End Citizen United Fight against Corporate PAC Money

End Citizens United is an organization which was started in 2015 in Washington D.C with the aim of fighting for the rights of the common citizen. Its major focus is to ensure that there is transparency in the judicial systems. It also revisits laws passed by the supreme courts to endorse corporations that enrich themselves at the expense of the less fortunate.

End Citizens United has endorsed candidates who are against Corporate PAC money. Corporate PAC money aims at controlling the ideas of the voters denying them the chance to make both political and financial decisions. It also aims to allocate more money to the elite group while making the average citizen poorer.

During campaigns periods, the interested candidates have been receiving a vast amount of money from corporations and therefore denying voters their constitutional rights. The supreme courts have also made it possible for these corporations to channel billions of cash in funding political campaigns. End Citizens United has always refuted the Supreme Court decision, and it has managed to effect some positive legislative changes which aim in giving the common citizen more power in decision making. Follow the group on facebook.com

According to the End Citizens United, the body is determined to put more power in the hands of the people by achieving the following.

  1. a) Carrying out a nationwide campaign to educate citizens on the importance of having more power in their hands. By doing this, a huge amount of money channeled in campaign programs will be reduced.
  1. b) Electing candidates who are honest and hardworking. Such candidates raise their campaign money from private voters, therefore, building more confidence and integrity.
  1. c) Organizing mobilization programs where the problem of using more money in politics is addressed. In this, voters need to be enlightened on how to spend big amounts of money in politics and which affects the taxpayers. It is also in regard as to the way it destabilizes the economy of the country.
  1. d) The End citizens United is also working with the Ballot measure providers to ensure there are changes in the electoral systems in all the states. By changing the electoral systems, candidates will not be allowed to receive Corporate PAC money, and therefore corporate interests will not outweigh the interests of the citizens.

In conclusion, in every state, more power should be vested in the hand of citizens for developments to be manifested. If more money is left in the hands of few people, nation crisis emerges and hinders the national development. The organization ensures there is recorded progress in the country, and the citizens have more power.

Read more: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2017/12/05/democratic-pac-end-citizens-united-names-big-money-20-targets-2018/918680001/ 


Betsy DeVos: What Can Be Said About Her?

There are plenty of ways that a person may describe Betsy DeVos. She is certain things to certain people depending on what context in life they have known her. Put another way, she presents herself as different things to different people entirely dependent on what kind of context they have known her in.


Some people point to the charitable work that Betsy DeVos has done and say that she is a warrior for the common person in her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. There is no question that she and her husband have done a lot to help that particular community. There are others though who point to her extreme advocacy for charter schools and her joining the Trump Administration as the Secretary of Education that see her in a different light. They say that she is far more politically driven than what some see her as. They say that she is the kind of person that you do not want to get in the way of.


It is simply a fact that Betsy DeVos has always been driven to advocate for charter schools. She does believe that this is the best way to educate the youth of America. She has long been of the opinion that charter schools do a lot more good for the education of schoolchildren than the public school system ever could.


There are a lot of arguments that a person could make about this one way or the other. Most do not end up agreeing with one another given the simple fact that there is such a diversity of opinion on this issue. That is why Betsy DeVos can be painted in so many lights.


One thing that you never want to do if you are doing an accurate examination of Betsy DeVos is to underestimate her. Many of her political foes have discounted her in the past. When they do, they end up seeing what a disastrous result this leads to. She will run right over someone who has underestimated her abilities. She will make them wish that they had thought things through in a more clear-headed way. Her current moves towards trying to bring in more charter schools have been met by skepticism by some and optimism by others (depending on where they are on the political spectrum). One thing is for certain though. That is that people do have strong opinions about her one way or the other.


Betsy DeVos probably has more power at the present time than she has ever had in her life up to this point. She has always been an influential character who has been able to draw an appropriate amount of attention to herself and the causes that she believes in simply by being herself. That being said, she is at a point in her career now that most will agree leaves her with more power in her hands to shape the course of the American educational system than ever before. That could have ripple effects for a lot of other parts of our lives.


Visit www.betsydevos.com to learn more.

