Clay Siegall and the Call to Battle

Cancer is a dangerous illness that effects millions of people worldwide each year. This crippling disease forces an inflicted individuals body to literally destroy itself from the inside out. With so many people suffering from this illness it is no surprise that many companies and organizations have been seeking a cure for it for a long period of time. One such individual to answer the call to battle is Clay Siegall; a medical doctor with a specialization in cancer research. Siegall, along with his highly trained staff of professional scientists, leads the call against cancer from their corporate offices in Seattle, Washington.

The name of the bastion of hope where these individuals perform their duties to humanity is Seattle Genetics. This company was founded by Siegall, who acts not only as its founder but also as its president and CEO. The company brings to the table a plethora of different medical miracles that can be used to fight cancer where it begins. This is done through the use of anti-body drugs, whose development has been passed throughout the world to various pharmaceutical companies in order to distribute them globally.

Companies such as Pfizer and Genetech are just a few of the companies that Siegall has made deals with. This is a testament, not only to Siegall’s dedication to eliminating cancer but also as a statement of the type of leader he is; strong and charismatic. The world is an ever changing place, and as it becomes more globalized through the internet and other means of communication there needs to be a combination of worldly powers that can finally put the evil of cancer to rest. Clay Siegall has already begun the call, and it is up to the rest of the civilized world to decide to follow suit and form an alliance to end this malady once and for all.