Damages That Can Be Caused by Former Employees

Damages That Can Be Caused by Former Employees

All businesses across the globe are working hard each day to remain successful and profitable through hiring talented employees, using modern technology and ensuring that their accounts are in order. The employees under a proper management work hard to ensure that the business meets its goals. There are, however, several things that happen once a person leaves the company. The person can cause issues many months after leaving which may hurt the business.

Former Employees Stop Being Friends

In the past, there has been damaging actions that have been inflicted upon companies by former employees. OFCOM experienced an example of such a case. The company discovered that there was a breach of confidential information where a former employee downloaded and shared classified information with the new employer who was a major broadcaster. OFCOM Company was lucky because the broadcaster did not exploit the data but he decided to alert them of the stolen information.

The shocking thing is that OneLogin has shown that about 58% of the former employees can still access the data of the organizations that they have left. About 24% of businesses experience a breach of data from former employees. If its competitor had used the data breach in OFCOM, then there would have been a possible damage of reputation of the company.

What Is Expected from the HR and IT Teams

The two teams must work together to avoid a breach of information from the former employees. A good way to do this is coming up with an automated processes that disapprove an employee from accessing a company’s account once the contract has been terminated. Research by OneLogin has shown that about half of the businesses in the UK have a de-approving technology which is automated. Such tools include applications that have Application Programming Interface (API). Many of the application used in companies, for example, Office365 have the APIs.

The HR and IT teams must work hard to ensure that former employees cannot access the data of the company. A business can be safe if precautionary measures are taken to protect confidential information once an employee has departed.