How OneLogin has Kept Tabs with Innovation through the SCIM System

If you are an Envoy customer, you can be sure to enjoy one of the most convenient services courtesy of the integrated System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM). As a system, its user provisioned integration with the developers OneLogin, has kept tabs with the modern day office challenges that require authentication of visitors to these premises. More explicitly, the software allows office visitors to sign in into the facilities with the help- of their iPad. With this level of technology, the tedious processes that required the use of log books have been rendered stale as the sign processes have been automated.

Starting the Sign in Process

The first step that Envoy comes into play, is in the registration process where again the automation process allows the supervisors verify the visitor’s badges, identification card photos. With such a success in this fundamental security process, the system has attracted many technology companies that have shown great interest in using the technology for their security needs. In this regard, most Envoy clients can now use the Envoy connector, well synchronised with OneLogin application protocol to ease the processes in place.

Updating Employees’ Applications Use

Moving forward, the movement of office employees to and from the facilities is also another target area that the software has helped in fast tracking. The difficulty mostly comes when the IT technicians are faced with the challenge of enabling the users to access the various office applications. Even as security remains the desired focus when updating these systems, having a smooth and reliable end-user interaction is always inevitable. With this requirement in mind, the partnership of Envoy and OneLogin has succeeded in idealising and enacting the SCIM for automating user processes.

The Prospects of Envoy and OneLogin’s Partnership

Since the system works to ensure that open identity and the authentication standards become available to the users, creating access management tool has worked well with its plans. It has simply shown that the capacity of the company to grow has relied on the consistent focus of innovativeness and making important partnerships. It, therefore, beats logic that working with Envoy has been a prospective venture that has not only placed the company on the right road to prosperity. The kind of prosperity, in this case, can be evidenced with the increased access to OneLogin developer website by vendors such as the SaaS.