Securus Video Visitation Will Change Lives This Christmas

Securus video visitation is truly changing lives, especially around Christmas time. It is amazing to see a son speak with his father on Christmas morning. Additionally, the dad is able to watch his son open up every president nestled under the Christmas tree. This is the next best thing to a child actually having their parent present for Christmas. Not only is it amazing to see a father and son share laughs, but it’s even more amazing to watch them share tears and words of love together. This video visitation program is making the world a much better place by the day.

During Christmas time, Securus will also allow parents and their children to speak for a couple of extra minutes. This has already been shown and established in the lives of many individuals. Securus knows that Christmas is a special holiday, and they also know children miss their parents and parents miss their children the most during this season. This is why the managers of this video visitation company seen it fit to help parents and children during this season.

In addition to video visitation, Securus offers other services, too. One of their main services they offer is video messaging. People are very busy today, most working more than one job. They do not have time to be by the phone every time their loved one calls from jail. This is why Securus made video messaging available. Though a person misses a call from a loved one in jail, they are still able to get a message from their loved one. Inmates are also content because they are not wasting phone calls; they know their message is getting through.

Securus also offers audio messaging, which is a lot cheaper than video messaging. This is great for inmates knowing the person their calling is not home. They can leave them a message and talk for a few minutes. Traditionally, inmates were not able to leave messages at all. If the person did not pick up the phone, the inmate would lose his/her money. This is why inmates appreciate this new system so much.

Inmates and family members have been talking a lot more. There are many people leaving far away from their incarcerated loved one. Being able to see them on a daily basis has changed their lives dramatically. Soon all jails are supposed to have this technology available.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.