What Is Nintendo Trying To Do With The NX?

Nintendo has long since stopped trying to compete directly with the Playstation and Xbox brands, as well as PC gaming. They know that they just can’t match the hardware firepower being used by Sony and Microsoft, and they certainly don’t appeal to the type of hardcore PC gamer who is willing to spend over $600 on an elite video card. Nintendo now caters to one group: fans of Nintendo. The millions of casual gaming fans who flocked to the Wii seemed to have abandoned them, if Wii U sales figures are any indication. So what exactly is Nintendo trying to do with their next “console”, the NX? I haven’t the slightest idea.

According to rumors that are more than likely true, Nintendo is going to attempt a hybrid handheld/console approach with the NX. Basically, it’s going to be a handheld that is powerful enough to play games that could potentially compete with the PS4 and Xbox One in terms of graphical fidelity. Although I just don’t see it happening. Who is going to want to carry a bulky handheld around with them in this age of smartphones? And who wants to sacrifice power in their console for the ability to take it with them on the go?

Nintendo has made a habit out of proving everyone wrong, and I would love to be one of them in this instance. I want to love the next Nintendo console, but right now I’m afraid I just won’t get the chance.

Playstation Now Is A Lost Cause

Internet streaming technology has come a long way since the days of streaming internet radio stations over 56k on RealPlayer. Netflix can pump out near HD quality video content, and do it almost immediately. So why is it that Playstation Now, Sony’s game streaming service, just can’t seem to find an audience? It’s simple really: nobody wants to play the games it has to offer.

Not even a fresh batch of role playing games can make the Playstation Now library attractive to most gamers. By offering up a select batch of previous generation Playstation 3 games, Sony isn’t giving anyone a compelling reason to even try the service. Who is their audience for this? Hardcore gamers don’t want to sacrifice anything while playing, so even minimal amounts of lag become unacceptable. And those players have probably already played, or already own, a lot of the games Sony is offering. And do so-called “casual” gamers really see the benefit in playing 8 year old games that they could probably buy used for a couple bucks a piece? I just don’t see a market for this kind of service.

Playstation Now could instantly become a force if it somehow managed to support current Playstation 4 games, and offer a subscription plan that made it the “Netflix of gaming.” Unfortunately, there isn’t a single publisher around who would let Sony use their games in that capacity. As of right now, Playstation Now is just a glorified version of the SEGA Channel.