Francisco Demenech Bio-Understanding This Great Lawyer and Political Campaigner

Born in Puerto Rico on 29th April 1978, Francisco J. Domenech, widely known as Francisco Demenech is the Managing Partner at POLITANK, a government affairs legal firm that specializes in crafting strategies meant for representing individual interests during various governmental forums. He previously served as the National Director of Puerto Rico’s Office of Legislative Office. He spent a significant portion of his childhood life in Ocala, Florida, where he studied at Forest High School and Trinity Catholic School. Since 2004, he has been a national delegate of Democratic Convection, where he represented America’s young democrats. He was the delegation’s whip during the 2016 Democrat primaries.

Francisco Demenech graduated twice from University of Puerto Rico, where he first earned a BA in Political Science in 1999. He also graduated with a BA in Law Studies still at the same university in 2005. He formally started practicing law at 27 years old, where he represented Puerto Rico’s Senate in various legal cases in United States. Currently, he runs his firm, POLITANK, which is regarded as a nationwide bipartisan public affairs firm. He also served as the President of Puerto Rico’s Senate. Read more at Reporter Expert to know more.

In 2016, Francisco Demenech won the prestigious ‘ 40 under 40 Award, which seeks to acknowledge 40 young individuals from Puerto Rico with an outstanding professional or entrepreneurial background. He garnered the majority of votes out of the 59 award contenders. In 2016, Francisco Demenech publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton, the then Democrat presidential candidate. Francisco Demenech endorsed Hillary based on her great ties with Puerto Ricans, noting that she supported the aspirations of Puerto Ricans to decide on the future of the island. Francisco Demenech further opined that Hilary had fought for children of Puerto Rico by granting then access to affordable health insurance problem. Francisco Demenech has supported numerous philanthropic endeavors both through his POLITANK firm and individually. The lawyer has been a staunch donor of Clinton Foundation among other charity organizations that he supports directly with his personal resources


Francisco Demenech is a great lawyer and political mobiliser who has greatly impacted on the lives of many people. His contribution to Puerto Rico is truly immense.



End Citizens United Is Doing Democracy As Intended

Media pundits, political analysts and even academics are growing bolder every day in their prediction of a coming “Blue Wave” this November – an expected sweeping victory by hundreds of political candidates at all levels of public office running as Democrats.

But that doesn’t mean some advocacy groups are taking anything for granted. Take the political action committee End Citizens United, for example. This recently formed PAC is on the ground, working hard and using a grassroots model to raise millions of dollars to help more Democrats get elected this November.

End Citizens United was formed in March 2015 with the central purpose of taking back the U.S. elections system for average American voters – and they want to do that by getting “Big Money” and “Dark Money” out of the American political system.

It was a disastrous 2010 Supreme Court decision – known as Citizens United – that opened the floodgates for unsavory, nefarious and greedy special interests to donate as much money as they wanted to a candidate of their choice. Those candidates tend to be extreme right wingers running as Republicans.

When they get into office, they spend far more time cow-towing to the interests of giant corporations and egotistical billionaires that they do the average voter.

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End Citizens United has identified what it calls the “Big Money 20” – twenty U.S. Senators and Representatives in the House which ECU says are among the worst offenders in taking cash from the likes of the fossil fuel industry, Wall Street behemoths and environmental polluters like Monsanto and Koch Industries.

Among the Top Money 20 are Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada, Rep. Mimi Walters of California and Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado.

End Citizens United President and Executive Director Tiffany Muller called these and the rest of the Big Money 20, “among the most egregious offenders” when it comes to pocketing special interest money and ignoring the plight of ordinary citizens.

End Citizens United is expecting to raise $35 million ahead of the 2018 midterms. They intend to use that money to knock-off GOP mainstays such as Cruz and Heller – and the rest on the Big Money 20 list.

It’s significant to note that End Citizens United only accepts small donations from ordinary people – in fact, the millions it has raised has been accomplished with an average $14 donation per person – truly a grassroots effort that shows the power of the people. It’s a demonstration of what can be accomplished when political activity is done the way it was intended to be done in America.

