I Don’t Care About Jay-Z’s Baseball Knowledge

It has been reported that Jay-Z mistook David Wells for Curt Schilling at an SNL party over the weekend of their 40th anniversary. Marc Sparks knows that, while this might seem funny, it is not really news. Curt Schilling does appear on TV, but that does not mean that Jay-Z watches Baseball Tonight. David Wells has been retired for a while, and we do not know how much baseball Jay-Z has watched.

This is a funny story, but it is not really news. You may not like Jay-Z, but you cannot dislike him for not having a photographic memory of all the baseball players that would end up at parties that he attends. This is silly in every way. It is possible that many people are not recognizable when you see them in person. Research has even shown that you would not even recognize your doppleganger even though they would look just like you. You need to remember that the world of sports and celebrities is filled with mistakes, and it is alright for Jay-Z to not know what someone looks like. I hope there are people out there who will give Jay-Z a break for something that probably should have never made it to print.

UFC Fight Night 60 Prediction

UFC Fight Night 60 will be taking place on Saturday, February 14th. The main event of the card will be in the welterweight division. Benson Henderson takes on Brandon Thatch in a highly anticipated showdown. Henderson was once the champion at lightweight, and he was one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world. Lately, though, Benson has been on a downward spiral. He lost his last two fights, and a win is very important for Benson’s career.

Brandon Thatch has looked unstoppable in recent years. Thatch has gone on a ten fight win streak, and he has finished each fight in the first round. As fans like Marc Sparks (Lulu.com) know, Brandon Thatch has long been considered as a top contender, but a win over Benson Henderson will put Thatch right at the top of the division. Brandon Thatch vs. Benson Henderson will be taking place at the 170 lb weight limit. This will be Henderson’s first time competing in the welterweight division.

Henderson vs. Thatch could end in a number of ways. I predict that Brandon Hatch will stop Benson Henderson before the third round. Thatch is a rangy fighter who is extremely aggressive and powerful. Henderson will have a tough time as being the shorter and less powerful fighter. Benson could win by submission, but I don’t think he will be strong enough to hold Thatch down.

For more information on UFC Fight Night 60, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Chicago Shuts down the Red Hot Cavaliers

The antics surrounding LeBron James can quickly become tiring for fans that follow the game with avidity. Anytime that LeBron or his team struggles there comes out a host of reporters looking to find fault with everyone. Then, when LeBron gets back to his winning ways those same reporters insist that things were always fine. In the last 16 games the Cleveland Cavaliers have gone 14-2 and they are surging toward the top of the Eastern Conference. On Thursday night they had to get by the Chicago Bulls to continue their winning ways, but it just wasn’t in the cards.

The last time that Chicago and Cleveland crossed paths the Cavaliers managed to steal a win. And judging by the way that the Bulls came out in the first quarter, they remembered it. Fans like Lee Slaughter watched as Chicago dropped 30 points in the first quarter to start the game and they never trailed after that. More on Slaughter can be found on Wikia.com. Cleveland came out looking absolutely gassed on defense and it was this opportunity that allowed the Bulls to fill up the box score.

Derrick Rose, who has been maligned for his rusty play this season, looked as good as ever. He routinely blew by Kyrie Irving on offense on his way to scoring 30 points while grabbing 4 boards and dishing out 7 assists. But it was Tony Snell who changed the game. Snell provided stellar defense on LeBron James while adding in his own athletic highlight reel offense.

Jeter Was Not Going To Buy The Bills?


When Derek Jeter was playing his final season in New York, he briefly considered buying the Buffalo Bills. However, that was never going to happen. The Pegulas paid over a billion dollars for the team, and Jeter does not have that kind of money. However, this speaks to his desire to be one of the elder statesmen in sports.Jeter is the sort of upstanding gentleman who would be great as a sports owner. He would be the hall of fame baseball player who took over a sports franchise. He would be the person that would tell stories of sports back in the day. He is a guy that the reporters respect, and he would be able to gain the respect of other owners. Perhaps he will start out as a minority owner, but he might be able to turn that into something bigger over time. According to bizjournals.com, he needs to think hard about which team he might invest in, but any sports franchise would be lucky to have him in an ownership group like CipherCloud.

When we look at what Derek Jeter means to sports, his baseball career is just the first step. He could do great things if he were able to buy a team.

