Resident Evil 7 Brings Back the Fear

Capcom has a history of doing, well, pretty darn alright with their hit ‘Resident Evil’ series. The longstanding horror franchise has become one of the greatest icons in horror-video game culture, and for good reason. ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ has been all that fans could talk about for the past year and the game released just last week to critical acclaim from fans and reviewers alike. In fact, reviewers are going so far as to say that ‘Resident Evil 7’ is a return to form that focuses on everything that fans fell in love with so long ago. These glowing reviews have translated directly to sales in a big way.


As of the writing of this content ‘Biohazard’ has seen over 2.5 million copies shipped to shelves in retail stores all over the world. This pushes the sale total of the entire ‘Resident Evil’ series up and over the 75 million unit mark. These huge sale numbers show just how long lasting the franchise has been and how important ‘Biohazard’ will be to the future of the company. ‘Resident Evil 5’ is the highest selling title in series history with 7.1 million sales. The question that Capcom has to ask themselves is this: Does ‘Biohazard’ have a chance to break past those numbers?


Right now the team at Capcom is playing conservative with their estimates. With 2.5 million sales already in the books, corporate is estimating that they’ll hit over 4 million copies by the time their financial year ends in late March. perhaps the reason for the game being so heavy hitting on the sales market is that it lined up with the final film in the franchise: ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’. While reviews of the film series have always been relatively luke warm, they’ve still managed to rack up ridiculous amounts of sales over the years. The latest entry, which features closure for the character of Alice, looks like it is going to do gangbusters at the global box office. Film star Mila Jovovich has been steadfast in saying that she is done with the series after the final film.


Fans who have gotten into the franchise recently are doing so at a great time. With ‘Biohazard’ dominating the sales charts and ‘The Final Chapter’ in theaters it is a good time to be a Z fan.


“Resident Evil 7: BioHazard– Has a New Era of Immersive Horror Arrived?”

The long awaited Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has finally emerged from the shadows. This installment of the popular, horror-game, franchise released on January 24, 2017; 5 years after the game’s predecessor. Fans of the Resident Evil series should expect a new gameplay style, while still enjoying the core mechanics of the previous games. Puzzles, weapons, limited ammunition, gore, and frightening encounters are still present in Biohazard. Although you will experience them from the first-person perspective rather than the third. Resident Evil 7’s departure from the third-person view may be the first difference, from previous games in the series, that devout fans will recognize. Being a Resident Evil fan since the first game was released in 1996 on the original PlayStation, I can say, judging by the gameplay footage I have seen, that the perspective shift is probably a good choice. I’ve always felt first-person games provide more immersion, and apparently Capcom agrees with me, at least for this Resident Evil title.


While watching the official Gamepsot review for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

I found myself enveloped in the eerie atmosphere and how it is truly brought to life with the graphics engine. The characters seem to look and feel alive, as the game appears to cruise along at a steady 60 frames per second. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has been released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC; I have read that none of the systems appear to suffer from any performance impact, and that it runs surprisingly well across all platforms. Although performance may remain consistent between consoles and PC, it has been observed that the Xbox One port may suffer from a reduction in graphical quality compared to the PC and PS4 versions.


It is important to mention That Resident Evil 7 can be played with a VR headset (talk about immersion), but you will only get to experience it through PlayStation 4’s PSVR. At the moment there is no support for other VR headsets, such as Oculus Rift. This is a bit of a disappointment for PC gamers such as myself, and hopefully Capcom will feature VR compatibility for other systems in the future.