Orange Coast College; Leading Community College

Orange Coast College is a community college in Sothern California. The institution opened its classrooms in 1948 and had since grown to enroll about 25000 students each semester. Students who attend the college later join other prominent universities in California and across the country. It is ranked 65th out of over 5000 community colleges in the U.S. Originally a former U.S air force base, the institution’s first building was in 1950 when it was restructured, and more modern buildings and lecture halls were built. Since then, the campus has undergone several restructuring to become one of the best institutions in California. Orange Coast College is now the third best in California.

In 2017, the institution opened the Orange Coast College Recycling Centre. This move is in line with the school’s commitment to a better and safer environment. The expanded center now has over 400 visitors daily. Students, staff, and members of the public take recyclable items there for sorting and later made for other uses. The recycling center has a vast parking space that can accommodate up to 45 cars. Funded by donors who are environmentally friendly, the center has showers and a break room for its staff. Since most of the people who work there are students, they can now shower and change before classes. Moreover, the recycling center was expanded to have lecture halls, which will be used for resource management and other environmental lessons. Learn more:

Committed to a better and inclusive post secondary education, Orange Coast College produces skilled professionals in its broad array of courses offered. It is also a corporate social responsible institution as witnessed by the whole recycling center mentioned above. The center plans to reach more people outside of the campus through advertising in its plans for growth. Most residents in the Orange County will now have a place to take most of their recyclable materials.

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