QNET Embarks On A Course To Touch Lives Through Positivity.

The Asian direct selling leader, QNET, has again embarked on a philanthropic course. This time, this firm seeks to change the world by spreading positivity and encouragement. This firm has launched a next four-week program dubbed, Positive Thoughts Project to spread its positive thought agenda. Through the RYTHM Foundation initiative, QNET plans to make donations to the needy for every 500 positive reviews this charity receives. The positive reviews are to be made on RYTHM Foundation Initiative Facebook page post. QNET’s donations are in the form of HomePure RED and will go to schools for the disabled children in Taarana and Rashid Centre in the UAE. QNET has advised the members of the public to visit RYTHM Foundation initiative and give their positive reviews. To make the 500 reviews target easily achievable, every reviewer can leave up to three positive reviews.

QNET has gone ahead and initiated an awareness program to get people to give positive reviews on this campaign. This firm stated that every positive review will greatly contribute towards providing children with disabilities clean drinking water. The review lines which are already open are so far having a good performance. QNET said that through this program it is looking forward to helping improve the conditions in schools for disabled children. This firm went ahead to state that this program is in line with its ideologies of the society. QNET says that by empowering children through education, it is building a better society in future where both the disabled and the abled have equal chances.

QNET is a QI Group owned direct selling company that has its headquarters in Hong Kong. This direct selling company has managed to establish itself in the global markets as one of the best firms in its sector. QNET sells a wide variety of products in categories such as energy, nutrition, weight management, personal care, luxury goods, fashion accessories and home care. This firm was founded in 1998 by the business market guru, Vijay Eswaran in Hong Kong.

Its website acts as the main channel through which QNET reaches its clients worldwide. Direct selling marketing and multi-level marketing are the two main marketing strategies by this firm. This firm also largely depends on independent representatives as the main contact with its clients. These representatives provide referral services to this firm’s clients. They guide these clients on how to acquire products from QNET and get commissions on this sales. So far QNET has greatly grown in terms of market coverage and regarding products variety.

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