Ideas from Nick Vertucci ‘book Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed

Nick Vertucci acts as the founder of the Nick Vertucci Companies located in Irvine, California. Although he faced numerous problems while growing up, the entrepreneur serves as one of the most successful estate investor and developer. Before launching the Company, he served as the CEO and president of Coastline Micro. Although the enterprise did not register the intended performances, it equipped Nick Vertucci with vital skills in running other real estate business. His Company largely purchases assets that are owned by financial institutions and developing homes. His vast knowledge in entrepreneurship is well depicted in the book Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.

The book offers a detailed coverage of the fundamental steps taken by the author in attaining financial freedom and success. The author employs his life to highlight some of the problems faced by entrepreneurs and ways that they may be addressed. Nick Vertucci attributes his success to calculated and well-thought risks. After failing in his first venture, the entrepreneur undertook to reinvent himself and attain experience. The book offers an explanation of some steps that may help businesspersons actualize their plans. The key steps are’ see it, believe it, map it and execute it.

Envisioning the goal, product or business is the first step and calls for an alteration of the mindset. Likewise, dealing with fear may allow for the passionate pursuit of goals. Nick Vertucci notes that his self-belief pattern has been essential in implementing numerous ideas as it allows for the transition of calculated risks to success. The entrepreneur equally notes that raising the sights increases the chances of success with an equal urge being placed on regular transformation. Regular transformation and gaining more experience are critical in maintaining a competitive advantage over other market players. In short, the book offers great insights that may help propel a business to greater success.