Why Avaaz Embodies a Modern Civic Organization

Avaaz is emblematic of a modern civic organization leveraging the modern technology to promote global activism. Avaaz, specifically, uses the tools provided by the internet to facilitate communication among its 46 million members, spread across the globe. Over the years, the use of emails to exchange and share information has gained popularity with Avaaz’s members. Other tools used by Avaaz include online public petitions, videos, and email-your-leader tools.

Apart from its members, non-Avaaz’s members can initiate petitions. Anybody wishing to launch a petition can use the “start your own petition” tool available on the group’s website. The tool is straightforward: requesting input information such as petition title, the target of the petition, and the reasons for starting the petition. Once such information is keyed into the tool, the petitioner inputs their email, and they are good to go.

However, not all petitions are admissible. Avaaz has measures in place to sieve out worthy petitions from those that need further tuning. On receiving a petition, a team of Avaaz’s specialists sends out tester emails to selected members. Based on the input of the members, a petition is opened up for all members, or the team of specialists suggests a correction as they deem it necessary.

So far, Avaaz has supported what it calls “progressive causes.” They include advocating for action on climate change, challenging Monsanto, and fostering a hospitable global culture for refugees. And Avaaz has emerged victorious in most of its battles. For instance, the group was instrumental in initiating and maintaining the momentum that culminated in the signing of the Paris Agreement. The agreement, whose implementation will commence in 2020, seeks to minimize the global emissions of greenhouse gases.

Avaaz came to life in 2007. Several like-minded organizations and individuals founded the group. They include Res Publica, MoveOn.org, and Service Employees International Union. Individual co-founders include Ricken Patel, Tom Perriello, Sam Barrati, etc. Ricken Patel is the serving president and CEO of Avaaz.

Avaaz hardly accepts donations from foundations or corporations. The group relies on its members, who have so far donated over $20 million. The donation from individual members should not exceed $5,000. Avaaz, as some people refer to it, is the voice of the people.

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Betsy DeVos Sets up Shop in D.C. to Focus on Reformation.

A true discussion about the state of the United States government involves a look beyond just the occasionally brash and loud leadership of President Donald Trump. In order to accurately ascertain exactly what’s going on in Washington D.C., one must look at the people that President Trump is turning to in order to staff his administration. Running on a campaign of ‘drain the swamp’ chants means that President Trump needed to look to staff members that could legitimately be called outsiders while also bringing in that outsider perspective to their work. Today, we’ll be focusing on the work of Betsy Devos, the newest Secretary of Education for the United States of America.


Perhaps no other faculty of the United States government relies on historic precedent than the Department of Education. The role of government in education has long been established and it has been considered one of the most important aspects of our nation as a whole. Betsy DeVos, a self-proclaimed reformer, is about as far away from historical precedent as you can get — but that may be exactly what the American people are looking for. Betsy DeVos took the call from Donald Trump and set forth out to Washington D.C. in order to focus on bringing about change in one of the most historic sections of our nations’ government. Lacking a national profile and more than making up for it with media-directed loathing, DeVos came into her position with the cards stacked against her. However, that isn’t exactly fair and DeVos is working quietly, and quickly, to change the perception around Washington D.C.


When Betsy DeVos was narrowly confirmed, relying on a tie-breaking vote from Vice President Mike Pence, she probably realized that she would be facing an uphill battle once seated into her position. However, DeVos hasn’t let that deter her at all. As noted by former state AG Mike Cox, a Republican himself, DeVos has a tendency to cow the room whenever she steps foot inside of one — and it has nothing to do with her billions of dollars of networth. Instead, Betsy DeVos relies purely on her passion for education and her bulldog-like tenacity in order to continually make a difference. A recurring theme around meetings with Betsy DeVos is simple: people start to realize that they cannot afford to underestimate her and that doing so will be done at their own peril.


For Betsy DeVos, the focus of her time in Washington D.C. will be on reforming the United States educational system. One of the most important aspects of education, to DeVos at least, is the concept of school choice. Reading the work of Milton Friedman at a young age, Betsy DeVos came to realize that school choice, the right for students to choose where and how they ascertain their education outside of the government’s regulation, was important. DeVos has spent the past thirty years focusing on getting school choice on the map and now she is in position to make a real difference nationally. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/betsy.p.devos/

Betsy DeVos Pioneers School Choice at Federal Level.

