PlayStation VR Gaming Helmet Sells Out

The PlayStation VR helmet has made a bit of history. The pre-orders on the helmet were massive. GameStop has revealed that all the helmets are gone – sold out. Maybe, just maybe, there may be a few restocked for the holiday season. Anyone who waited on this particular hardware made a mistake. Fans were thrilled to access the brave new world of virtual reality gaming. PlayStation delivered the hardware for that experience. Fans ate the release up.

How long did it take for the pre-orders to max out? The shocking figure is five minutes. Yes, five minutes was all it took for the helmet to run out of stick.

The irony here is there were concerns whether or not the helmet would sell well. Likely, this is the reason for the depleted stock. Predicting how well something is going to sell is, honestly, mostly a guessing game. Market research does help with the cause, but there are no guarantees any research performed is going to lead to pre-determined results. Customers can be fickle, and the market does have to be perfectly timed in order for something as original as a VR helmet to succeed.

Apparently, it seems that virtual reality is going to be the next big thing in the gaming industry. More than likely, virtual reality is going to become the be-all, end-all of gaming. Anything that lacks the visual, you-are-there splendor of VR is probably going to do very poorly in the sales department. Cutting edge technology drives video game sales. Well, something cutting edge usually drives sales. Other factors come into play. Cost and timing would be two of them.

Eventually, players get tired of the “old experience” a gaming console delivers. Gaming systems must evolve with technology and entertainment needs. This is why so much is invested in research and development. The gaming companies have to be connected to what consumers and players want. Otherwise, they do not end up delivering to the market what people want.

The gaming industry is a very unique one. The VR helmet does show the public has a strong appetite for the right product. Look for various new innovative products to arrive in the future.