Star Wars Battlefront II Comes Blasting onto Consoles Everywhere

The holiday season is upon us, but perhaps for many, mid-November to the new year is more thought of as the season of Star Wars. With the ninth installment in the legendary franchise hitting theaters on December 15th, the world is all abuzz with talk of a galaxy far, far away. EA games has given Star Wars fans another reason to be excited for the season, as the company released the second in their noted Star Wars Battlefront series on November 17th, 2017. The game boasts an impressive single player mode featuring some new and old Star Wars favorites alike, and an immersive multiplayer that allows you to live the battles as some of the galaxy’s biggest heroes and villains.

Battlefront II’s single player allows you to take the roll of Iden Versio, the head of the Imperial special forces squad, Inferno Squadron. Versio’s story is as good as any captured in the Star Wars stand alone films, and is told brilliantly through beautiful and intense gameplay. Throughout the single player mode, segments will also allow players to take control of heroes such as Luke Skywalker, Darth Maul, and Han Solo. Arcade mode also allows players to conquer the galaxy offline in single or split screen modes. Though the game perfectly summons the essence of the Star Wars universe throughout with its stories, character representations, and superb graphics, the multiplayer is where Battlefront II really shines.

Andy Hartup of called the multiplayer the strongest part of the package and speaks highly of the two modes available for play. (You can read Andy’s full review here: In Starfighter Assault Mode, players can experience the newly highlighted space battles, finely tuned from the original. In Galactic Assault, you take the roll of imperial troops, or rebel soldiers, with a variety of vehicles and pickups to do war. Ultimately, Star Wars Battlefront will not only serve hardcore fans of the saga, but can also serve up hours of space combat fun for those who don’t know Darth Vader from Supreme Commander Snoke.

The Backlash Against Paid-For Video game Rewards Continues

Video games producers seem to consistently be looking for new ways of increasing revenue with the introduction of so-called loot crates recently becoming a major news story with the release of “Star Wars: Battlefront 2”. The initial release of the latest entrant in the “Star Wars” gaming franchise was met with a mixture of shock and dismay by gamers who were informed the use of real-world money would be required to unlock all the characters available in the game using the randomly generated loot crates now common across many of the world’s most successful games.

Concern among some groups is growing about the use of loot-crates, particularly the use of randomly produced crates developing the purchase of new characters and skins into a form of gambling where the product received remains a mystery until the purchase is complete. The Guardian reports the use of randomly generated loot crates is being looked at by consumer groups concerned about this gray area of the law, particularly the use of these rewards offered to children; commentators have expressed their feelings about randomly generated loot-crates offering the same form of gambling high currently associated with Online slot machines restricted to the use of adults only.

The use of loot-crates is nothing new in the video gaming industry but the revelation of Electronic Arts latest “Star Wars” release costing in excess of $1,000 and more than 40 hours of gameplay to unlock a single top character has brought the subject to the attention of the public and legislators across the world. Consumer groups and government agencies in the U.S., U.K., and Australia have already begun to express their concern as the Belgian Government’s Gambling Commission began an investigation into the use of loot-crates as a potential violation of the nation’s regulations. Electronic Arts have backed down to player demands and lowered the cost of many of the characters in “Star Wars: Battlefront 2” as public pressure continues to grow against this practice.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Gameplay Released

At the recent E3 2017 video gaming convention in Los Angeles, game-play simulators were set up to demonstrate the soon to be released Star Wars game, Battlefront 2. They also released samples of the video online, which have been astounding gamers. The video looks extremely sleek and realistic, and the style of play appears to have addressed some of the concerns that stemmed from the release of the first Battlefront.


In this game, possibly more so than even the first, you get to play through some of the pivotal battles of the entire Star Wars universe. It now includes some action from the most recent sequel in the saga, “The Force Awakens”. You will fly some of the most epic ships, like the Millenium Falcon and an X-wing. There will also be hero versus hero mode, which allows you to pit different characters from the saga against one another, like Rey, Han Solo, and Darth Maul.


The improvements appear to come in how they have designed the class system for characters, each with individual and specific abilities and weapons. Blaster slingers, like Solo, have an array of weapons to choose from. Jedi, like Rey, or Sith, like Maul, have multiple lightsabers.


This requires more of a team element within the game, where you have to match the skills of the squad mates more than was required within the original. This gives more direction and realism to the battle sequences, rather than more of a random approach.


The ground vehicle and space ship control seem improved as well. They are more like a real part of the game rather than just a tagged in afterthought. There are also still plenty of single-player battles to try.


Check out this video of the clone trooper game play, complete with the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” voice actor for the clone army troopers, as well as the ever-annoying battle droids. Have fun blowing them up, especially once you get one of the AT-RT walkers.