Shervin Pishevar: Decentralized Digital Innovation

Shervin Pishevar believes in the importance of small business innovation. It is critical to make the distinction between innovation that occurs at large organizations from small enterprises. Shervin Pishevar discussed the harm that monopoly-like corporations have on an economy. This is more critical in the technology sector because of how fast innovation and adoption occur. Companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook all excessively impact the world. They shape minds whether done with good intentions or simply though normal business practices. In fact, programmers often point to single hardware types supplied at schools as limiting the education of future computer technicians. If even the most technical are susceptible, one must agree with Shervin Pishevar that the state of modern innovation is in jeopardy.

The move toward decentralization in fintech is not a passing fad. The decentralized blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum illustrate this need. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) were indeed exciting. Many valuable projects developed out of the craze. Scams ICOs were also prevalent. But today, investors have a deeper understanding of what ICOs should become. With crypto prices much lower than a year ago, there are significantly less scam ICOs. Instead, blockchain technology has peaked the interest of more serious innovators. The crypto market today is less about garnering enthusiasm to understand and find a use for crypto than it is about refining the technology specific to a project need. This is the type of specialized innovation that fits the Shervin Pishevar model of a healthy economy.

Security Token Offerings (STO) are replacing ICOs. A blockchain Coin differs from a Token. A Coin has its own blockchain. A Token uses the service of a main blockchain. This has significant implications for the US Security and Exchange Commission. One of the reasons that the cryptocurrency market has fallen is because of looming regulations. Yes, scams were a significant problem. However, quality projects can survive scams. Regulations make it a bit tougher for new projects to get under way. They also weed out less dedicated efforts. In the end, STOs represent a decentralized network to launch digital enterprises with peace of mind.

NetBase Details 2018’s Top Social Media Analytics Tools

As business goes global, the world is becoming quite competitive and the internet has had a huge role in that. To succeed online will entail using social media analytics tools such as NetBase. Here is a list of tools you can use to get ahead in the era of the internet.


Built-In Tools

These are tools built into sights and you can use them to find customers; they are free tools.

  • Facebook Insights

It offers a lot of insight. For instance, you can see the reach of organic versus paid engagement. You can view data as far back as 28 days. There is even a competitive intelligence feature that allows you to see which of the competition’s post have succeeded.

  • Twitter Analytics

This tool tells you which tweets have been successful, and how much success they have had. There is an audience tab, which shows you the audience based on gender and interests. However, there is no ability to target audience segments with messages designed for them.

  • Instagram Insights

To use the tool, your profile needs to be converted into a free business profile. You can then see impressions, profile view, and reach for one week. You will also be able to view the demographics of your audience.


Independent Tools

Built-in tools make less sense if you are on various social media sites. It is too much effort to compare data across all the sites you have a presence. To get over this issue, try these free tools.

  • Boardreader

This tool helps to get you in touch with forum posts and reviews. You can see consumers in one day or as far as a year. You can filter results for you to get a good feel of what is happening. You can also use a feature that lets you compare conversation volumes. However, you cannot see if the conversation is good or bad.

  • Buffer

The free version of this tool will let you schedule posts. You can schedule up to 10 posts at a time for each social media site. With this tool, you can see which posts were most popular, had most likes, comments or other activity. More complex features can be accessed for $10 a month.

  • Followerwonk

If you only use Twitter, you can connect the profile to the Followerwonk tool. It will help you see data on your followers and their location, when they are most active, and data on social authority rankings. This tool is free, but there is a paid version at $23 a month, which is paid annually.


Paid Tools

Free tools can be useful, but if you upgrade to the paid version, you get more. However, not all paid tools offer the features you need to get ahead. Here are some tools that come with free trial or demons you can use before purchasing.

  • NetBase

If you want a reliable social media analytics tool, use NetBase. The tool has a focus on consumer sentiment, which is what drives all social posting. NetBase is a social media analytics tool that is in its own league. It features Natural Language Process to understand multiple languages include slang and emojis. It also features VoC analytics and image analytics. The tool has various price points, depending on what you need.

  • Likeable Hub

This tool has a focus on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook only. If those are the sites, which you use, it will be quite useful. You can generate leads, referral, and amplify your reach. It starts at $299 a month.


Find What Fits You

This list is not comprehensive. However, it is proof that there are various options to track consumers and target them better. If you want to succeed online, you have to try one of the tools above.

