Rocket League unveils new ‘Salty Shores’ update for game

Rocket League has officially unveiled their newest summer-themed update called “Salty Shores.” The popular vehicular soccer game has added a brand new arena with a beach theme as well as new music, new season reward colors, a new import Battle car, and a number of fixes along with Competitive Season 8, according to Forbes.


As the Forbes report mentioned, the new arena has a sandy floor to it along with sunny blue skies and spectators wearing sunglasses. It also features a roller coaster in action, as well as a scenic boardwalk and beach that players will get to see from up above. In addition to all of that, the game has unveiled some new season reward colors.


The “Champion” rewards have reportedly switched from a purple to a gold color. There are also new “Striker” goal explosions available for the Bronze through Grand Champion ranks. Each rank or level results in a player getting a banner. The goal explosions are shown in Bronze and Silver, Gold and Platinum, and Diamond through Grand Champion as complements to player banners.


In addition to the new beach theme and color schemes for the rewards or banners, there’s also a new car and some new music to enjoy. The brand new import Battle-Car added to the game called “Twinzer” is available as a limited-drop in the new Impact Crate. The new soundtrack, “Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3,” will feature a new variety of selections for players to absorb as they compete within the updated arena.


By the way, it’s also been mentioned that players will need to participate in 10 placement matches for the new season as part of a “soft reset.” However, based on the official Psyonix news release for the latest update, players can land close to their Season 7 rankings by “winning half” of their placement matches.


The ComicBook website released a full report of all of the newly updated aspects of the game. This includes a good number of bug fixes such as restoration of the FX on Draco Wheels as well as tread glow on ‘Season 3 – Star’ Wheels, a fixed crash/performance issues on the Xbox One, and a fix allowing for the correct display of a player’s Rank on the post-match screen.


Of course, all of this also means Competitive Season 8 is now officially underway, so players will be looking to play those 10 placement matches as quick as possible to get their ranks intact for competition.