Bad News for PUBG Players

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds(PUBG) has been the gaming sensation of the last year, but, as with anything that gets too popular someone has to ruin it for us all. PUBG Corp, the developers of the popular first person shooter game recently announced that all future updates are on hold. The developers cited the reason behind the delay as time needed to deal with cheaters in the community.

The PUBG community is certainly no stranger to cheating. Cheaters emerged to ravage the game only a few months after launch and haven’t let up since. The community seems to be split on whether to applaud the developers for their effort to combat cheating or to condemn them for potentially causing players to leave – due to slow update schedules.

In November, PUBG Corp. came to a deal with Tencent to publish Battlegrounds in the Chinese market. Since the deal was signed, Chinese players have been taking over PUBG. In fact, the Chinese player base make up a very large majority of the PUBG community. Some players have blamed the expansion into China as being the reason that so many cheaters have popped up, but statistics say that the increased popularity of cheating began a month before the deal was reached to bring the game to China.

Despite recent reports that PUBG banned over one million players in January, players still seem to be flocking away from the game. Everyone knows that video games don’t remain popular forever, so it is no surprise that the game is starting to lose players. With newer games coming out every week, the audience that PUBG was hitting are bound to go elsewhere eventually.

For now, Fortnite appears to be the game with the highest chance of receiving migrants from PUBG. Fortnite, which is published by Epic Games, the company behind the classic Unreal Tournament series, is the newest hit in online gaming. It is a third person shooter game that features a Battle Royale mode, a giant 100 player mode that pits players against one another. The result is lively world of chaos that ends with only one player left standing.

While PUBG Corp is off battling cheaters, maybe it is time to check out a new game. Fortnite is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Mac.