The Los Angeles International Kabbalah Centre

Based in Los Angeles, California, the Kabbalah International Centre is a charitable organization that offers regional Kabbalistic and Zohar online teachings. At the Kaballah, students are taught about the physical and spiritual laws of the universe, human existence and the soul’s journey.Dedicated instructors present this knowledge to a large united group of learners ready to accomplish human wellbeing, peace, sustenance and dignity. Some of the programs that are taught include Eleven and Ten, Nine, Basra Kabbala, Priestly Misconduct, Ishmael’s Final Battle and the Fall of the Great Walls.

Most Hollywood stars like Madonna showed interest in the Kabbalah and others followed suit, revealing how good it was to study Jewish Kabbala traditions. The late Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis, Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor, Sandra Bernhard and Paris Hilton also expressed similar interest in the Jewish Kabbalah. Most of these stars consider the Kabbalah as the life problems healer. Hollywood star Paris Hilton even said that visits to the Los Angeles Kabbalah Center helped her recovery back her life during her divorce with Nick Carter.She still goes there, and it helps her a lot. Other celebrities have also had their share of experiences at the Kabbalah. Most stars consider Kabbalah as the traditional knowledge that offers practical tools to develop long lasting joy and fulfillment. It is the most incredible system that ultimately changes the world’s view.

Traditionally, Kabbalah was a Jewish tradition of the Israeli and has now grown at the most prominent speed. Different Kabbalistic groups have already emerged, and Kabbalah is getting integrated into the contemporary world through oral traditions like music, literature and entertainment media like visual art productions and cinema.At the Los Angeles International Kabbalah Centre, Kabbalah learners have access to published books, and both offline and online outreach serviced location courses of Kabbalistic wisdom tools. Some of its online platforms include,, and The aim of the center is to train about Kabbalah wisdom that assists learners to build life faith. Teachings in the center are not meant to be scholarly studies, rather are knowledgeable plans to create the world a better place.

The Instructors Of Kabbalah Centre Have A Lot of Good Credentials

In order for one to get instruction about spiritual issues from The Kabbalah Centre, it is important that the person is getting it from a knowledgeable source. While many people can say they know about the topic, that could mean anything. A lot of people could know about the topics being taught, but they don’t know enough to be able to teach on these topics. In this case, there is one way to see if one could prove his knowledge. One of the ways they can do this is through the credentials they show. When one has the right credentials, then he will be able to stir all of his people right.Visit Kabbalah Centre Website

Fortunately, The Kabbalah Centre instructors know a lot about what they are teaching. They also have a way of making it easy to understand for the student. One of the worst ways that one can try to teach someone is to bog the ideas down in jargon and other forms of unintelligible words that make it almost impossible for the person to understand. Fortunately, the instructors break it down into language that could be understood because they believe they understand that many of the manuscripts have been written in simple language of their days. New York Times news for Kabbalah Centre .

People that learn all they can at The Kabbalah Centre can rest assured that they will learn a lot of valuable lessons that will help them manage their lives. They will also learn a lot of simple lessons about working together and living for the good of others. One of the best things about spirituality is that it is almost the opposite of the wisdom that is presented to the people by the secular world. The spiritual world is one of the most vast worlds that one can learn about in his journey to enlightenment.


Kabbalah CentreThe Kaballah Center Offers Spiritual Healing

Religion in America is undergoing a revolution. Mainstream religions, Christianity and Judaism have members advancing in age and dwindling in popularity. The only aspect of religion growing is the segment that has no affiliation. Atheism is increasing in numbers in this one nation under God.
Sadly, spirituality even among the major religions is decreasing. There is a feeling of disconnection in society. People have come to almost worship their privacy in America. One of the most enhancing and rewarding aspects of religion is the sense of coming together as an extended family, congregation. The dwindling and changing concept of community has come to the point that Americans fear their neighbors and definitely do not love them. As we extrapolate this out into the global community, we are confronted by this truth. America has become a spiritual wasteland.
Is there hope? A new movement, the Kabbalah, with a functioning center in Los Angeles offers hope; it stresses the importance of giving and makes the connection between spirituality and giving.
Peter Berg and his wife, Karen, are the motivating forces behind this spiritual movement that has attracted the attention of the rich and famous and the just ordinary in the world. Courses are available both online and at the center in Los Angeles and at meeting places throughout Europe and the world.
Originally the movement focused on elements of the Jewish traditions but has since become more open to those who seek a spiritual answer to the problems of the world.
There are fascinating concepts built within the Kaballah movement which include astrology and mystery religions. They have a website that details in word and photo the concepts of the Kaballah Centre and its movement.
Religion by its very nature does not change. The hierarchy of the church fathers demands the strict maintenance of the religious texts and mandates. Religion has become archaic, a dinosaur in the ever-changing world. A stone aged value system that can not work in a society that produces ideas, and sees that change and updating are necessary in every aspect of the real world.

Kabbalah is a religion of mystical faith that dates back 5,000 years ago to the Book of Formation. In Israel, 2,000 years ago, the Zohar, or Book of Splendor, was revealed to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. According to Kabbalah, the stories of the Torah are not meant to be taken literally. The Zorah explains the rationale behind the Torah.

Until recently, studying Kabbalah was reserved for only scholarly married Jewish men over the age of forty. That changed with the Kabbalah Centre.

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