The Kabgalah Center: The History of a Perfect Religion

Yehuda Ashlag planted the Kaballah center roots in 1922. He was the first master to modernize this secret wisdom. For him, his main aim was to make it accessible to all. His leadership rolled down to his student Rav Yehuda. This was a great honor to him. Therefore, he made it his mission to publish and lead sources of enlightenment to the future generations. Rav Berg was the latest mantle holder. This is the lineage of the Kaballah Center. A true dynasty.

Kaballah The Veiled Wisdom

The main focus of this religion, since it was revealed to the few thousands of years ago, has acquired the concealed knowledge of God. This includes the designs made by God about the universe. However, Kaballah can best be understood as the secret knowledge passed to the Jewish mysticism. The experience was presented to man through Adam and Eve. It was later passed into Moses and the Jewish community. As a matter of fact, the study of the religion was not limited to the worldly rules. It was, by general reference, not approved by those who were chosen to believe in it.

The reality remains that Jewish middle-aged men were elected and chosen from the many to learn the secret religion. Anyone who wanted to study without being chosen was deterred. Gaining access to knowledge was very hard. If you were not chosen, it could not bear fruits. More Kabbalists believed that was social injustice. Therefore, they sought to find the world where all accessed this knowledge.

In the 19th century, the Kaballah study was cloistered when respected Kabbalists and rabbis prohibited any access from unauthorized people. Therefore, many rabbis endeavored to keep the secret mission in coded form when the invention of written press made its way into the world. Most of the core informative texts, those that contained the most critical information, have been drafted in coded language. Because the religion dealt matters about the creator of the universe as it had been revealed to Torah, it is the reason why the religion was forbidden from dissemination. A true religion for all.

Kabbalah CentreThe Kaballah Center Offers Spiritual Healing

Religion in America is undergoing a revolution. Mainstream religions, Christianity and Judaism have members advancing in age and dwindling in popularity. The only aspect of religion growing is the segment that has no affiliation. Atheism is increasing in numbers in this one nation under God.
Sadly, spirituality even among the major religions is decreasing. There is a feeling of disconnection in society. People have come to almost worship their privacy in America. One of the most enhancing and rewarding aspects of religion is the sense of coming together as an extended family, congregation. The dwindling and changing concept of community has come to the point that Americans fear their neighbors and definitely do not love them. As we extrapolate this out into the global community, we are confronted by this truth. America has become a spiritual wasteland.
Is there hope? A new movement, the Kabbalah, with a functioning center in Los Angeles offers hope; it stresses the importance of giving and makes the connection between spirituality and giving.
Peter Berg and his wife, Karen, are the motivating forces behind this spiritual movement that has attracted the attention of the rich and famous and the just ordinary in the world. Courses are available both online and at the center in Los Angeles and at meeting places throughout Europe and the world.
Originally the movement focused on elements of the Jewish traditions but has since become more open to those who seek a spiritual answer to the problems of the world.
There are fascinating concepts built within the Kaballah movement which include astrology and mystery religions. They have a website that details in word and photo the concepts of the Kaballah Centre and its movement.
Religion by its very nature does not change. The hierarchy of the church fathers demands the strict maintenance of the religious texts and mandates. Religion has become archaic, a dinosaur in the ever-changing world. A stone aged value system that can not work in a society that produces ideas, and sees that change and updating are necessary in every aspect of the real world.

Kabbalah is a religion of mystical faith that dates back 5,000 years ago to the Book of Formation. In Israel, 2,000 years ago, the Zohar, or Book of Splendor, was revealed to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. According to Kabbalah, the stories of the Torah are not meant to be taken literally. The Zorah explains the rationale behind the Torah.

Until recently, studying Kabbalah was reserved for only scholarly married Jewish men over the age of forty. That changed with the Kabbalah Centre.

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