Market America: Changing the lives of people through online marketing

Market America was established in 1992 by one James Ridinger who previously worked in the multilevel marketing industry. The company initially operated from their garage with a few employees. Two decades later, Market America has grown to become one of the most popular online retailers. According to the information on the company’s website, they claim to offer more than 35 million products and services. Some of their products include videos and books and also home supplies.

Besides, Market America has their line of products. Some of the popular products from the company include Ultimate Aloe Juice and Isotonix range of products. The company has also partnered with various stores such as the Apple, Best Buy, Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Bloomingdales and Barnes & Noble. Market America employs numerous people across the globe. They have set up camp in Austria, Taiwan, Canada and Hong Kong.

How to make money with Market America

Since its establishment, Market America has changed the lives of numerous people. The company holds annual conferences where the members have the opportunity to interact and learn from each other. The most recent conference was held in Greensboro and it attracted thousands of participants including celebrities and world-renowned entrepreneurs.

The company gives their members who are known as distributors to make money by using the company’s products and recommending them to friends. They charge their members a one-time registration fee of $130.

The fees paid by new members are for covering costs for a web portal where members are given access to more than 35 million products. One can earn a commission by using these products or even recommending them to friends. To qualify as a distributor, you need to purchase a product worth $500-1,100 depending on an individual’s preference.

For a new member, there are two ways through which one can earn money. One of the ways is through the Management Performance Compensation. This model allows members to benefit from retail sales and also by creating Business Development Centers. According to the company, a member can create as many BDCs as possible to increase their earning potential. Besides, members can get 35 percent cash back for any purchases made through the company’s portal.

What Market America Recommends for Social Media

As people of all walks of life are realizing, social media is a very important part of life. Social media is one of the ways many people build brands. Market America is one of the brands that benefit greatly from social media. However, people are not going to think all types of social media are equal. There are some platforms that have some annoying limitations. For instance, Reddit has a time-based limitation on how often a user can post. Market America has a recommendation for social media users when it comes to their success in their business and careers.

One platform that social media recommends is Instagram. One of the reasons that this is the recommended type of social media is that people use this platform to submit images and videos. Another thing that makes Instagram a popular choice for the unfranchise is that tons of people are using the platform to connect with one another and build their brand. People get to not only read about a business or product, but also see the products. This is one thing that can help unfranchise owners build their brand and make money off of their account with Market America.

There are plenty of other Social Media platforms that are effective for business. Of course there is Facebook. Twitter is also another good platform for building a brand. One thing that people can do with these social media platforms is engage with one another. They can talk about almost any type of topic. This makes it easier for them to find a community they can profit off of. Also, they can upload images and video with these platforms which will get them the views and the popularity needed to make profit from Market America. All they have to do is gain followers.

Lawrence Bender Produces Television, Music Videos, and Documentary Films

Lawrence Bender holds a degree in civil engineering from the University of Maine. He also pursued a life as a dancer for a short period of time, before facing a career ending injury. Now, alongside Quentin Tarantino, Bender creates some of the best movies America have to offer.

Quentin Tarantino and Lawrence Bender formally operated a production company, A Band Apart. This production company handled a majority of Tarantino’s films, but it also made possible several other classic films like Good WIll Hunting.

A Band A Part shut down in 2006, but Bender didn’t leave the film industry. He created a new production company called Lawrence Bender Productions.

In addition to film and television, Mr. Bender has produced a handful of of live concert DVDs. His involvement in the music industry also includes over a dozen music video production credits.

Seven Seconds

A recent production from Lawrence Bender is Seven Seconds, a Netflix original series. This series shows the point of view of two groups of people involved in a tragic accident: A New Jersey police department & the family of a child who was ran over by a police officer.

The narrative revolves around the internal conflict of a man who, while talking on the phone, runs over a 15 year old boy on bicycle. His friends in the police help him cover up the tragedy, but things turn for the worst for the police when it is discovered that the boy isn’t dead.

Meanwhile, racial tensions grow in the New Jersey community.

Countdown to Zero

Lawrence Bender is also a producer of several documentaries. One of these documentaries is Countdown to Zero. The film is all about nuclear war, and it argues that the threat of nuclear war has increased, not decreased, since the Cold War.

The film was directed by Lucy Walker, a British documentary film marker, and it released in the United States on July 23rd, 2010.