PUBG Filing Lawsuit to Close down Clones of its Game

PUBG’s developers are taking steps to close down games that stole assets from them. PUBG is telling developers that if you want to copy their battle royale gameplay, you better do it without directly stealing game assets.

Lawsuits were filed against two different games on mobile platform. Knives out and Rules of Survival are the two games that are being accused of stealing assets from PUBG. PUBG filed the lawsuit in a federal court in the State of California, and they say they merely want their private assets removed from the other games. PUBG argues that screenshots and video game footage of these two other games could be confusing to fans that come across them online.

It is no surprise that PUBG has made such an effort to shut down these games. PUBG Mobile was recently released, and they want fans to know that the original is available for Android and iOS. There is no need to play copycats. PUBG says no to competitors that wish to infringe on their copyrights in order to gain market share.

“Battle royale is just about last man standing,” Changhan Kim of PUBG’s parent company Bluehole said. “It’s a simple game mode, and we’re not claiming any kind of ownership over the game mode or the genre itself.” PUBG isn’t concerned with developers who create their own battle royale games. PUBG just doesn’t want its assets stolen and used in other games.

PUBG has a similar problem with Epic Game’s Fortnite, but many fans believe that Fortnite is different enough to PUBG that no legal action can be initiated. PUBG argues; however, that due to Epic Games being the creator of the Unreal Engine, which is used to run PUBG, Epic Games had all the software necessary to emulate the PUBG experience. Epic Games is also currently being paid a hefty licensing fee by PUBG just so it can use the Unreal Engine.

No legal action has been taken against Fortnite or Epic Games.