Betsy DeVos has made a political career out of going her own way, following her beliefs, and hoping that people will catch up along the way. Recently nominated as the Secretary of Education for the United States of America, it’s pretty obvious that DeVos has been doing a pretty good job of it. Still, Betsy DeVos does not have the kind of national acclaim that allows her reputation to speak for her — and this is by design. President Trump wanted to bring in political outsiders to give a new perspective on an old institution and that has led to DeVos, a reformer and Calvin College graduate, to take over the highest educational office in the world. DeVos will be enacting great changes in her political office and it is only right that people get to know a little bit about her.


Betsy DeVos has been a force in the realm of Michigan politics for the better part of the past thirty years. As a devout philanthropist, Christian and conservative, Betsy DeVos has been a winning combination of all things Republican during her time in Michigan. DeVos was born in Holland, Mi and she was raised in a predominantly Dutch and upper-class neighborhood. DeVos would go on to attend Calvin College where she would re-affirm her beliefs while also meeting her future husband, Dick DeVos — former President at Amway and a former President of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Her marriage to Dick DeVos, who would run for Governor of Michigan, would turn into a winning combination that would launch both figures into the upper echelon of their political party.


As a reformer and a devout educational activist, Betsy DeVos has been wildly effective in terms of generating enthusiasm for the work and writings of Milton Friedman on the concept of school choice. School choice is a concept that conservatives have become more and more in love with over the years because it takes power away from the government and gives it back to the people in the realm of their educational system. Betsy DeVos has been one of THE leading voices in this area and she has become an authoritative figure on the concept. As a result of DeVos’ hard work more than 17 states are already working within school choice programs while more than 250,000 students have enrolled in the programs. With her new federal position, Betsy DeVos is in a position to dramatically change those numbers. Learn more: http://www.betsydevos.com/policy-involvement/

Betsy Devos: A Billionaire Woman with a Big Heart

When it comes to hot and controversial topics, women and leadership are always at the top spot. For many years now, the world continues to change its perspective to a positive one as women take on different senior roles in the society and show excellent skills. One such woman is Betsy Devos. The fifty-nine-year-old lady is famous for his success in various fields such as business and politics. She has many skills and qualities such as being an innovator, disruptor, and activist for equality and justice in education opportunities and many others which may be the reasons as to why she occupies the seat of United States Education secretary. Betsy is a member of the Republican Party and boasts a healthy family background. She is married to the former CEO of Amy way, Dick Devos. Apart from her numerous success in all her endeavors from family to career, Betsy is known for her big heart and many charitable acts through which she gives back to the society.

Betsy is widely involved in giving back to the community through the various charity foundations that she has formed and which she donates to. For instance more than two decades ago, Betsy and her husband Dick joined hands and launched the Dick & Betsy foundation which seeks to cultivate leadership skills and better the lives of the people. That it achieves by offering support in five main sectors’ namely education, arts, justice, community, and arts. Today the foundation has donated millions to facilitate hospitals, health research, and even art justice not to mention the support it offers educational facilities. For example, since 1999 to the year 2014, the organization has given approximately five million to support charter and public schools such as West Michigan Aviation Academy. In addition to the public charter schools, Betsy and her husband are not discriminative, and they offer empowerment even to Christina schools. She surely understands the importance of quality education to the young generation, and that is why most of the activities which the foundation focuses on are for educational empowerment.

Additionally, the Dick & Betsy foundation also offers funds to the Education Freedom Fund which is a group that provides scholarships and sponsorships to children who come from poor backgrounds. There is an endless list of the facilities which have benefitted from her foundation such as the University of Maryland, American Enterprise Institute for public policy and many others.

Besides education, Betsy understands the importance of art in our community, and that is why her charitable acts extend to this essential area. While she was still on the board of directors of the famous Kennedy Center for performing arts, she and her husband donated about 22.5 million to the center. The money would go into teaching and equip the board members and managers with the skills to manage their cultural institutions. Betsy Devos saw the need of training the leaders so they could be in a position to execute their roles. The world surely needs more Betsy Devoss.


To learn more, visit http://www.betsydevos.com/.

