‘Detective Pikachu’ Is Coming To America

The most beloved little Pokémon rodent in the whole world is back and now dons a detective’s hat in a brand new action adventure game. Detective Pikachu will be launched in Japan, Europe and the United States this upcoming spring, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS console. The plot of this single-player game revolves around a detective Pikachu trying to help solve a mysterious disappearance of a boy’s father. Tim Goodman and detective Pikachu head off on a wild adventure to look for breakthrough clues and solve mysteries.

This is no ordinary Pikachu, it is larger in size and is capable of fluently speaking your language as opposed to its original “pika-pika” speaking predecessor. The coffee loving detective has the superior intelligence but lacks the electrical power known to a common Pikachu. Detective Pikachu’s English voice sounds a bit like the old-time sleuth, Sam Spade mixed with actor Danny DeVito. It’s interesting to hear his voice-over and its mannerisms throughout the game’s cinemas are entertaining. In the game, you’ll get to play as Tim Goodman and will be able to talk to witnesses and explore the open world of Ryme City with detective Pikachu on your side. You come in contact with a lot of the other Pokémon, just don’t expect them to speak English like your lil’ yellow sleuth buddy. A fun game nowadays isn’t complete without its hidden features, hints and secrets to unlock. Detective Pickachu will be released with Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Italian subtitles and users can choose between English dubbed or the original Japanese voice acting.

A live-action movie of Detective Pikachu will be scheduled for release during sometime in 2019. The movie is directed by Rob Letterman, best known for his work directing the animations Monsters vs. Aliens and Sharktale. It will star actor Ryan Reynolds as the voice of detective Pikachu, Justice Smith as Tim Goodman and Kathryn Newton as Lucy.