Prey Trailer Released – How Will It Fare?

Hailing from Bethesda, the incredible studio that blew our minds with the massively influential titles like Skyrim and Fallout, is Prey, a sci-fi First Person shooter. With a release planned for 2017, this game will surely make some sort of a splash, but will it have what it takes to have a lasting name in the history of video gaming? A link to the trailer can be found here


The trailer starts off with a nice scene narrated by the protagonist who is apparently in the midst of some greater cosmological struggle. Eventually they show some baddies, some floating junk that shows they’re in space, and they have a lot of pretty glowing lights.


From my perspective, this trailer just screams that Prey isn’t going to have any genre-shaking or lasting impact on the current gaming scene. There is little to no real footage of their combat engine, no showing off of new rendering techniques, no strange new game-mechanic that nobody’s yet explored. It just teases the storyline a little bit, and has some moderately good looking in-game renders. Or at least we should hope that they’re in game renders, because as you can see very early on in the video, their implementation of CryEngine has some pretty glaring anti-aliasing issues that they might not want to put in a trailer. I wonder if anybody from the art department got an earful from their boss about the distractingly weird-looking handrails that nobody forgot to move. One thing that never fails to get me about most game engines is that they’re almost all absolutely terrible at rendering three-dimensional thin, straight lines. Handrails, power lines, wires, string, anything like that is always going to look a little goofy unless you’re using a monstrous PC.


Still, I will admit to being a little harsh. Depending on your expectations, I think Prey has the potential to be a very good game. While Bethesda may not have the reputation of making games with the depth and complexity of Brood War, they certainly know how to make a pretty game, and they undoubtedly know how to tell a story. I’ll wait until the game actually comes out until I give it a hard rating, but the trailer tells me that it’s just going to be alright.