Power Rangers now Available in Minecraft

Fans of the old school version of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that play the video game Minecraft are in for a special treat. There has been recently released downloadable content for the wildly popular Minecraft that features all five of the original Power Rangers as playable characters. In addition, the downloadable content pack also comes with playable versions of the Bulk, Rita, and Skull characters.


Minecraft was originally released in 2011 and would quickly go on to become one of the best-selling video games of all time. The popularity behind Minecraft comes from the freedom that a player has to create their own virtual world.


Fans of the original television show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will be happy to know that both the Green and White Ranger are included within the downloadable content. The Minecraft Power Rangers Skin Pack was released on March 27th, 2017 and it features a download size of only 10.09MB. You can find more information about the Minecraft Power Rangers Skin Pack by viewing it at the Microsoft Store, which you can get to by clicking here.


Currently, this downloadable content has a five-star rating, based on 20 reviewers, and looks to be very popular. The ESRB has rated this downloadable content as Everyone 10+, meaning that it is suitable for persons aged 10 and older.


The Power Rangers downloadable content is available for Minecraft releases on PC, mobile, and console versions of this game. The entire Power Rangers pack is available to download for $3. The release of the Power Rangers in Minecraft comes hot on the heels of the upcoming release of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers feature-length film. It looks like a new generation might be seeing more of the Power Rangers, as there is already talk of a sequel to the original film being in the works for these superheroes.


Power Rangers Movie Getting Spin Off Video Game!

Go Power Rangers! 2017 is looking like a real retro summer with the return of our ‘Power Rangers’ to the big screen. The silver screen reboot of the famous television show comes at a time when everyone is getting in on the retro action. The film is slated to be a Summer release and it brings on superstars like Elizabeth Banks and Bryan Cranston. With the hype in full force for the film it only makes sense that there would be a video game spin off, as well.


The video game is going to be called ‘Power Rangers: Legacy Wars’ and it will be a multiplayer fighting game. Players will get to play as both the hyper popular Power Rangers and their villainous counterparts. Rather than using the old school Rangers as the basis for the fighters in the game they will be pulled directly from the film. People excited about the upcoming movie will have to get their hands on a copy of this game.


‘Legacy Wars’ is being developed by the guys and girls over at nWay. That name might cause some Ranger fans a little bit of pause as the developer hasn’t had a AAA, console title. In fact, nWay has only released games for mobile platforms thus far. Still, nWay will carry with them the hopes of Ranger fans everywhere because it has been awhile since a good video game has been launched for the franchise. Fans of the old school television show should be getting more and more excited as the news breaks.


The ‘Power Rangers’ movie will be releasing on March 24th and the film itself even got another new trailer just a week or so ago. In an era of gritty reboots that focus on the darkness more than levity, the new trailer was a quality dosage of fun. The trailer featured a close up look at the new power suits, the giant robots that the Rangers will be piloting and even a look at one of our new villains. Right now pre-registration is open for the upcoming ‘Power Rangers: Legacy Wars’ so if you are excited for it make sure to get in line. The film spin off hasn’t been reviewed yet so anticipation will have to hold for now!