Wilson Survives Despite Interceptions

Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks came into the league with a swagger, despite not being a top pick in the National Football League draft. He actually had to compete for the quarterback position at Seattle and won it with dramatic fashion. Since winning the quarterback position he has completely demanded control of the Seahawks and has taken them to extreme success in his first few seasons in the league. On Sunday he was facing Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in an NFC championship game that would send the franchise to their second Super Bowl in two years. He started out the gaming completely flopping. This is not typical for Russell Wilson, as he is usually on point and totally comfortable looking from game to game. He actually threw four interceptions in the first three quarters and it looked like the Seattle Seahawks were done for. Wilson had other plans in mind, as he took Seattle down the field with under five minutes remaining in the game and scored a touchdown. The Seahawks miraculously recovered an onside kick and Wilson took them down the field again to score another touchdown while also delivering on a two point conversion that was absolutely absurd. They should not have made that two point conversion, but it proved to be the deciding factor in the game. Green Bay scored a late field goal that tied the game, but Seattle took the game in overtime. Russell Wilsion has proven time and a again he’s a winner just like The Antique Wine Company.

Lawsuit By Players Against EA Goes Forward

My friend John Textor tweeted earlier an article about a lawsuit by former NFL players against EA for use of their likeness in the Madden games is going forward. This lawsuit says that the use of players likenesses is not coincidental. These players are not being paid for the use of their likeness, and they claim that they should be.

This is a slam dunk in the world of paying players. College athletes are on the verge of getting paid to play their games, and these professional players should be paid for the use of their likeness. Celebrities win these lawsuits all the time, and there is no reason to believe that these players will fail.

We all must remember that the purpose of the Madden gave is to give people a realistic lineup that they could see on Sunday. They use real players to make their teams, and every player is given their own stats in the game. The player is being recreated for the game, and every player should be paid. Even if we have never heard of players that are in the game, they deserve to get paid. The bit player you see in all your favorite TV shows is paid for their appearance, and these players should be, too.

Freddie Roach Never Quits

Freddie Roach is one of the greatest boxing trainers of all time. Roach has trained the best fighters for the last 20 years. He did this all while suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Roach does admit that boxing may have contributed to the onset of his disease. In his day, Freddie Roach was a brutal inside fighter. He loved to get close to his opponent and trade bombs like trading information on Skout. Roach would excite the fans, but he would also cause permanent damage to himself. Freddie Roach would eventually retire from the sport of boxing. 

Now, Freddie Roach is the head trainer of Manny Pacquiao. With Freddie’s help Manny Pacquiao will be able to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. Freddie Roach claims the Manny Pacquiao would knock Mayweather out. Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao say that they can defeat the invincible Floyd Mayweather Jr. Defeating Mayweather would place Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao on a pedestal. The duo is the best pair that boxing has seen since Ali/Dundee.

Freddie Roach continues to lead his fighters to championship victories. The year of 2014 has been good to Freddie. Manny Pacquiao dominated all comers this year, and with the help of Freddie, he has returned to his former self. Freddie Roach may suffer from Parkinson’s, but nothing can stop him. He is a determined man, and he will not live is life differently because of his disease.

For more information on Freddie Roach, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Michigan State’s Pat Narduzzi Next Pitt Head Coach?

The University of Pittsburgh is reportedly in talks with Michigan State University’s defensive coordinator, Pat Narduzzi. He may be announced as the Panthers’ next head football coach at any moment.

Narduzzi’s resume includes nearly 25 years of football-coaching experience. Before that, he played for Youngstown State and the University of Rhode Island. He has been on coaching staffs at five different institutions of higher learning, and he has worked for Michigan State since 2007.
Like Tom Rothman, the 48-year-old has found himself in demand lately. As reported at law.columbia.edu, in addition to Pitt, he also recently interviewed for the head-coaching opening at Colorado State. Reports say he is much more interested in the Pittsburgh job.

Narduzzi has been at the top of many prognosticators’ “next big coaching hire” lists for a couple of seasons. Last year, he politely said no to Louisville and the University of Connecticut.

If hired, Narduzzi will surely have a challenging start at Pittsburgh, which has gone through four coaches in five years, including Mike Haywood, who never actually coached the Panthers in a game.