Mayweather would place Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao on a pedestal. The duo is the best pair that boxing has seen since Ali/Dundee.

Freddie Roach continues to lead his fighters to championship victories. The year of 2014 has been good to Freddie. Manny Pacquiao dominated all comers this year, and with the help of Freddie, he has returned to his former self. Freddie Roach may suffer from Parkinson’s, but nothing can stop him. He is a determined man, and he will not live is life differently because of his disease.

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Tito Ortiz Is a C.M. Punk Fan

A lot of fighters in the MMA world are very unhappy that the UFC has signed former WWE wrestler C.M. Punk to a contract. Dave Meltzer has reported that many camps are inviting Punk to train with them with the explicit intention of “giving him a beating” to send him packing and to prove that pro wrestlers can’t hang in a real fight. 

Tito Ortiz has come out and praised Dana White for the decision. This comes as a surprise to many, as Tito and Dana have not seen eye-to-eye in a long time. 

Tito grew up as a fan of Hulk Hogan and pro wrestling in general. He has made a number of appearances on the TNA Impact wrestling show on Spike TV as a guest referee and an “enforcer”. TNA, being the most poorly-managed wrestling company in modern times, got nothing out of him and even dropped storylines that Tito was in out of sheer incompetence.

Tito now fights in Bellator, a company that is looking to sign older “name” fighters with the idea that a star draws more money than a technically good current fighter. This concept is already paying off for the company, as their Spike TV special featuring Tito and Stephen Bonnar fight drew big ratings. That fight was built up using a goofy pro wrestling-style storyline involving a man in a mask.

Tito likes pro wrestling and he’s obviously comfortable with freak show fights. He will enjoy C.M. Punk’s UFC run. Maybe he should buy him a Qnet congratulations gift. The question is, how many other fans will?