God of War for PlayStation 4 – In Review

God of War is one of the most beloved franchises on Sony’s PlayStation. The newest edition of the series marks a reboot of the series, giving Kratos a companion during his newest journey.

The game begins with a seamless transition from the menu to the game, transforming Kratos from a bloodthirsty god to a loving, gentle father. Fans of the series shouldn’t be upset about this though. There is still plenty of blood, gore, and killing in the game.

The camera system in God of War is perhaps the most unique thing about the game. The innovation contained within this camera system is impossible to describe without seeing it yourself, but the transition between cut scenes and game play is never riddled with loading screens unless you die.

Not everyone is a fan of the camera though, citing their reasons for their dislike as the inability to rotate the camera manually and it being too close.

Game Play

The game play in God of War is very different from what fans of the series are used to. Where previously the game series was a typical hack and slash experience, the game play in the new God of War has more weight to it. It almost seems like Dark Souls light.

The boss battles in God of War are both challenging and rewarding. You aren’t going to have much trouble with any of the boss battles. Each one may take you 2 or 3 attempts, but when you do beat the boss, you will feel an incredible sense of accomplishments.


The game is visually stunning on the Playstation 4 and even more so on the Playstation 4 Pro. The ultra HD textures that are loaded with the Pro version of the game make the game a visual masterpiece, but you will experience a few frame rate dips during game play. These frame rates are nothing serious though. The game runs mostly fine at 30 frames per second on the PS4 Pro.

In Conclusion

If you are a PlayStation gamer, it isn’t a question of if you will purchase God of War, it is when. God of War is likely to be one of the best games released during the lifespan of the PlayStation 4. It offers a unique story and game play that borrows from some of the most popular games of today.