The Influence Through Philanthropy Of George Soros

Born in Hungary in 1930, George Soros did everything he can to survive the Nazi occupation of his home country during the Second World War. The experiences he had seen during the war had transformed him into someone who would, later on, cause massive changes all throughout the world that would bear positive impacts to those who are oppressed, discriminated and neglected by society. Today, George Soros is known to be one of the most generous philanthropists, having given away over $12 billion to support individuals and organizations fighting for a cause.

After the Second World War, George Soros had left Hungary for London where he worked, and at the same time, pursue his studies at the London School of Economics. He immigrated to the United States in 1956 and began to build his multi-billion investment empire that made him one of the most successful in America, owing vast amounts of his fortune to his own hedge fund, Soros Fund Management.

Learn more: http://www.businessinsider.com/how-did-george-soros-become-the-favorite-boogeyman-of-the-right-2017-5

As he started to earn more than he could ever imagine through the Soros Fund Management, the idea to create a foundation kicked in, and thus, Open Society Foundations is born. This foundation is a gigantic network of foundation, partners, and projects around the globe, which offers a number of social assistance. George Soros, through his newly established foundation, had changed the world drastically, by means of informing and enriching the people’s knowledge. He had given scholarships to deserving students worldwide and helped to build colleges and universities. His works helped to uplift those who are already feeling desperate in life and has supported the rise of transparent democratic governments. No one could deny the impact and the influence that George Soros has. Visit projectsyndicate.com to know more about George.

As time goes by, his view on society was slowly reshaping the world, and how the standard of morality was viewed upon. He criticized the war on drugs, stating that it is more dangerous than the drugs itself; he vocally supported the LGBT’s equal rights, and ultimately became a backer for same-sex marriage; finally, he has helped those who were discriminated because of their appearance or ethnicity, using the influence that his foundation has.

Today, his business is still thriving, and the fund which he started has become tremendously successful. He is known to be the 21st richest person in the world, and his worth is now estimated to be at $26 billion. George Soros, as his wealth continues to grow, never forgets the most important thing in life – reaching out to those who are in need. His philanthropic works, which has helped millions, would surely stay behind for a long time. Being in his 80s with all of the achievement he gained, George Soros could only wish for one thing – a utopian world where people live in peace and harmony. Know more about George Soros on Investopedia.





Reformer Betsy DeVos Finds Success In Different Areas

The education reform movement has recently been celebrating the appointment of one of its major supporters to the position of U.S. Secretary of Education in the shape of Betsy DeVos. Mrs. DeVos has impressed me with the work she has completed in terms of reforming education and as a philanthropist who has created a network of good causes she backs with both financial donations and her own vocal support for to raise awareness; the different areas of interest for Betsy DeVos have taken many different forms and include her backing of educational programs across many different sectors. One of the most impressive aspects of the work completed by Betsy DeVos has been her work to make sure arts management programs are available throughout the U.S. after she and her husband, the former AmWay Group President Dick DeVos donated around $22.5 million to the creation of the DeVos Institute for Arts Management in association with the Kennedy Center for the Arts. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

It is easy to see how seriously Betsy DeVos takes her commitment to politics extremely seriously in my opinion as she has spent a large amount of her time making sure she maintains a dedicated view of the political situation in the U.S. Although Betsy DeVos leads a busy life as an education reformer and advocate for many different groups she has taken on a number of roles within the Republican Party in Michigan and on a national level that I believe show how highly her opinion has been regarded for a number of years; in Michigan, Betsy DeVos impressed me as the Chair of the state’s Republican Party and took up the role a second time to show just how popular she remains within the party. The Secretary of Education may now be one of the most influential figures in the current Administration of President Trump, but I believe President George W. Bush was the first to see her political abilities when he personally appointed Secretary DeVos to the Board of the Kennedy Center for the Arts.

Betsy DeVos has been a major supporter of groups backing education reform and chaired two educational reform organizations during the 1990s, which were the American Education Reform Council and the Children First America groups. I look at the founding of the West Michigan Aviation Academy charter school by Betsy DeVos as showing how she has an understanding of the needs of students seeking a higher level of success over the course of their educational careers and her work with the Thunderbird School of Global Management as signs of the wide ranging reform of the education system I am pleased Betsy DeVos is heading. Visit betsydevos.com to know more about Betsy.